The 2020 VLN Endurance Series [DESIGN FOCUS] [GRID WALK 2/2]


A tricky, winding stretch of road, that every so often holds a race.
Plenty of other people have spent hours describing how magnificent the track is, so this will be kept short.


The 2020 running of the VLN 24 Hours Nürburgring approaches, and your team has a car ready. It should be safe enough not to kill your driver, on pace for it's class, and catch the eye of the spectators throughout the gargantuan circuit.
This competition will be judged through the eyes of an automotive journalist who is documenting what the teams have brought to this event. They will be walking from garage to garage, and taking snapshots of on-track action. Therefore, design and good choices are important, not top speed, pace, or min-maxing. There will be honorable mentions for fastest testing time, highest lateral G load, etc, but I reserve the right to be fairly subjective.
RP in this event is completely optional, but feel free to do as much as you want.

You can enter a car into any of the many classes that run the circuit. The two main categories are the SP class and the CUP class.
SP (Special) is by far the largest on circuit, and is comprised of many race modified cars including FIA GT4 (SP10), GT3 (SP9), and the SPX category for anything else far more racey, like a GT2, DTM or TransAm car. However, don't feel limited to the FIA classes! Many teams run race prepped BMWs, Audis, and other sports cars modified in shop.
CUP is exactly what it sounds like, a category made up of all different kinds of cup vehicles, from Porsche Cup cars, to Renault Clios, that kind of thing. CUP is also where you'll find the popular TCR category, which has grown quickly in the past few years.
A less common class is the V (Production Car) category, for vehicles close in performance to their road going counterparts. The only allowed modifications are basic safety equipment, track tires, and suspension tuning. Engines are run completely stock.
I almost entirely forgot about the H (Historic) class. This is where older cars such as old Porsches, Mantas, E30 BMWs, and other 1990s DTM cars are placed. For this competition, please keep everything more modern than 1970. From Wikipedia, the largest category (and only category for the 2019 race) was H2, for "pre-2008 production cars and purpose-built racecars with an engine capacity between 2000 and 6249cc." So let's stick with that.


Rules are going to be fairly loose, but there are going to be a few basic ones to prevent people from going too wild. If you start thinking too much about it, just think about what would make sense for the class you're aiming for. I will link several class regulations below with the example images.

Body Style: 1970-2020
No trucks, vans, SUVs, MPVs. Estates welcome.
Topless vehicles must make some attempt at a visible roll bar.

Unleaded Fuel
Max Loudness: 70
Max Horsepower: 650 BHP
Minimum Engine Reliability: 50

No Automatic or Advanced Automatic transmissions.
Mandatory Radial Semi-Slicks
Max Tire Size (Front and Rear): 325mm
Drum Brakes are insta-bin. C'mon y'all.
No Active Aero
Single Seat, Sport Interior, No Entertainment
Minimum Safety: 40
Standard suspensions only.
No active dampers.
Up to Semi-Active roll bar.
Minimum Trim Reliability: 50
Quality Slider: +5/-5
Max Cost: 175,000


Car has a realistic and eye catching livery.
Car makes sense for its class.

Car has a unique, detailed design.
Car is in a less frequently chosen class. (Relative to other entries)

Car has engineering choices that tell a story.
Car runs for long periods for lots of photos. (Reliability+Fuel Economy)

Car is competitive or on pace for its class.
Car is the least expensive for its class.

Car is the fastest in its class.
Car corners the hardest in its class.

Submission Format

One submission per person. Collaborations welcome.
Send all entries to me through the forums.

Model: VLN [Class] [Forum Name]
Trim: [Car Name]
Engine Family: VLN [Class] [Forum Name]
Engine Variant: [Engine Name]

Like so:
VLN SP9 Simmer22 - Halcón Ghost, VLN SP9 Simmer22 - 4V8 Quadvalve

Submissions Open July 20th.
Submissions Close July 31st.


Basic Class Breakdown

SP (Special)


SP6 (Lead car)


SP10 (FIA GT4)

SPX (FIA GT2, DTM, etc.)
SPX is the sportiest your car should look. No actual LMP cars run in VLN.




V (Production Cars)


H (Historic Cars)

H2 (Manta - Flying Fox)
This car is always a fan favorite at the event.

H2 (Porsche 964)

This is currently a kind of draft until submissions open. This will be my first challenge I’ll ever have hosted, so let me know if I should include anything else, or if I can help clarify anything.


The regulations require the use of unleaded fuels - so which types are we allowed to use? 95 and 98 RON unleaded would be most likely.

