The 2000 Taxi challenge

So, dear community…

we had a winner in the previous challenge. The Nismatrek by @King_Corky won and that victory gave its sales a boost. But over the years, new cars were available and especially since the second half of the 90s the challenge results were of no further interest. Taxi companies from Gasmea and Frunia asked for a repetition. And here it is.


I know the last challenge was a little of amateur style, helping me to get back into challenge hosting. I brought it to a sucessful end what makes me a little proud and I will stick to the style of running it, this time just without all the confusion that was caused by me when trying to find my way.


You maybe noticed I am not a friend of binning - I had one meme car in the last challenge and one that could have been an acceptable one if it would have been more refined. This is ok for me and I will run them, IF MEMES AND LAZY BUILDS ARE AN EXCEPTION. If you send me tons of straight-from-the-factory-junk, I will ask you to improve your entries. As I got 12 serious builds last time I think this is not needed, hopefully.


The stats wanted by me will result in points. The more important the score, the more points to get. P.E: 50 in comfort, 25 in consumption, 5 in sportiness. The best car gets full score and the others will be judged in relation. I won’t tell you more in order to prevent min-maxing.

If a car’s score is below requirements, it will get a serious, but not “destroying” pentalty. Please mind that after getting two or more penalties your chances for winning are not that high anymore.

Why no binning for lower stats than wanted? The answer is simple: I am not always having all mods, there do exist different game versions and I am not always aware of the fact which one is the best or latest.


I will surely repeat my Beam testings in this challenge. They were fun although (in most cases) realistic.


This time communicated right from the start!


comfort: 35
safety: 45
practicality: 35
utility: 15
reliability: 50
seats: 5
environmental resistance: 50

consumption in L/100 KM: 12,0
emissions: 500
loundness: 40
maintenance cost: 900 $
price at 0%: 18.500 $
octane: 91 RON


drivability: 50
comfort: 30
safety: 50
practicality: 30
utility: 10
reliability: 50
seats: 5
environmental resistance: 50

consumption in L/100 KM: 9,0
maintenance cost: 770 $
emissions: 650
loudness: 45
price at 0%: 15.000 $
octane: 95 RON

Frunian drivers are tired of the constant shifting in civic taxi business. Please mind that.


Running such a challenge with a lot of disciplines wasn’t easy. Especially the Beam Part, as many tests had to be repeated for a fair evaluation, especially when I had found a new benchmark. I guess each car had to be re-tested 6 times.

The Deadline is April 10th. Please present your car with a picture here.

You might have noticed I am also very generous with that, as re-calculating Excel scores is not that hard. But when I tested more than 50% of the cars in the Beam NG part, I do not have further interest in new entrants.


I have sent my gasmean entry in secret, expect a surprise you would only find in a junkyard

Does each country have to be a different trim, or can it be a whole different model?

It can be a different model. And no restrictions for body type, it can be sedan, van or wagon.

but there is the game-related problem of wagong being inherently inferior to sedans or even hatches in any meaningful way…

so wagons are kinda useless unless “artificially boosted”

I have no plans for boosting something. But I now present my entries as this might be an orientation for others who want to present theirs.


The CMT Atlas has been quite successful since its debut in 1992, available from the frugal DX trim to the fancy and premium EX. After a facelift in 1998 the Atlas was ready for the 21th century. The CC is basically a DX exterior with EX interior. The Atlas CC maxxes out the price limit completely but features leather interior, decent sound system and adaptive dampeners. The engine is known from the 1990 frunia taxi variants, just a rework was needed.

CMT is still going with two different concepts in Frunia. The other is the all-new Lugo MPV by CMT. A compact car, designed for simplicity and usability. For image reasons, it may have the CMT badge and is sold at CMT dealers, but is still the “Lugo by CMT” and not the CMT Lugo. It is designed to be cheap and reliable but fulfils all requirements. The 1.3 l3 engine has been changed to the same as the Atlas CC, improving comfort and smoothness.


We all expected the 1997 facelift of the L-Class already known from the 1990 challenge to be seen here, but CMT presents us the all-new L25 TX in this challenge.

A modern suspension design, an all-new 2.5 l6 alloy engine that is well balanced between technology, reliability and cost and of course CMT goes for the prestigious premium variant as in 1990 and so the L25 TX goes for the maximum price allowed.

Tanaka Atlantis 2.0 G ‘Taxi’

I thought I would give this a try at least…

The 2000 Tanaka Atlantis 2.0 G ‘Taxi’ is based on the 2.0 G trim. This entry is both for Gasmea and Fruinia. It features plastic bumpers, heavy-duty soft suspension, steel rims with hudcaps on it, a slightly more powerful Inline 4 (135HP for the 2.0 G ‘Taxi’ version, 124HP for the 2.0 G version), increased safety features, Tanaka’s new experimental electric power steering and a premium high-quality cloth interior. It can do 31.5mpg. All for only $14748 without mark-up.

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turns out my entries are gonna be above average in size…

This is a compelling follow-on to the 1990 taxi challenge. I’m suspecting that a submission for that one can be entered into the 2000 taxi search, but in the form of a new trim, with the trim year updated accordingly.

The Trim year can be anything until 2000. You can even send me a properly updated '00 trim of an 80s car. For the 1990 challenge I got a 1984 entrant, but that car had of course technological disadvantages so I really suggest a new trim. On the other hand: The Fuji Coherence that had a solid score was a 1988 model, so two years are not that kind of disadvantage.

Introducing the 2nd Generation Washington Xenon. Now equipped with a 4 Speed automatic gearbox and a CD Player. Yours for only 11178$

Looks nice. And seems to run for the El Cheapo medal. Not a bad strategy if the car is overall well-tuned.

Mikata W Transport Fleet

A car for Fruinia


It can be a different model. And no restrictions for body type, it can be sedan, van or wagon.

In that case:

2000 Tianjin PuTao Auto GaoYi Taxi

OwO what's this

Note: fuel cap is hidden behind a taillight. I didn’t forget to put one on. Honest.


What are THOOOSE?

Taxis. duh…

Wait... so... both cars entered into the same country or what?

Brighter one is Fruinia, the other is Gasmea.

Why are they on the same pic then?

Saving printer ink on two other pics, man.

Anything special on those?

Other than being dirt cheap (in comparison) and turbocharged for dem fuel sipping… No.

Last question. Why the asymmetric fuckery?

Cuz we can.


Gasmea - Faragon Eaglestar Taxi

yes its a rear engined taxi

Fruinia - Corbaji Trojan Taxi

Its a maxi taxi, what more is there to say?


Now this looks promising. The more different concepts, the better. Usually, fleet cars lack character. I am glad this won’t happen in Automation.

anyone who uses turbo has the big succ

Now to submit an S2K





this ones got my vote already