The 2018 Meatball run - Day 2 4PM-7PM

The Meatball run is a 5395 km long race starting at Riksgränsen in the far north of Sweden, and then through every county in Sweden (Norrbotten and Västerbotten county twice, since they take up the whole width of Sweden, and the island of Gotland excluded)
The checkpoints as following:

Riksgränsen - Arjeplog - Dorotea - Härjedalen - Ludvika - Kumla - Grums - Falköping - Vaggeryd - Laholm - Smygehuk (as far south as you can get) - Ronneby - Uppvidinge - Västervik - Motala - Gnesta - Stockholm - Heby - Surahammar - Ljusdal - Sollefteå - Norsjö - Kalix and then back at Riksgränsen again. So, we’re talking an almost 5400 km long run, passing through everything from rural roads to highways to city traffic and needing a couple of days to finish, meaning that stops for food and sleep will be necessary.


There is a budget of $15000. But, that has to include everything, not only the purchase of the car (see more about it in the car rules section). It includes everything you will need on the road too. Gasoline, spare parts, tickets, food and hotel rooms for the crew, etc. - so use your money wisely. If you run out of money, you can’t buy anything. Spare parts that’s needed for the car to run, gasoline, tickets that can’t be paid = game over. If the car is driveable but need spares you can’t pay, you have to drive it without repairing, increasing the risk of a total breakdown for every kilometre. No money for food = fatigue will increase and driveability stats will go down. No money for sleeping = it has to be done in the car and fatigue won’t be reduced as much as you’d wish for.

Price list:
Hotel night $50 / person and night
Food $7 / person, twice a day
Gasoline $1.75 / litre
Spare parts - from free to horribly expensive :stuck_out_tongue:
Speeding tickets - $ 175 to $ 450 depending on speed

Enter as many team members you want, as long as they fit inside the car. As an example, you can have a maximum of 2 members in a 2-seater sports car, but 9 members in a 9-passenger van. More team members means that the team will be less affected by fatigue, but at the same time more money will be spent on food and hotel rooms. So I’d say that neither one or nine is a good idea.


Trim and model year has to be 2015 or older, no limit on how old it can be though.
No racing intakes,racing tubular manifolds, V16 engines or semi slicks.
Has to be street legal, which means at least one muffler, passing the Gasmean safety regulations for the trim year of the vehicle, and if trim year is 1989 or newer, a catalytic converter.
Since availability is low on 98 nowadays, 95 octane fuel is what should be used.

Purchase price is defined at the following markup:
10s cars - 0%
00s cars - 10% negative
80s and 90s cars - 20% negative
70s and older cars - 10% negative (due to becoming classics)
Meaning that the price subtracted from the budget will be the one appearing at the markups stated above.


Driveability: Less driveability means a higher risk of crashing.
Comfort: Values under 20 will drastically increase driver fatigue.
Safety: Not important, but it has to pass the legal Gasmean regulations from its era.
Gas mileage: Is of course important, tank stops costs both time and money, and all cars will have an unitized 50 litre tank.
Offroad: Should rough weather appear, performance will be reduced. Offroad combined with driveability is what decides by how much
Reliability: Higher reliability means a less risk of the car breaking down on the road.
Performance: There will be four types of roads. Highways, where top speed is the only thing that counts. Big and small country roads, where a track time will be used to calculate the average speed (Daytona sports course for the big roads, Automation test track for the small ones), and city traffic, where everyone will have the same times (but they will very depending on the time of the day.


  • Everything from small to major breakdowns, depending on dice rolls and the reliability of the car. However, since the cars are bought used, your team doesn’t know if it is actually a lemon. The car may get a random reduction in reliability points (also determined by dice rolls), and the older the car the more it will be affected by the reduction.

  • Accidents, both small ones and big ones that will render the car useless.

  • It’s an illegal race so the cops will keep an eye on you. They might give you a ticket, or in the worst case, one of the drivers will get his drivers license suspended, rendering that team member useless. If nobody has his/her driving license anymore, the race is over.

  • Rough weather might appear. Then a car with good driveability and offroad stats will be your best friend.

  • This is in the summer, so it might be workers on the road. Passing through that will lower your speed.

  • Both eating and sleeping will, to make this as easy for me as possible, be done at pre-defined times. If fatigue strikes before finding somewhere to rest, sleeping has to be done for a couple of hours at the side of the road to get down the fatigue a bit.

  • The time slept will be randomized from 6 to 10 hours. 6 or 7 hours will not remove all the fatigue, 8, 9 and 10 removes all the fatigue, 9 and 10 are only unnecessary waste of time though.

  • There is a very, VERY slight chance that something completely bonkers may happen, may it be good or bad…

Now I think I’m finished with the rules, so start sending me cars. Name the cars “Meatball (Username)” - “Model and trim name” and the engines “Meatball (Username)” - “Family and variant name”

And, this is of course a competition where heavy RPing is encouraged, that’s about the whole idea behind everything, and a reason why luck might have such huge impact on the results. Chatting on the CB is of course OK too even if we are bloody competitors. :wink:

Deadline: 15th of july, 6 PM CET

So, to start with, is anyone even interested in joining?


