Tanaka Heavy Industries (田中重工業) | OLD VERSION!


Tanaka Heavy Industries | Since 1962

Tanaka Heavy Industries (in Japanese: 田中重工業) founded in 1962 by Haruto Tanaka when he was 25. He build a small shop in Osaka, Japan. Their first product was a bicycle. But in 1964, he saw automobiles as a chance of getting profit. So, he build a small factory, hire some of his friends and workers from the bicycle shop. So, he designed a car and was revealed in 1965. It was called Tanaka Aventis, a small, cheap and reliable sedan that was proved to be popular around the world. Since then the company is doing great. It is now one of the biggest Japanese car company in the world.

NOTE: The car making division was called Tanaka Motors and the bicycle division was called Tanaka Bicycles.

Current Models

Hawaii - Kei Car, Japan-only (2012-Present)
Iris - Sports Kei Car, Japan-only (2020-present)
Osaka - Subcompact Hatchback (2005-Present)
Aventis - Compact Sedan/Hatchback/Wagon (1965-Present)
Atlantis - Midsize Sedan/Wagon (1995-Present)
Crezta - Luxury Executive Sedan (1984-Present)
Aventus - Fullsize Luxury Sedan (1975-Present)
Ascent - Crossover Wagon (2015-Present)
Calgary - Midsize SUV (2018-Present)
Okanawa - Fullsize SUV (2020-Present)
Kenari - Compact MPV, Southeast Asia-Only (2005-Present)
Seed - Compact MPV, Japan-only (2005-Present)
Ereteca - Midsize MPV, Asia-only (2020-Present)
Hito - Fullsize MPV (1995-Present)
Esquire - Fullsize Luxury MPV, Asia-only (2010-present)
Kyari - Compact Pickup Truck (1992-Present)
Biome - Full-size Pickup Truck, US-Only (1995-Present)
Raikan - Entry-level Sports Car (2005-Present)
X-Series - Grand Tourer (1985-Present)
Akuma - Supercar (2003-Present)

Discontinued Models

C20X - Sports Car (1967-1973)
C30X - Sports Car (1975-1980)
Trinity - Mid-engined Sports Car (1982-2000)
SFM4 - Sports Car (1985-1986)
Frizz - Hatchback Kei Car (1992-2015)
Levita - Compact Coupe (1995-2015)
TR2 - Supercar (1996)

Subsidiaries of Tanaka Heavy Industries

Tanaka Motors - Always There For You

Tanaka Motors Europe

Tanaka Motors USA

Tanaka Commercial Vehicles

The Graham Bauer Company - Craftsmanship at its Best (Fully bought at 2018)

Click here to see the Timeline Guide of all Tanaka models


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Yikes! this might drive my junkyard restoration company out of bussinesss!

uh oh he added a supercar

Tanaka reveals the all-new 2019 Aventus in the North American International Auto Show 2019!


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The Tanaka Timeline Guide

Hi everyone! Please use this post as a shortcut to my lore. Every word below this paragraph will be hyperlinked once I post the lore. It will update as I post. So does the picture above this paragraph. Thanks…

Global Timeline

Chapter 1: 1960s to 1970s
The first car made by Tanaka, the Tanaka Aventis. (1965)
The beginning of Tanaka sports cars, the Tanaka C20X (1967)
Tanaka TJ-Series (1970)
Harada investing with Tanaka (1973)
2nd generation Tanaka Aventis. (1973)
1st generation Tanaka Aventus. (1975)

