[TGR] The Grunge Run - RP Event - THE RACE BEGINS

Phone Dial and Tone
A familiar voice picks up.
“Hello! Oh it’s you. So, you called me saying you’re interested after you got word. Can’t blame you. I would join too but don’t have the time or wheels ready for such an event. I’m quite busy at my shop you know. Tell you what, I’ll put a word to that damn woman who wouldn’t shut up to me about it. Meet her at the Hibachi restaurant in town, her name is Amaya, can’t miss her. She will give you the details. Alright, I have to go. Don’t let her give you a hard time alright.”

Greetings and Welcome to my first hosting event. The Grunge Run!

The Grunge Run is a cross country street race from Miami, Florida to Seattle, Washington. With a series of 8 Checkpoints in between that you have to cross in order to proceed. A total of 50 teams will be racing, although through each checkpoint, the last 5 positions to cross will be eliminated. Besides the checkpoints, there will be extra checkpoints in the race that the first 3 to cross them will be rewarded.

The Grunge Run will feature RP Elements. Where your outcome and fate are determined by your decisions, skills and the fate of a 20 sided die.

Remember, this is a street race, so not only are you dealing with traffic and the roads of America, but you’ll be dealing with police, activities, road closures/construction and weather.

The Events will take place March, 2020. You can build any year, model, trim you so desire but trim needs to be in the year 2020. Well I say any, but I won’t be accepting any racing prototypes, open wheeled or bikes. Also build reasonably and realistically. I won’t be accepting meme cars or game breakers, doing so I will treat it so and you’ll get unwanted attention right from the get go.

Right now the event is currently under construction. For questions and concerns, feel free to DM me here or on my discord Vena.Sera423#7288
Feel Free to join the Discord Server as well. You will find it here!

Just try not to spam this channel too much until the event is open.
But feel free to send questions as well as ideas, they will be much appreciated.

Anyways, here is the event rundown as well as some rules to the game.

Also I made a playlist for the event yes…


Any price limits or fuel type requirements? I’m assuming there are none of either, but I could be wrong.

Team Profile Sheets are open for editing. You can check them out here. image

Please Duplicate the Main Template and Label it Your Username.
Rules and Notes are included.


So if it’s a 2006 MY, like say a 2006 VW Jetta, The trim year would still need to be 2020 instead of 2006? I’m assuming that’s only for Car/Trim & Not Engine? Just want to make sure I’m understanding it OK.

Everything will be 2020, both Trim and Engine
Hypercars and Track Cars will have an ET of 250 for both Engine and Trim
While the rest will be 200 ET for both Engine and Trim as well
You’re modifying your car. Unless you want to go complete OEM
There are notes and rules inside the Team-Sheets.
Later on I am going to clean up the forum and add a google doc link describing the rules again in detail as well as the event rundown.


I am very interested in joining this, but how do I join? I was not allowed to enter the discord server for some reason.

Da-Rulez sheet is almost done. 12 Slots are already filling up in the Team-Sheets. There are still plenty of slots available for those that want and are interested in joining. The more the merrier, up to 50 teams can partake in the Grunge Run. For the remainder slots that are open when submissions close will be filled in with NPCs. Be sure to check out the Discord Server if you haven’t. For those who don’t have discord I will work something out to you. The RP events and actions will be transferred here for the forums to see and enjoy.
I plan on opening the event for submissions on Monday, September 14th 00:00 PST. You’re free to get your entries and your team-sheets ready until then. If you have anymore questions and concerns, feel free to contact me here or on my discord. Thank You!

Honestly though, I don’t know if September 14th is a good time to open the floor for submissions now that I look at some of these events. Don’t want to take attention away from those that are of larger focus. I would like to get this event started by October if I can.

Is it possible to join with a team now but decide on a car later?

That is fine, some have filled their sheets with their team members already

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That made things a lot less stressful, maybe I can look at it tonight then.

There is still time to make things and prep. I have the majority of the rules up also. Basically everything you need to know is already listed. I just need to drop the parameters for rolls and close out about the world


Just one question. Will you have final say over what each car is classified as? I could imagine some people taking advantage of different classifications to try and game the system.


I’ll go over the cars and determine how realistic the car is.
If I see some things that are rather unrealistic, I’ll have them do a rework.
There was a discussion about fuel tank sizes.
Well I am trying to be fair to everyone. The classification system is just a way of grabbing attention to you. I doubt you always want to run +150mph on the roads all the time. Could result in accidents and more chases.
But if they were to turn a car in to me and it is unrealistic, I will make it hard on the get go
This challenge is more about what you will do and not just your car and the results of your actions rolling a 20 sided die.
Yeah my system could use more work. I made it up as I went. I’ve seen some challenges where everyone tried getting that edge above the other. Which I am sure this challenge will have a few of those, which I understand.


Presenting what the entrance to the event is
You will get a glimpse and taste what is to come
Here is the PDF for you to read.
For those who will play on the discource, we will partner up using a google doc to determine your actions.


I forgot to put down, but naming your cars, use the same system like all the other challenges
TGR-Username / Car Name
TGR-Username / Engine


Submissions shall open up @ 00:00 PST. Or possibly when I get home from my duties. That’s the plan anyway. October is a goal to start the event. Plenty of slots are open for those thinking of joining. Amaya could use more victims, yes!
If you need the discord server, hit myself up


Alright then… let the madness begin. 30 minutes Early.


For those that are new, please be sure to follow the rules and guidelines as well as fill out your driver team sheets.
Further Questions you can ask myself here or at my discord @Vena.Sera423#7288

Deadline for the Grunge Run will end @ 00:00 Pacific Standard Time on October 3rd. I will try looking over your rides to see if it meets the rules. Good Luck and Have fun.


A friendly reminder. Submissions will close at Midnight, October 3rd PST.
Timer is here https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/gaming?iso=20201003T00&p0=137&msg=TGR+Submission+Deadline&font=serif&csz=1

So far I have entries from

I still need cars to validate from

anyways, there is still some time before deadline.
once everyone is validated and situated, the race will begin.
Have fun and good luck. May the RNG God’s be on your side.

Also you guys can post your entries you know…


I and @HighOctaneLove will be entering our most recent work, the 80s facelifted Bogliq Ungoliant. This is one of the transition generation cars, so it still has the front end of the 70s famous sports car, but the body kit and engine received an extensive overhaul.