Targa Illa - Giro De Gastella 1969 - Autobeam (RULES DISCUSSION)

Rules as below:

Track for beamng below:

targa3.zip (236.4 KB)

Dates are likely to change as I have been delayed in posting. Any thoughts or suggestions on rules or race would be most welcome. Generally I just thought I should get this out otherwise it would sit on my hard drive forever.

A Brum Brum chases a Cisalpina. May 1967. Casteletto.

Race time calculator below please make a copy:

My entry from the previous year for inspiration below (This was developed for use with a controller. it drives like dog eggs on a wheel):

Brum_Brum_-Targa_5B-_mk2.car|attachment (65.4 KB)

And some inspiration from the Targa Florio:



Thanks for everyone’s help so far. And any input is greatly appreciated. It’s my first challenge so kind of winging it.


Post the rules here, please. I shouldn’t have to download a PDF from a third-party site.


If you want to keep the formatting while allowing other people to read it, Adobe has a PDF → PNG converter on their website. Just be sure to adjust the alt-text to allow for inclusivity, and it should be peachy.

Thank you mate. Sorry I had seen people use mediafire and assumed it was ok. Thanks I will look at png converter as I want it to look like an FIA yellow book.

I’m assuming the splitter must be a lip fixture, while the rear aero fixtures are actual spoilers (and not wings or lips).

Mille monti at home :


Some inspirations would be nice as well…

Thank you

It would be nice if this was all reformatted into the OP, otherwise, no complaints looks amazing!


You can add more than one turbo to your setup if you really wanted to. Does the information in Article 266 need to be revised to clarify whether this is restricted? Or how to multiply engine displacement in a 2 turbo scenario?

Hmm I hadn’t thought of this. As the turbo is simulating a supercharger I would be inclined to say only 1 turbo as I am not aware of twin superchargers being used in race cars of that period (correct me if I’m wrong someone) but the lag of a single turbo is not representative of a SC with its direct belt drive. My turbo test car was not very fast tbh as well. Let me test tomorrow and come back to you. Thank you for pointing it out, and the article numbering too which needs doing properly. Lots of art268s :shushing_face:

Ok, tested and two turbos is permitted.

I might give this one a go, but I wanted to take a look at the track first. For idiots please: Where do I put the track mod?


You need to put the zip in the “mods” folder located in your “user folder”. The link below explains how to access the user folder. The bottom link details manual installation of mods.

The challenge is accessed via free roam. Drop into the italy free roam, bring up the map, click on the green map pin over castelletto town, the menu on the left should show challenges available in casteletto. The challenge is a time trial challenge called targa3.

Apologies, this was the only way I was able to create the this track. If anyone knows how to add as a time trial any help would be great. Thanks.

A little more explanation would’ve been helpful.
This time trial doesn’t show up in the time trial section accessible from the main menu. You have to ‘Freeroam’ on Italy, switch to your developed vehicle, fast-travel to the start point, and start the challenge from there.
Hopefully this is helpful for others, as I dropped the zip into my mod folder, but had a terrible time trying to figure out how to start the event.


TGR Industries | Tapas Fuego TI
With their completed development and entry of the Ulanzi in the Mille Monti, TGR Industries maintained development on the existing platform for many years to come. In the time since, the company has made substantial progress on chassis stiffness, while still maintaining the light and sporty nature afforded by the small wheelbase. The design team limited themselves to a balanced 1700 lbs (772 kg). To improve corner handling, engineers at TGR Industries experimented with a mid mounted engine. A relatively easy task considering multiple chassis with mid engines were explored for the company’s entry into the Mille Monti, but were not selected as TGR Industries struggled to squeeze performance out of the platform. It was the change in engine that really brought the fire to life. A 2.9L aluminum block DOHC boxer six is the beating heart of this build. Underbored and understroked to ~2.5L to accomodate the turbo supercharger, the engine still manages burnout levels of torque and enough power to propel the car to over 150mph.
All of this managed on an a build cost of 20,000.
Developing the vehicle was relatively straightforward endeavor. Finding someone to put down a good time on the hillclimb course was another question. Considering that the Ulanzi (the vehicle providing much of the basis for racing development at TGR Industries) was a front engine vehicle. Finding drivers who could appropriately get the mid-engined car through the course without crashing was another task entirely.
Many variants had been built, and drivers were tested, fired, hired, and tested again.
In the end, the Tapas Fuego TI managed a measured time of 5:50.42, with a calculated full race time of 8873.15.

Unfortunately I have to travel soon, so this is the best run I have been able to make. I probably could improve by a second or two with more practice, but I like where I landed and I hope to see other interesting entries.
Additionally, I did not record a replay of my run, so I will not have video evidence of this specific run. I could potentially do another after I return, but that will be outside the entry window. My entry’s validity is in the hands of the judge.


So I tried my go on this one aswell. Here’s the result:

The Full Race time on the Targa Lap Time Calculator is 8728.98
Lap time of 5:45,634
Service Costs of 6235.4$
Reliability of 58.963

I did some mistakes on my lap so the time could potentionally be better with a better driver.

Remi_-_88.car (25.7 KB)

If you want to see the recorded run, let me know how you want it uploaded/sent.

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