Temple Incorporated

Temple Incorporated is a large company that manufactures cars for Temple Motors, Lasterwagen, and Mare Autos, and parts for Ilex EV. Temple Inc. was renamed from Temple Motors when they made Lasterwagen in Germany, Temple made Lasterwagen in 1973. Temple Inc had plans for electric vehicles since 2009, and Temple Motors had an American Hybrid Powertrain Developments Division, until Temple Inc appointed the head of Hybrid Powertrain Developments, to a new company: Ilex. Also, SVX is the performance division of Temple Inc., and has models for Lasterwagen, Temple, and Mare. Temple Motors was nearly named Temple Automobiles, but was named Temple Motors, as they also started manufacturing planes, and the aircraft division is now called Temple Aerocorp.

In 1987, Temple Inc. started working with FAAL, Vega, and Keika. The pact was for a van, and was called Pact of Utilitarian Commercial Vehicles, PUCV, the meeting was in Paris, France. Temple Inc. marketed it as a Temple, instead of a Lasterwagen. Also, the Temple was more comfortable then the others, as it had a different interior than the others.

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