Test track not loading

No matter what I try when I press the play button the circle automation logo keeps circling but nothing happens

First thing I would do is checking your vehicle to see if anything is out of wack as that may be causing the issue. If you have no luck there, try using another car on the track & reloading the game and if you come across the same issue then try reinstalling the game as something could be corrupted. (I know that was a run off sentence, but this isn’t english class. Is it?)

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If all else fails, then hope a dev or someone who actually knows what they’re doing come along and responds.

The best thing would be to send us the .car file of the car that shows that behavior, just upload it here and we’ll fix the issue.

It’s all the cars that I built not just these one. Any car I try to run ends up like this.

Then there might be something wrong with your install, as that is not something that happens to others… or you build VERY particular cars that all have the same issue. Have you tried to verify your game files?

Thank you, verified the files and it works works perfectly now, thank you

Also if you use 20inch rims the it doesn’t work (Obviously unless it is a SUV) so apart form that it was fine but something was corrupted in the file so verifying helped