Sunday Update & Beta Update

2 Updates in as many days? Luxury!

Thanks to all that have so far applied for the Engine Designer Beta, we have accepted the small first round. The beta will be expanded in the future.

We have made a new video, with both of talking in it. It is very informal and off the cuff. Hope you like it:


This kind of video update is great, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Great video! But on the finalize screen, why are some numbers red, and some green?

If a number is red, it means that stat has gotten worse since you last tested the engine (so whatever you have changed has decreased that stat), if its green, then its improved.

The white numbers in brackets after is what the stat was LAST time

Hope it makes sense, if people don’t like it we will change it :mrgreen:

Great feature for us with bad memory :slight_smile:

Yeah, without it I don’t think you’d be able to remember what had changed :mrgreen:

great video :slight_smile:

Great video!
Now I’m really looking forward to build the engine of my car in the designer. I hope I’ll find every data and specifications I need…
(if not I’ll remove the engine from the car and I’ll take it apart :smiley:

Wow. That is a great video. Makes me more unpatient.


Great Video! The UI looks awesome. It looks like this is going to be an amazing game. Keep up the good work!

Very nice vid, seems real clear and pretty simple to use and understand

Looking great guys!

WOW! That is really amazing. It’s looking better approching beta than most even after full release. You are an example for all developers :slight_smile:

Really good job there, people. :smiley: everything looks really good. Can’t wait to get my hands on this baby :smiley:

Thanks Guys, we are quite proud of how its looking at the moment, still a lot of work ahead to finish the rest of the game though!

wow !! its awesome !! really !!!
this is a game?? how to get the game??
*sorry for bad english

[quote=“fajarsijay”]wow !! its awesome !! really !!!
this is a game?? how to get the game??
*sorry for bad english[/quote]

at some point in the future it will be a game, but not now

hmm… okay… how to get that ?? i really want it :frowning:

get a beta application :slight_smile: