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I am Taff and I have a bunch of brands, with two main ones: Mortimer and Wakai.

Mortimer is an American/Australian automotive company, which made its appearance in 1919 and is still going to this day. Mostly it’s inspired by Chevy, Lincoln, Ford and Dodge. Main priorities of the brand are quality, style and honesty. (Modern (1999-present) badge is shown on the left)

Wakai is a Japanese brand, founded in 1949. Inspired by Toyota and Subaru. Wakai prioritizes availability, variety, safety and creativity. The name comes from Japanese word “若い”, which is roughly translated as “young”. (Modern (1995-present) badge is shown on the right)

Other companies:

SAC/Nira is a Soviet/Russian brand, made in 1968. Mostly inspired by Lada, but many of the models are completely fictional.

LenMash/Emphro is also a Soviet/Russian brand, founded in 1931. Parodies GAZ and ZIL, along with top-tier AZLK.

AZSS/Tagma is the last Soviet/Russian brand, established in 1948. Mostly resembles AZLK and UAZ.

Hochherzig is a German car brand, which appeared in 1913. Inspired by a bunch of German car companies, lacks a consistent lore at the moment.

Fantasm is a Swedish manufacturer, inspired by Volvo and Saab.

2018 Mortimer California Terra Edition

2018 has arrived. While researching the markets, Mortimer realized what segment they failed to fill last year - luxury crossovers. The error had to be corrected soon. Nonetheless, California has become a novelty for the whole world, being a new, modern car, and at the same time not having too much personality. The 3.5-liter V6 Terra version produces 316 horsepower, consuming 12 liters per hundred kilometers. The price is only $50,000, which is significantly lower than some analogues.

Price - $50,000 USD

Engine - 3.5L V6, 316 horsepower, 345Nm, 12L/100km.

Other - AWD, 9 gear advanced automatic gearbox, weight of 2142 kg, 5 seats.


There is already at least one other company on these forums with the Morton name, and it can only lead to unnecessary confusion - that aside, the California Terra looks and feels like any modern crossover SUV should, and deserves to be popular in its namesake state.

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Morton is now Mortimer, thanks for letting me know :smiley:

2006 Nira Delito

It's time to change the old for the new. Nira (former PASZ) announced the appearance of an entirely new model on the car market in 2006 to the public. Equipped with a 1.6L four-cylinder engine with 80 horsepower, the Delito replaced an outdated platform which dated back to the 80's and became a very popular car in Russia among all segments of the population, from seniors to streetracers and tuning groups.


Engine: Transverse 1.6L I4 DOHC-16, 80 HP, 6.1L/100km, 6500 RPM redline.

Drivetrain: FWD, 5-gear manual transmission, top speed of 198 km/h.

Other: 5 seats, electric power steering, 1068 kg (weight), 2.5m wheelbase, suspension -McPherson (Front), Torsion Beam (Rear).


2020 Wakai Kanisare JHX

Time is rushing forward. It is necessary to keep up with it. The Kanisare is a sedan with a 2.1-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine, 204 horsepower, front-wheel drive and premium interior. This model is mainly aimed at families with relatively high incomes. The new design, without frills, is attractive to many people. This version is the Japanese version of the model, with minimal differences from the international one.

Engine Horsepower Torque 0-100 Top Speed Fuel Consumption Price (2020)
2.1L I4 Turbo 204 312 8.23 s 250 km/h 7.2L/100 km $39,500


1973 Wakai Shujin

Engine Horsepower Torque 0-100 Top Speed Fuel Consumption Price (2012)
3L I6 165 240 9.19 s 220 km/h 15.9L/100 km $18,600


1992 Wakai Melody (Gen 2)

Unexpectedly for everyone (including myself), the second generation of the Melody appeared! The body was swapped for a new one, the engine was slightly improved (100 → 101 HP), the comfort and consumption were significantly improved (from 10+L/100km to 8.7L/100 km), and the price was a bit rised. And, of course, the updated design, inspired by the original (flat wide headlights, a large lightbar in the back, simplicity), which, however, has its own new features, such as new rims, chrome grille, smoothed lines, etc…

Engine Horsepower Torque 0-100 Top Speed Fuel Consumption Price (2012)
2.0L I4 101 153 12.7s 207 km/h 8.7/100 km $21,100


The second-generation Melody is a more than worthy successor to the original, especially with its improved comfort and economy figures. I would not be surprised if it spawned a plethora of road-going and racing variants, just like its predecessor.