Well, I’ll say I’m interested. Got a few car ideas in mind, after all. Might break out the '01 Sinistra Cinder.


What happens when you run out of money? Or will the budget just determine the quality of fatigue reduction? Also, offroad as a bad weather stat? are we expecting mud floods or something?


I’m definitely interested, I just hope @VicVictory joins as well so I can crash into him somehow and we both are immolated in those glorious Bogliq flames! :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sunglasses:


Is this being set in 2018?

If it is then I’m sure that Team Harcourt-Entwhistle would be in attendance. :smiley:


I guess the Shitbox Brothers could show up once again :smirk:

Hmmm. Greasy Lightning? Return of Moss Boss?

Either case, I’m not letting @HighOctaneLove and Team Mountain Pass touch their stereo. That’s when bad things happen.

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No money = game over the next time you need it.
It might sound strange but it might as well snow in the northern parts of Sweden in summer, and the roads aren’t always so great there either… :roll_eyes: But probably I will count in more of driveability and less of offroading, and it’s not sure if there will be any extreme weather either, I will use the actual weather forecasts to determine that…

Are the sleeping and living costs the same for all or can your people sleep in their car and eat biltema hotdogs?

I haven’t decided on the actual sums yet, but to make it easier for me, I will run an unitized price. I know it’s not 100% realistic but then, the real world has just too many variables to make it practical and I think that I have too many of them already to keep track on.

But I am thinking sane pricing that represents a good average. So even if you have to stop at some expensive place (IRL) it won’t affect the pricing either.

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Well, they haven’t decided on a car yet, but anyway, let me present you the pride of the Torne river valley…


And the three team members are:

Age: 28
Interests: Drinking moonshine, motorsports
Personal vehicles: 1990 Ardent Sentinel wagon, 1967 Everette Ellston folkrace car
Personal motto: “Just floor it, you can always check what you managed to hit in the rear view mirror!”

The skilled driver of the bunch. At least according to himself. And that’s probably not a lie. Sometimes he actually has managed to complete a race at the folkrace track with his Everette Ellston without the whole car breaking apart.

Age: 40
Interests: Drinking moonshine, making inventions that is completely useless out of scrap he finds in his backyard.
Personal vehicles: 1960 IP Royalist hearse, 1982 Datsun Bluebird diesel, 1985 Deer and hunt Fallow, and too many tractors, dirtbikes, mopeds, snowmobiles, lawnmowers and forklifts to even count.
Personal motto: “If it can’t be fixed with duct tape, it’s broken for real”.

The skilled mechanic of the bunch. He can repair anything you put in his hands. Just don’t be so sure about when you will get it back.

Age: 33
Interests: Drinking moonshine, drinking beer, drinking cheap wine, drinking aftershave, drinking washer fluid, drinking lots of other suspect stuff, tattoos, obscure erotic roleplays.
Personal vehicles: 1962 Dodge Dart, incredibly rusty 1997 Mercedes E300 Diesel
Personal motto: “Look at my boobs or I’ll kill you!”

The one with the eye for aesthetics. She can make anything look better with a brush in her hand. At least until she tries to eat the paint. And don’t disagree on that point, she will get a little bit…violent, then.

Now they are looking for a car…
To be continued…


The Dust Devils:
A team that participated in the 24h clunker challenge, now a bit more experienced and with some cheap clunkers to throw around. luckily, thanks to their wealthy teammate Timo they wont be using their grandparent’s old Birmingham again…

team members are:

Victor Ruggla
Age: 17
Personal vehicles: 1989 Niner-Randall P55, 1968 Tudor Blackwood DeLuxe, 1960 Randall-Wooder 4x4
Description: The fastest driver of the 24h team, back again and ready to help drive his friends and family to victory in this event.

Eskil Lukkeonen
Age: 18
Personal vehicles: Birmingham 8000 form 24h clunker, 2004 Yotata Glide coupe’
Description: Another driver from the team with a lucky talent of cooking, who can keep the team full up with his classic speciality of “chicken nugget pizza with burger sauce”. He has only just got his liscence however and his 1.2L yotata is hardly a handful

Timo Ruggla
Age: 26
Personal vehicles: 2018 Tudor Blackwood V12 D’head and a bike company
Description: Expert motocross rider and SUV and truck fanatic who has a lot of mechanical knowledege. he can build a custom motorbike in a day. Oh, also he is the CEO and founder of the famous motorcycle manufacturer DTR, which could explain how he bought a brand new Tudor V12 at the age of 25.
Car: on the lookout


@Knugcab will engine swaps be allowed?

Yes, as long as the engine is within the rules, anything goes.


You guys are so lucky the Cinder is just a little too expensive to be viable. Now I’ve got to find myself a different car to work with. And I still have to assemble the team.

You were using the right markup too?

how many days is this challenge?

It’s running until the last team are crossing the finish line.

Yep, -10% because it’s an '01. Still came up around $14,000 because it’s an eco-turbo-sport sedan.

But, I do have a bit of a backup plan. I have a shitbox company with an '05 that’s not fast, but might outlast the competition.

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Is 1500 enough money for gas, hotel and food etc.