Tanaka C30X (1975)
2nd generation Tanaka Aventus. (1978)
Chapter 2: 1980s to 1990s
3rd generation Tanaka Aventis. (1980)
3rd generation Tanaka Aventus. (1980)
Group B rally success. (1982-1986)
1st generation Tanaka X-Series. (1985)
4th generation Tanaka Aventus. (1985)
4th generation Tanaka Aventis (1987)
5th generation Tanaka Aventis. (1990)
1st generation Tanaka Kyari. (1992)
1st generation Tanaka Atlantis. (1995)
1st generation Tanaka Hito (1995)
2nd generation Tanaka Trinity (1995)
5th generation Tanaka Aventus (1996)
2nd generation Tanaka X-Series. (1996)
Tanaka TR2 (1996)
Chapter 3: 2000s to 2010s
1st generation Tanaka Akuma. (2003)
3rd generation Tanaka X-Series. (2005)
1st generation Tanaka Osaka (2005)
6th generation Tanaka Aventis (2005)
1st generation Tanaka Raikan (2005)
2nd generation Tanaka Kyari (2005)
6th generation Tanaka Aventus. (2005)
2nd generation Tanaka Hito (2005)
7th generation Tanaka Aventis (2010)
2nd generation Tanaka Atlantis (2010)
7th generation Tanaka Aventus (2010)
4th generation Tanaka X-Series (2010)
2nd generation Tanaka Akuma (2010)
3rd generation Tanaka Hito (2013)
8th generation Tanaka Aventis and 1st generation Ascent - Tanaka AA1 Platform (2015)
1st generation Tanaka Summita (2015)
2nd generation Tanaka Osaka (2015)
2nd generation Tanaka Raikan (2016)
2nd generation Tanaka Okanawa (2019)
1st generation Tanaka Calgary (2019)
3rd generation Tanaka Atlantis (2019)
Chapter 4: 2020s and Beyond
3rd generation Tanaka Akuma (2020)
8th generation Tanaka Aventus (2020)
3rd generation Tanaka Raikan (2020)
5th generation Tanaka X-Series (2020)
1st generation Tanaka Okanawa (2020)
3rd generation Tanaka Atlantis (2020)
9th generation Tanaka Aventis (2021)

US-only Timeline

1st generation Tanaka Biome (1995)
2nd generation Tanaka Biome (2005)
3rd generation Tanaka Biome (2011)
4th generation Tanaka Biome (2018)

Japan-only Timeline

1st generation Tanaka Crezta (1984)
1st generation Tanaka Frizz (1992)
2nd generation Tanaka Crezta (1992)
3rd generation Tanaka Crezta (1996)
1st generation Tanaka Seed (2005)
2nd generation Tanaka Frizz (2005)
4th generation Tanaka Crezta (2008)
1st generation Tanaka Hawaii (2012)
2nd generation Tanaka Seed (2018)
1st generation Tanaka Iris (2020)
3rd generation Tanaka Crezta (2022)

Southeast Asian Timeline

1st generation Tanaka Kenari (2005)
2nd generation Tanaka Kenari (2018)

Asian Timeline

1st Generation Tanaka Esquire (2010)
1st generation Tanaka Ereteca (2020)
2nd generation Tanaka Esquire (2020)

European Timeline

1st generation Tanaka Laventa (1985)
2nd generation Tanaka Laventa (1990)
3rd generation Tanaka Laventa (1995)
1st generation Tanaka Spacer (1995)
4th generation Tanaka Laventa (2003)
2nd generation Tanaka Spacer (2005)
5th generation Tanaka Laventa (2007)
3rd generation Tanaka Spacer (2011)
4th generation Tanaka Spacer (2016)


  1. The colours of Tanaka.
  2. History of “Always There For You”.
  3. All of the Tanaka bicycles.
  4. All the companies in the Tanaka Heavy Industries Group.



You are so much better at lore than I am. I can see your company being hugely popular!

Now I gotta roll out some 90’s Hokuto…


This is quality, I’m too lazy to put my cars into one place (except a spreadsheet). Also, I’m glad to see you’ll reveal cars I’m a similar fashion as I will!

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Your preview of some historic models from Tanaka definitely has me piqued…


The 1st generation Tanaka Aventis, the start of a success.

In 1965, Tanaka Motors was created. Tanaka needed a car. So, he hired some of his workers and friends from the bicycle shop and use their know-how to make their first car, the Tanaka Aventis. It was powered by their A-Series engine. They were quite successful in Japan. In 1966, they brought it over to Europe where it also sold well. It was very cheap.

This is the Aventis 1.6 B. It uses the 1.6 litre A-Series engine making a modest 65HP. The engine has a single barrel eco carburetor. It can do 21 mpg. It was also very light, weighing in at 835kg. The engine was mounted longitudally, making it a RWD car. Despite that, it was easy to drive. It has a hydraulic power steering as standard. The interior was standard cloth with a basic AM radio. The tires were cross ply. It was a simple car for a simple man.

