The 1995 coupe body

The 1995 Coupe body, a body from the base game has uneven track width. Found out while making a car recently. Love to see it fixed, due to spending time on the car and having the rearend sit uneven.


Yes, this body broke with the update to 4.2, unfortunately. We are in the process of working out a complete replacement for it.

Okay no worries at all, thanks for the support have a good one.


What does the body set look like? Is it the one that looks like a Murcielago? Because I’m sure that’s what it resembles the most. On top of that, the body set must have originated as a mod back in the Kee era. It’s not the first time this has happened, though - the 12C body set (also a holdover from the Kee days) had an unequal track width when ported to UE4, before being replaced by the Mako body sets.