Taymanian Avtomobil'nyj Zavod

                       **Taymanian Avtomobil'nyj Zavod (Part 2)**

          **From taymanian Embassy in Lundon to Minester of industry**

Our spies at the Astin Motor Company have photographed this prototype from which we can draw inspiration for the new car that will be produced by our glorious workers


                                  TAZ 102 and TAZ 201

The TAZ 102 was a car for taymanian people whit internal standard and powered by 28 HP evolution of typ 1 sovenic engine.
The TAZ 102 was product in 3 versions: Sedan, Station Wagon and Pick up.

to be continued whit TAZ 201…


in 1950 TAZ built the model 201, a lengthened version of the model 102 but characterized by much more refined interiors and the presence of an FM radio.
The aesthetic differences compared to the 102 were the standard fog lights, the chrome under the doors and the rain flap protecting the rear window.

The TAZ 201 had a 1,201cc engine. entirely designed by TAZ itself (“The Sovenici brothers” had agreed to the project as long as the displacement remained below 1,400cc.) which delivered a power of 45 HP and allowed the 201 to reach a speed of 111 km/h.

The TAZ 201 was a car intended for medium-high officials of the state apparatus.

While the Taymanian elite had to use Sovenica production limousines.