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1970 Mortimer Angelrise 275

Indeed, it’s an angelic “barge” designed exclusively for the American rich (only they could afford such a fuel consumption-26.8 l/100 km). A huge 7-liter V8 with 275 horsepower accelerates this baby to 237 km/h. The transitional style of the 70’s corresponds to the modern design of the times, attracting thick purses and beautiful ladies.

Engine Horsepower Torque 0-100 Top Speed Fuel Consumption Price (2012)
7.0L V8 275 508 10.0 s 237 km/h 26.8L/100 km $19,700


2000 Wakai Isekai.

What else does Wakai produce except for blandsome, but reliable sedans? Right, kei cars! This tiny thing is painfully Japanese. With a small three-cylinder engine with 25 horsepower, it is able to deliver something simple without problems - food, appliances, small furniture, etc., as well as send various (un)lucky Japanese students to alternate universes.

Engine Horsepower 0-100 Top Speed Fuel Consumption Price (2012)
0.6L I3 25 20.7 s 140 km/h 3.4L/100 km -


1998 Tiugote K100

The nineties are ending, the supercars are coming. Don’t pay attention to the stylish but strange pink color, it’s just a distraction from the serious 6-liter turbocharged V10 engine with 1k horsepower. All-wheel drive will allow you to control this French devil with ease, however, be careful with oversteer, otherwise you will find yourself in a “not very pleasant situation”. Only 45 units were produced in total.

Engine Horsepower 0-100 Top Speed Fuel Consumption Price (2012)
6.0L V10 Turbo 1000 3.70 s 391 km/h 16.6L/100 km $91,300


1979 SAC Burlak family:
121431 (bottom trim)
121432 (mid-trim)
121433 (top trim)
and 1979 Mortimer Brisker V6

Welcome to the 80’s Soviet Union. You see these things everywhere. Blocky, unreliable, made out of thick metal, with barely any power. This car is everything a basic Soviet citizen needs. Whopping 3 trims for the workers. Easy to repair, impossible to find elsewhere in the world. Or is it?
Somehow, SAC ended up in a deal with an American car manufacturer Mortimer. An exchange. Americans - provide better parts for projects of the future for 20 years, Soviets - give the license to produce their cars in US due to the lack of small, compact, not powerful cars from Mortimer on the market. That’s how Brisker was born. Same old body, but with fancy features, better build quality and impressive interior. Or so the people who bought it thought. It came in 6 different trims, each with a different engine - two Soviet I4s, two V6s and two V8s. Yeah, not the best car, but it’s unique, isn’t it?

SAC 121431 Engine Horsepower 0-100 Top Speed Fuel Consumption Price (2012)
1.3L I4 54 17.3 s 142 km/h 10L/100 km $12,700

SAC 121432 Engine Horsepower 0-100 Top Speed Fuel Consumption Price (2012)
1.5L I4 62 15.7 s 150 km/h 10.4L/100 km $13,400

SAC 121433 Engine Horsepower 0-100 Top Speed Fuel Consumption Price (2012)
1.7L I4 70 13.3 s 157 km/h 11L/100 km $14,100

Brisker V6 Engine Horsepower 0-100 Top Speed Fuel Consumption Price (2012)
2.5L V6 138 10.4 s 192 km/h 14.8L/100 km $20,600


1919 Mortimer Model One

“Congratulations, America’s wealthy! Forget about your horses and broken rust buckets forever, Mortimer, America’s newest car company, is taking the automotive industry to the next level! Things like electric headlights, taillights, electric starters, electric horns and an alcohol case will be a nice calm addition to your life full of surprises.”

Engine Horsepower 0-100 Top Speed Fuel Consumption Price (2012)
1.5L I4 26 - 60 km/h - -