Tahama Motor Corporation

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Tahama Motor Corporation—Founded in 1938 in Takasaki, Gunma. Tahama started out as a small bespoke furniture maker, until 1951 they had the idea of making a luxury 2-door saloon. And finally, in 1956 they revealed the Tahama Eternal, their first model.

Tahama focuses on progressive technology, extraordinary craftsmanship, and a future of electrification with Hybrid; Full-electric; and Fuel Cell Hydrogen.

Later in 1979, Sakuta Heavy Industries was acquired by Tahama Motor Corporation. Forming a new group called Tahama Motor Group which consists of Tahama and Sakuta.


Sakuta Heavy Industries—Started in 1951 in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Sakuta is known for its remarkable everyday hatchbacks, family SUVs, and fun Kei cars. In 1979 they joined with Tahama, improving each other’s products and polishing their craftsmanship. Nowadays, Sakuta is also leading with their Sakuta-Tahama developed electrified platforms.

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The new 2024 Tahama Atmos—One of Tahama’s best-selling models, the Atmos now gets a whole new redesign. With standard AWD across all models and now powered with our new 2.5T eActive+ i4 that makes 324hp and 323Nm of torque paired with a 7-speed DCT and goes 0-100 km/h in *6.3 seconds. Also thanks to it’s eActive+ plug-in hybrid system that’s fuel-efficient with 30 mpg combined. Or step up to the K performance model which is powered with an all-new 2.4T hybrid capable of doing 472hp with a 0-100 km/h in *4.3 seconds (updated)

Available Trims:

  • A
  • G
  • Q
  • K package
  • K performance


  • Eternal White Pearl
  • Jet Black
  • Kuro Obsidian
  • Gunmetal Gray Metallic
  • Mojave Sand Metallic
  • Monument Silver
  • Ryukyu Coral Metallic
  • Seigfried Green Metallic
  • Lobster Blue Mica
  • Crystal Red Mica
  • Geneva Green Metallic
  • Kyushu Blue Metallic (K package and K performance only)

If I were in the market for an Atmos, I’d go whole hog and order a K Performance in Kyushu Blue Metallic.

Looks nice and fresh, though the tech side makes me

Why so revvy? Why two different hybrid 2.5s?

the 2.5 i4 is a “plug-in hybrid” and the 2.5 i5 is a regular hybrid

That makes sense I guess, but why I4 and I5 of the same size? Prestige/smoothness matters?

adds to the “quirky” factor (jk) but i was gonna make the i5 a 2.4T at some point

update: actually, I’ll make it a 2.4T then after all



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Aren’t the 350h and 570h+ specs swapped?
Not bad looking, not bad specs. I like that sharp, yet rather elegant style, quite Japanese indeed. Is it sth like the Lexus LS?

oops i just realized that the specs are wrong, let me fix that rq (also yeah it’s a full size luxury sedan that’s competing with the LS, A8, etc)

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Luxury sedans come and go, but this one provides an experience that is… erm, eternal.

I like the extra detail and interior design detail too, nice

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