Tell me your Dark Humor jokes

for people who find dark humor offensive and want to feel better by commenting “this isn’t funny”, or “how can you laugh at that” go surgically the p… you know what i mean

here’s one
what does a blind and deaf girl gets for christmas… cancer
9/11 isn’t funny 6 terrorist died
everyone wondered how my grandpa survived the death camp. he only stood there with a rifle doing nothing
how do you call a flying few. ash !

Dark Humor Joke: Only a bmw driver would make a thread like this.

Mr Brasil gets 100 points. Perma-Ban for you Mr.d00m. The jokes are not funny, even if i would be drunk.

Jesus, how can you violate against 4 rules at once. Thats §1.5, 3.2, 4.3, 4.6 - for reference look up here: DA RULEZ