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Sunburst Automotives Forum

"Sunburst Automotives is a rising car company that was founded by Rumble and Apollo in 1880. The members of Sunburst Automotives are constantly working to pull out the best cars in the automotive industry. Their first best seller iconic cars are the Sunburst Luxtera and Econa."

Hello! Apollo here, and this is the official forum for Sunburst Automotives, I don’t really know how posts and forums work here, but I guess ill figure it out eventually, here I will post links, photos and ads of our cars. Each weekend we try and post the best cars in our list for you all to download and drive in BeamNG.drive. I don’t really know what else to add here, if I get any ideas ill update it.

Here you can:

  1. Participate in the life of the community
  2. Create copies of real cars and send them to Car Replicas
  3. Participate in car-building challenges. Quite difficult, but only for experienced participants
  4. Tell tales of the car companies you have founded. Only detailed cars will be appreciated.
    There are enough masters of production on this site.
  5. Model and send your own models to be evaluated by connoisseurs.
  6. Build your own engines and show what their merits.
  7. Reviewing other people’s cars.
  8. Show your own real cars and talk about operating experiences.
  9. Create mods for the game in Steam and notify about it on the site. Extremely difficult, only for experienced programmers.
    Here’s an introduction for beginners.
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