TGTS1 - The Grand Trip Special: Sandunction

~ Sandunction ~

Start: 2024-04-07T07:00:00Z End: 2024-05-21T07:00:00Z (Due Date Extended)

Cleremy Jarckson, Hichard Ramond, and Mames Jay, presenters of The Grand Trip on ITV, are making a new special in the Chadian desert about reasonably priced, used, GT cars. There’s a catch though: they will not be using the roads. They will have to storm through the deserts, cross rivers, and drive past possible active war zones to reach their destination, the city of Banana in the DRC. The question is, who will you drive as, and what will you do to your car to prepare it for anything?

Cleremy Jarckson - Bantham XR6

A slick and muscular British sports car, that’s a bit newer than the rest. It also has the lowest amount of power – 400 hp from a turbocharged i6, though it is made up in weight, being only 3215 lbs. Will you go with Cleremy and drive this lightweight, or go with something with a bit more power?


made by @InitialPixel on the discord

Hichard Ramond - Pearce Speedster

The opposite of the Bantham XR6. A luxury British GT filled with rich leathers and lots of power, this car has 550 hp from a big, naturally aspirated, V12. That big engine and interior pay the price, however. The Speedster weighs nearly 4000 lbs, a far cry from the other two. Will you go with elegance or sporting pedigree?


made by me

Mames Jay - Aires 70 Series

Slotting right in the middle, this particular German GT is a “70-52”, with a 5.2 liter V8, naturally aspirated like the Speedster. It makes 450 hp, and weighs 3553 lbs. This middle car offers a safer option, not having to risk with handling or comfort, and Mames feels pretty confident in this too. Ready to prove him right, or do you want to choose another contender?


made by me too

Rules are pretty light:

You must use one of the cars listed above (duh)
No Body Morphs/Style or Family Changes EXCEPT Suspension
No changing of the model year
No Bottom end changes on engines
No aspiration changes
Lowest interior allowed is ‘standard’, no safety changes
No quality or techpool changes, except for wheels and suspension
No compression or cam profile changes
Be somewhat realistic
Replace [USERNAME] with your forum username
One submission per-person


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Environmental Resistance
Off Road Capability

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:star: -

Towing Capacity
Fuel Economy

DM me .car files when you wish to submit


A nice idea, and a good twist over creating a new car for them to use (As much as I’d like to design my own anyway). I assume design is limited to adding things like lights and bash bars and other offroad type accessories? Or is this all engineering based.

This is the first time that I’ve seen a challenge involving Dakar-ization of modern sports cars and grand tourers that normally wouldn’t have any business being driven anywhere other than a tarmac road.

Your car’s desgin will be judged mainly on how “off roady” it looks, though you can do other things to personalize it a bit more. The engineering is also a big aspect, and will also be taken into consideration quite a bit, based on the priorities listed on the challenge.