Testing the most powerful engine

most powerful engine.zip (83.5 KB)

i didn’t make the engine it was on steam workshop

i couldn’t find a body that could hold a v8, with 10 liter displacement+ 2 massive turbos. so my team took a body and “slightly” modified to fit it. if our budget was bigger we would have took a mid engine car for 50/50 weight distribution

about this car. its pretty much a neck breaker, give it too much throttle and your neck is broken.

these results are pretty damn unimpressive.

i know right. dat turbo lag, you only get 3328HP at max rev.
i calculated HP per liter its about

332.8 per liter

that engine is a pain to work with im more impressed by smaller displacement making more power like this one for example

Now that 1.6 turbo is more like it. You should enter the Avus competition with this, you probably fit the rules if you downsize it by a couple of cc. The deadline is in a few weeks, so you’ll have plenty time to make the car around that engine.

that engine isn’t mine i found it on the forum and just used it as an example