Terrorism beware (south eastern part of the world)

just now, at around 10:50-11:15 AM around 6 bombs went off on my capital city, Jakarta. (about 3 hours ago from i posted this)

wsj.com/articles/multiple-ex … flink=line

i don’t know if this would affect anyone else outside of my country. but i thought i would share the news here too.

just to spread caution for the other members that also lives on the south-eastern part of the world.

take care for the next couple of days/weeks.

also i’m sorry if this post is way too irrelevant.
any mods/admins that see this post and does not see it fits, i’m sorry, please go ahead and delete the thread.

to make this thread not so grim. here’s a pic my friend sent me

Relevant enough to me. But I don’t know yet exactly whether this relates at all to the ethno-political relations in this region, as it’s somewhat different from the issues in the Middle East. And the embassies apparently targeted make me scratch my head too. We’ll have to wait to find out who’s responsible.

Damn, terrible news…
I don’t see why deleting this thread.

Damn. Not to sound grim or anything, but in a crowded city like Jakarta, it’s a miracle that 6 bombs only killed 2 civilians. the 5 others are apparently terrorists.