Superchargers (Unreal 4 engine 2018)

So, a long time ago I saw a teaser for superchargers for the kei engine version of the game, but to my knowledge at least, it never came out, and all the forums I’ve seen referred to the aforementioned kei engine version of the game (including the FAQ).

My question is when, if ever, will we see superchargers for the Unreal 4 engine version of the game, as I feel twin turbos are not appropriate for creating muscle cars/muscle trucks. (Also, I have always wanted to re-create that weird Chrysler Crossfire thing lmao.)

To go along with superchargers, hemispherical pistons (for Hemi engines) would also be a great addition.

any information regarding these topics would be nice.


Probably going to take a while to get there.


to my knowledge, hemi pistons are just a means of increasing compression. different shaped hats on a piston is just to stir air differently and compress it more/less, so that would just be done with the compression slider

Hemi is the way the valves are positioned, nothing to do with the pistons.


ah, interesting. thanks for teaching me something new. not sure why, but i thought it was dome-topped pistons lol.

If you still searching for superchargers you can add them if you export the car to Beamng with a mod, but will only work in beamng and not be visible only for engine physics but it has a lot of things that you can setup

In this video you will see how to get it, install it and configure it