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T Motorwerke

T Motorwerke my personal brand that i have make for me
Here some cars

The stats:

71 Miranda:

The Stats of this mustang rival:

and a citycar: The 82 Mira:

The Stats:


These are all very basic designs - a monochromatic exterior without any contrasting trim is best reserved for post-2000 cars (or even some made from 1990 onwards, depending on the segment it’s aimed at) - but the basic idea (regarding fixture placement) is correct; it just needs a lot more detail.

Hello fbossert-steine, welcome to the Automation forums!

Thankyou for sharing your various designs; you’ve clearly put a lot of work into them, well done!

While Abg7 here is technically correct, if your cars are aiming for realism they still require work, I think that both Abg7 and I can agree that this comment is out of place for a new forum user and that perhaps he should wait until you post your cars in a more, shall we say, focussed thread before handing out lavish slabs of advice, hahaha!

Again, welcome, welcome, welcome! Check out the challenges while you’re here if you’d like to push your brand further, check out the Discord if you’re looking for design hint and tips as well as tuning feedback. Feel free to ask anything in the appropriate thread and I hope you enjoy your time here with us!


A hell of a lot better than my early stuff. Welcome to the forums, fbossert-steine. I really love the hellenbach, could use some fuel-efficiency optimization.

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Definitely better than my first attempts as well. Welcome to the forums!!


Wait, this is the first yime you’ve posted since you joined a year or so ago, welcom back.

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83 Cardona Gt:

The stats:


Maybe use a shared family for all V8s, having a bespoke powerplant for each model is not wise, from a buisness standpoint. Styling is very unique.

'12 Vulcan v10

The Stats:


82 logo:

The Stats:


76 jupiter:



You’re gonna be at the gas station pretty often

Ladder frame with alloy panels, dual A-arms up front with a semi-trailing arm rear, and an all-alloy, carb-fed 32v quad-cam V8? The first and third of these choices seem quite odd to me, but the second? Not so much.

As for the Vulcan, it definitely doesn’t look very period-accurate (especially with the choice of body), and semi-trailing arms in a post-2010 longitudinally-engined RWD car is a crude option that just doesn’t belong. Also, 5-valve heads seem like overkill for any car from that era.

I agree

75’ City LS:

75’ City CD:

The : Stats

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Out of curiosity, why do you use ladder frames in most cars? I can’t really see the advantage in some cases.

On a car of this size, a ladder frame is out of place, especially when combined with semi-trailing arm rear suspension - unitary construction with a semi-independent torsion beam rear end would have been more appropriate. Also, although SOHC engines were becoming commonplace by 1975, aluminum blocks were generally reserved for high-end sports and exotic cars back then.