This is the Aventis 1.6 G. The 1.6 litre A-Series engine is now a twin carburetor instead of a single one in the 1.6 B which results in 80HP. The G has an upgrade to the radio. It is now standard AM radio. Fuel economy was increased to 21.7 mpg thanks to a semi-clad undertray.

The 1.8 S enhances the fun driving characteristics even more. The suspension is now lower, tire profile is slightly lowered, new wider medium compound radial tires, new magnesium 8-spoke rims and a sportier tuned suspension. The fuel system of the A-Series engine is now a performance 4 barrel single carburetor. DCOE is not used because it will decrease reliability. The engine displacement was also increased to 1.8 litres. A new body kit is equipped. Better brakes are also equipped. The car now has a stripe on the side of the car. This car was for the people who wants a fun everyday car.

Production of the 1st generation Aventis stopped in 1972 to be replaced with the newer 2nd generation which is coming soon. The reliabilty of the Aventis was a little bit low because of the carburetors. Other than that, the car was quite solid.


1st generation Tanaka Aventus, Japanese luxury

The 1st generation Tanaka Aventis gathered enough profit to design another car. So, Tanaka built another car, the Tanaka Aventus. It is made for comfort and luxury. They created their own I6, called the S-Series. It makes about 133HP. It was a 3 litre Inline 6 with a mechanical fuel injection in hopes of increasing reliability. At least, it was better than the Aventis, but still a little bit low. The interior is made of luxurious leather. The safety was now advanced 70s. Hydraulic power steering is standard. This car has everything you want in a mass production luxury car.

This is the Aventus 3.0 G. It is the base model of the Aventus. The radio was a premium 8-track. Alloy wheels are standard and are wrapped inside medium-compound tires.The suspension is soft. It can do 15 mpg.

This is the Aventus 3.0 L. Tanaka wanted to differentiate the top-of-the-line model from the base model. These changes include mirrors on the fender, chrome striping on the doors and chrome alloy rims. It now has a luxury 8-track radio. It can also do 15 mpg.

A facelift is due in 1977 with help from Harada. Production of the 1st generation ends in early 1978.


Looking great! Very classy design! Reminds me of the Toyota Century, would make a good competitor for it.

I feel like the headlights are similar to the design on the Arion Buckingham '75 hehe.

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Hokuto Sakuta competition! Sweet!

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Does this car use the 2.8m wheelbase body?

Yes, it does.

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Harada investing on Tanaka Heavy Industries in 1973

As you know, Harada Motor Corporation (@asami’s company) is a very well known company. In 1973, they decided to invest in Tanaka. The main reason is that they saw a great potential in the company. In return, Tanaka to share a platform with Harada for the 2nd generation Aventis (coming soon). In 1977, Tanaka asked Harada to make the Aventus more reliable. As a result, the engine was more powerful and the car was faster and more reliable. That was the facelifted version (coming soon). Still to this day, Harada has a share in Tanaka Heavy Industries.

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The Facelift of the 1st Generation Tanaka Aventus

The Aventus got a facelift 1977. Harada helped them with the facelift. The most notable changes are the new fascia design, the new taillights and the new rims.

The engine is also more powerful. It now makes 147HP. That means its top speed is higher. The car is also slightly more reliable. It can still do 15 mpg. (thanks @asami!)

This is the 3.0 L. This is perhaps one of the more famous models of Tanaka. It has a new chrome front lip. They ditched the fender mirrors. But most importantly, it is supercharged as opposed to a less reliable turbocharger. Yep, you heard that right, SUPERCHARGED! It has a roots style supercharger. The engine, together with the supercharger makes around 240HP (as tested in Beam.NG drive. That is a 93HP increase.

The best thing is that it now has enough power to do a burnout! Still with a 4-speed automatic transmission and an open differential. Here is proof that it has a supercharger: This is the Beam.NG car file. Download and have fun with it…

Beam.NG Zip file in Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oBsxSPfLPTruCrUICUJ4kp0tU_lX3jr0/view?usp=sharing


supercharged? do you think you could explain what you did to do that? i’m curious!