The 1989 6k Championship (Epilogue - End of Season Awards, part 2)

The 1989 6k Championship

Entries are open for a 5 race endurance challenge.

This is an engineering and design competition, the designated driver(same for all teams) will drive all the cars in beamNg.

How it works:

  • Your team submits a car within the rules stated below.
  • Submit the .car file and 2 pics for aesthetic voting via DM here or via Discord(link).
  • 5 tracks will be decided by the host and published.
  • Car designs will be put up for voting, with the best and the worst getting(due to better and terrible sponsoring) a slightly better or worse driver respectively.
  • Then 5 races(ranging from 2 to 8h) will be simulated and the results published race by race.
  • Don’t forget to name your team/brand/whatever.
  • Feel free to post as many pictures and text and whatnot about your car on this thread.

Submission Rules:

  • Both the Trim and Engine must be from 1989
  • Min wheelbase is 2.2m
  • Max engine cost: 1.5K (material cost on the engine design page)
  • Max trim cost 4.5K (material cost on the trim design page)
  • No use of Advanced trim settings allowed
  • Catalytic converter required
  • Fuel type is Unleaded Ultimate(100), and Octane Margin must be 0
  • Min 2 full seats in front
  • Safety min advanced 80’s
  • Power steering mandatory
  • Body types allowed: Coupe, Sedan, Hatchback
  • Aerodynamic fixtures must not be hidden. Wings, spoilers, etc.
  • Techpool should be at 0 for everything

All quality sliders must be between -3 and +3

Deadline for submissions: 08 October 2022

How the Simulation works:

  • Your car will be driven by the designated driver in the respective round track to establish a standard average lap time and the best lap(the car with the best lap will get an extra point)
  • The drivability stat will influence how error prone it is to drive your car.
  • The reliability stat will influence how many mechanical problems the car will have.
  • The Fuel Consumption will influence how quickly the 100 L tank will need to be refilled.
    • For the above 3 variables, the best car will be the standard and the worse your car will be relative to the best one(for each stat) the higher the chance something will happen that will affect your lap time.
    • fuel consumption will likely be a combination of stats to avoid Whatomation style abuse.

The championship:

  • All 5 tracks will be standard(in game beamNg or mods) asphalt race tracks. They will be a mix of styles. For sure one of the variations of Hirochi will be there.
  • The fastest car will get a bonus point(or more depending on how many entries)
  • Race scoring will be 8 6 5 3 2 1 unless there are loads of entries.
  • No changes to the cars are allowed in between the races

The rules for the championship are not set in stone yet and may be adjusted according to feedback or number of entries.



What sorta fuel are we talking?

good point, forgot to put it in the rules. it’s unleaded premium 95

Is there no max engineering time?

and can bodies from before 1989 be used

no engineering time limit.

and yes. As long as the trim year and engine year is 1989, feel free to use any body you want from any decade

Are any kind of turbo charger allowed?

the only restrictions are the ones in the rule document. So feel free to make turbos work.

Quick question, what’s the naming convention, since you dont mention none :p.

In real life, three-way catalytic converters were mandatory by 1989 - I think this should be the case here as well.

Valentine Motors would like to add their contender to the challenge. This is the 1989 Volstar-R. The Volstar is an economy 4-door Sedan manufactured in Gasmea under the Valentine Motor Corp. name. This vehicle has been modified to compete in Cup Series asphalt racing under the motor company’s Bastion Racing program. Major modifications include a new and improved 2-door chassis for greater stiffness and lightness, Sport compound tires, Alloy rims, a long ratio 5 speed manual transmission, Improved brakes featuring large disks front & back, an aggressive suspension tune, a fully outfitted race spec interior including a full rollcage & up-to-date onboard computing systems, and lastly this model has been heavily modified to accept the Uton 4.0 RT engine. an engine primarily designed for the company’s heavy-duty vehicles, has been heavily modified into the RT variant for this application. The 4-litre 16 valve direct overhead cam V8 now features a greatly increased compression ratio to make the most of higher quality fuel, a far more aggressive cam profile, 50lb valve springs, improved flow characteristics utilizing a square port intake with a single large bore 4 barrel carburetor and significantly larger exhaust including an experimental high-flow 3 way catalytic converter, and finally the inclusion of a harmonic damper giving this engine an impressive powerband topping out at 6.2K RPM. Allowing this engine to make an impressive 227HP in this configuration. Questions regarding this vehicle or its powertrain feel free to reach out.


not super important as I’m not expecting 30 entries but something in the lines of would be great

That depends also on the where(UK was later than US) but I think with this regulations everyone will go to the 3 way anyway unless they want an underperforming car. There’s no incentive to choose 2 way.

Looking cool! Do you mind giving top speed and 0-60??
I’ve never made a race car and I don’t know what stats I should be aiming. I spent almost two hours engineering and test driving and I got a car with a max speed of 170 mph but I’m not sure if that’s high or not?

Overdesigning a car to a specific performance level is precisely what I’m making difficult by not disclosing which will the tracks be.
But you can be sure there will some tracks where top speed will be the thing(think something like Spa) or where top speed is failry useless(like Hiroshi short). Also don’t neglect drivability, reliability and fuel consumption as these will also impact how long the car will take to finish the whole race. So the fastest lap car may not be the one who finishes first.

That’s just it! How do I neglect drivability, reliability, and fuel consumption if I have no idea what the other cars’ stats are! My car already could have the lowest or highest stats but there’s no way for me to know. This is exactly why F1 teams are so secretive with their engineering…

Goal is to build something to best of your abilities that works in every situation
So you are going for :
-lap time on various circuits
-fuel consumtion

Some of these are gained at expense of others: you might get solid drivability but that might mean using automatic gearbox, power steering or driving aids wh8ch would affect most of others
So as always you must find best compromise, balance if you will

Edit: Unlike F1 teams, we are open on giving advice as how to improve. Take that piece of info as you will

Clarification on the “getting a better driver” if you score really well in aethetics due to “better sponsors” that like a good looking car:

Basically what it means is that the car that does better in voting will get a tiny boost in drivability which means that the chances of deviating from the perfect lap will be less

In a nutshell:
The same designated driver sets a base lap for each car.

Each car has a drivability stat that affects how off that base lap time it will be. This will be calculated on a lap basis for the whole race.

If you gain a tiny boost to drivability due to aethetics voting, then your chance to deviate from your base lap will be lower.

this is how I simulate “a better driver” :wink:

Zephorus Autos

Zephorus Speedrunner

Setup with a 3.0L V8 DAOHC producing 256hp and revving out to 7900rpm, weighing only 833kgs you think it’d be sideways at every opportunity. It’s not, thanks to the front wheel drive and limited slip diff, allowing the driver to concentrate on the racing rather than fighting the car.

0-60 happens in under 5 seconds thanks to the semi slicks, cornering peaks at almost 2.0g due to the JTCC aero, this also means the top speed is cut to only 130mph. The fighting this car does will be all in the corners and the technical sections of the tracks.

Standard Car


FMC Racing would like to bring in the “Spec Runner”

A SOHC I5 with fully-forged internals (because…lower materials costs? wtf OK Automation, I’ll play) sings a wonderful, staccato sound only V10’s (and I5’s) make, just inches behind the driver seat. 201 HP is the result of the effort.


In case you’re already working on something for this challenge or are planning on participating, send me a DM so I can add you to the registrations list so I know how much work I’ll have come the deadline.
So far already 3 full submissions are in and chat channels are busy on Discordland so I’m expecting a nice grid.