Suspension Tuning?

So my biggest weakness as a “car designer” with this game is suspension tuning. I find it difficult to get good balances between sport and comfort, and the big thing is I can never tell how much roll angle is too much. Would anyone be available to give some pointers below?

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Too much body roll is 4 degrees. How about putting soft suspension while using stiff roll-bars? Would that help?

That does help. I’ve got a near 4,000 lb family premium car (my brands Aerio: similar to the Lincoln MKZ or Acura TLX) and it’s currently rolling 5.85°, and stiffening the suspension lowers comfort below 45, which isn’t good enough for a family premium. Sportiness goes into the 20’s though.

Well, acceptable body roll varies with the type of car you are building. 5.85 sounds a little high for a modern family car, I would shoot for maybe 4-5. With sports cars I do more like 3-4.5, track/super cars 2-4, and old barges like 4-6. Lowering ride height can also decrease roll at the cost of practicality as well as losing weight (maybe harder to do). I don’t have a great point of reference but at least this is what I go by generally.


I’d recommend checking out the question mark button to the left of the suspension tab, that has some good info on the game mechanics connected to the settings.


There’s also @Der_Bayer’s excellent suspension crash course:

Formatting needs updating and some of its details are outdated due to game version updates, but the principles of what bits do what and how to set them up are all there.


Alright, so I’ve followed a lot of the advice given. Thank you all for replying!! I am definitely more competent I think, because I have an idea of what’s going on now.

Here’s the setup so far, any comments?

47 comfort and almost 75 drivability are good stats in my opinion.

The point I’m questionning is about the roll angle mechanics. I put active sway bar on my cars, and the roll angle keeps being huge as hell. Normally with active sway bar, the car is nearly flat on every turn (#XantiaActiva). Or I missed something about how they work in the game?

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I will read this to see if i can fix my cars, they drive horribly in Beamng (or maybe i’m the horrible driving). I can’t get to turn well in any curve :frowning: