Techpool Unleashed - Use tech pool in sandbox mode!


Introducing Techpool Unleashed!

Techpool unleashed is an application that allows you to add tech pool points to your cars and engines

Using Techpool Unleashed

  • Download the application
  • Run TechpoolUnleashed
  • Choose your version of Automation
  • Choose the path to your savefile database if the program could not find it automatically
  • Pick what you would like to edit on the left side of the window (Model/Trim/Family/Variant)
  • Select the creation you would like to edit
  • Adjust the tech pool
  • Press apply
  • Profit!


Important notes

  • In order to edit the tech pool successfully your game must be closed
  • If you would like to change the game version press the Settings button in the bottom right of the window, then reset the database path. Next time you run the application it will let you re-select the database path
  • It is highly recommended to make a backup of your database before use (you know, just in case)

Download it now!

You can download Techpool Unleashed on Google Drive

Want to know how it works?

Check out the Automation serialization post to learn about the innerworkings of this tool!

Would like to contribute or make your own version?

The source code is available on GitHub


I can confirm that this works and (probably) won’t nuke your database.


It seems like the sandbox tech pool points, at least for engines (haven’t tested on cars, but I don’t see how it’d be different), are also adding to total production units. This is the same behavior as regular slider points, the only difference being that the tech pool points give a set amount of slider points automatically.

Is this the intended behavior? From my understanding, the tech pool points will allow one to build things for the same production cost and better performance, and also with technology before its set introduction date.

TechpoolUnleashed source code is now available on GitHub