That outage was horrific!

How intense was that??? Just in time for the bloody release.

Do Dream Host know what suspense they have caused lol…

On the bright side, at least there was no data loss.

It almost caused multiple suicides, yes! :smiley:
Bad timing indeed… glad it’s all good now.

worlds worst timing for servers taking a mind rape on us all…brilliant!

Haha, was pretty stressful alright. I waiting on the conspiracy theories to start rolling in haha

Its build some serious suspense I bet. I constantly was checking to see if it was up. I know people had marked the 20th down for this release. Very exciting times.

Maybe the guys at Dreamhost wanted to download the turbos and engine demo (when it was released) before everyone else?

As daffy has said. Dreamhost had a whole heap of issues on our first release in april last year.