Synchronex's Replicas (Real Life Cars)

All my past and future “Real car replica” designs (that is, as close as possible to replica vehicles that are manufactured in real life) will be posted here from now on. (I hope this isn’t counted as spam :stuck_out_tongue:)

Please note these so-called “replicas” are not perfect replicas (but I think, for the most part, they are good attempts at replication) : Some or all cars may be revised in the future, unless the revision includes catastrophically massive differences, they will replace the existing builds.

Also note constructive criticism is encouraged! :slight_smile:

Check out the collection so far :smiley:

1994 HONDA ACCORD EXi (My Car)


I am not happy with the back, it’s missing the Cut-out and the taillights are wrong.



  • Could not decide which year model.
  • The tail lights are most likely sized incorrectly.
  • The overall shape achievable is still a fair way off an actual R32.
  • An actual R32 is not as wide.
  • The headlights are too big.
  • The front indicator is not the correct shape.
  • The side back window is larger and more angled on an R32.
  • The bonnet is more flat on an R32.
  • The badges on an actual R32 are not centered: the “Nissan” badge being on the back top left and the “GTR” badge being on the back mid right. “Skyline” is also indented into the body.
  • There is no spoiler -_-

2000 Honda INTEGRA Type-R


  • The back window is too big.
  • The front headlights are not indented.
  • The front lip is not correct.
  • Minimal Type-R elements.
  • Tail lights are not the correct shape.
  • There is no spoiler.
  • Not sure exactly which year model, ('93-'01)
  • The whole design is too wide.
  • The front indicators are actually headlights.

Nissan SKYLINE R34 GTR (Previously Unseen)

YouTube Speedbuild:


  • I do not like the front headlights, they are not indented enough.

Nissan SILVIA S13 (Previously Unseen)


  • NOT happy with the front lights/set up.

MORE SOON! :smiley:


Some lovely models, just be careful about copyright though.

Copyright, it’s always getting in the way :wink:

Looking nice and beautiful designs… :astonished: