Texture issues in latest update


I loaded the game this afternoon and everything looked like… this:

Played yesterday, no issues. Weird.

Edit: No matter what translucent material I choose I end up with that.


I’m having similar issues. The cloth textures in my interior are transparent, but if I switch them to leather they reappear. Also, when I export the car to Beam the chassis becomes oddly semi-transparent, like milk jug plastic.


It still is here after the 5th hotfix unfortunetaly

Launched the game after both the 500mb and 250mb updates and still no luck, it’s so weird (and also frustrating)

Edit: new cars have no issues whatsoever, but cars already in the “garage” seem to keep the issue.

Edit2: issue seems to limit to the “grille bars” mod, where the default material is missing, and when any other material is applied, they become invisible. I believe it’s more of a mod issue than anything.