Teach me to play this game?

I am reminded once again why I typically stink at playing tycoon games. I try and start in 1946, I pretty much cheat to make it easy by having competition desirability at .5, competition markup at 1.25, 1.5B start up funds. I design good cars in the sandbox, but then it falls apart even when I try to make a modest car with 2 trims and really good desirability stats. Can anyone offer me pointers, I love designing cars and the concept of this game, and I don’t want to give up on it because I suck.

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are you overproducing? underproducinging? overcharging? undercharging? any of those could be very possible, my advice is to do the engine as cheaply as possible.

If you can, export a car you built in the sandbox, and we’ll try and give you some pointers.

That sounds awesome DoctorNarfy. I will try to do that soon after I get my assignments finished for this week. I know I was under producing, but with 1.5B I couldn’t build larger factories. I tried to offset the production of one trim to 1:1 (Expensive), but the other trim was always like 6:1 (cheaper). I didn’t mark them up too much only 30%(cheaper) 40%(Expensive). I also noticed I was selling out each month, but my rep and prestige was tanking. What drives those stats. I don’t know how a ~200 competitiveness premium pony sedan gives me negative reputation and prestige. I will try and remake the car in question and export it here for pointers soon.

Prestige = Your car’s prestige as compared to the average market prestige.
Reputation = Your car’s reliability as compared to the average market reliability.

If youre selling out that means you need to increase your markup. Ideally you want to build up very slight amounts of stock each month.

But Killrob, how do I check my company’s reputation and prestige vs the current market average? At one point to test I stopped producing my expensive trim and my reputation jumped to the positive after a couple of months, but my prestige continued to plummet.

Think of a prestigous company as Mercedes, and a Reputable one as Honda. Yes, people like one more than the other, but having a reputation means it’s familiar, you know you can be sure what you’re getting, and it’s not terrible.

You don’t, the consumer does that for you :wink:
We probably should display the averages somewhere along the reputation and prestige values for more transparency.


I would like that, I don’t know about other players, but the more descriptive information on the state of my company and its stats the better. Just as a question, but Killrob do you see the game getting game ever getting some brief narrative elements? Such as a PR adviser that randomly communicates with you and says, “The public seems to love ____ and ____ about model X, but thinks we can improve on _____” Or “the public thinks our line up is missing something, we should consider making a (insert type of vehicle).”

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I don’t think we’d be able to get to a level of polish that high, but if we see that being possible and easy to implement then maybe.


Maybe a easy way would be to implement a Campaignvideo. I mean a lot of time will pass until the game is finished and many things will change but to save Time (and money) a video like a let’s play could fix it. like the explaining-videos that are right implemented.

If i think further, you choose “Help for Beginners” before you start the campaign and a video will then show the elements during building a car that fits the market. comments and arrows here and there show all the effects. the video close and its up to you. the rest of hints and popups do the rest.


A rather entertaining and funny Lets Play by Killrob already exists for the light campaign :smile: @sparkylist

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i know but i mean to implement a Video in the game as an tutorial

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Yep. We are planning to do that

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Ok, after having dozens of failed starts, my advice to you is to start in Fruinea or the eastern territory (Don’t recall its name), and go for a great off-road vehicle. They’ll easily hit well over 160 competitiveness without even trying, and you can charge out the wazoo for them compared to your expenses.