Because the V class production cars are supposed to be standard engines, they’ll likely run either regular or premium. For anything else, use whatever fuel you’d like that you think your team can afford. Just have fun designing a bit of a racing team.


First, I just want to thank you all for the interest this has garnered in the past few days on the forums and on the Discord. I'm really looking forwards to seeing what all of you create, and I'm very excited by the drafts that people have already started posting on the Discord.

I do want to address some commonly asked questions though, and clear some things up.
The trim year for your car and the engine variant for your car should be as modern as possible for your team. This serves as a "last refurbished in" date, and puts modern technology in your car and engine. You don't want to be running this race with semi-slick tires from the 1980's.
In the SP (Special), H (Historic) and CUP category, you can completely replace the material of the panels and the chassis from the 'road car'. Just keep in mind your team has to have the budget to do so.
Fuel efficiency will be mostly determined by how efficient your engine is in the top 25% of it's RPM range.
(Ex: 8000 RPM, efficiency between 6000 and 8000 RPM.)

Alright, good luck everybody, and have fun.


2020 Alba Project GT - Mk2

The First of our cars following the Alumii’s Styling, Marking a new era for the company.


I think you still got something wrong with the historic groups. According to the official 2020 regulations the possible groups are:

  • H2 is up to and including 2000cc - Manta is H2 (2.0 engine, originally 1.8)
  • H4 is over 2000 cc up to 6250 cc (you called that one H2 in the OP) - Porsche 964 is H4

Turbos are considered with a turbo factor of 1.7 (multiply cc by 1.7 to get the capacity determining the group)

Cars for the historic classes must be from 2009 or earlier.

Please allow both H2 and H4 - I have a car available for H2 without needing much extra work :slight_smile:


You are completely correct, but here’s a few things as to why I’m doing it this way.

The year cutoff moving up one year is probably just because of the 2019 series regulations and the 2020 series regulations. In general, it’s a 12 year cutoff. Either way, it’s not the biggest detail of this competition.

Thanks for the turbo capacity multiplier, I was struggling to find that information on my own. Since we’re now in the competition with some people already submitted, I’ll leave it as is. I haven’t seen anybody doing anything too over the top.

H2 is a catch all at the moment for any car in the Historical category. If need be, and we start seeing widely varying performance levels and looks in the Historic class, I’ll make the call to split them into H2 and H4. But yes, both are available.


added the drivers because apparently other people are doing that

Quezon Cordova GTR-R

Based upon the Cordova GTR, this racecar was made according to FIA LM-GTE Regulations.
First debuting at the 2016 season 24 Hours of Le Mans, the car was relatively successful despite the V6 powerplant’s rather problematic reliability, due in part to its rushed development.
Unlike the preceding Cordova GTR that brought enormous success to the factory-backed Quezon racing team, this one is rear-wheel-driven instead of being front-wheel-drive.
The Cordova GTR-Rs are known for wearing the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” livery under the Department of Tourism-sponsored Quezon factory-backed racing team.

Sources say that 2020 may be the final year of factory support for the GTR-R, as Quezon has teasered that a new Cordova is planning to be unveiled in 2021.

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Drivers for the 2020 Season:

:philippines: Ricardo Dalisay - Former SEA Formula 4 Champion
:ru: Alexander Potemkin - Former Russia Formula 1600 Driver
:uk: Dennis May - Former Champion in Britcar


Hirochi Prasu GT3
#90 Hirochi-Hatzenbach Racing

2020 Marks the year of Hirochi’s return to motorsports. The base for the new GT3-spec car was the just-released Hirochi Prasu GT, of which was a collab with Gearhouse Studios. The car was developed alongside its road-going cousin and was finished just in time for the 2020 VLN SP9 class debut. It wears the historic Fujisaki livery last seen on the iconic 1997 JGTC GT500 Prasu because the designers at gearhouse are being lazy again, and is a favourite amonst many fans. The car is prepared and raced by Hatzenbach Racing located just next to the world-famous and expensive toll road, who used to race GT4-spec Hirochi SBR4s.


Former Cherrier test driver B.Augette :fr:
Professional sim racer J.Wanglebork :uk:
Random person B.Speedy :canada:

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Edit: added drivers


Am I reading this wrong or is aesthetics most important and pace least important?

taken directly from the OP


2020 Delta Tantra X

#404 SCH Racing

Delta, an Austria-based motorcycle manufacturer created the original Tantra to be a somewhat affordable track car. After adapting the Tantra to a GT4 specification, SCH purchased a GT4 and standard road going model, and began their work to make a overhauled version.

Much of the underlying suspension, interior, and rear clamshell were pulled from the GT4, and placed into the normal Tantra chassis, creating a unique shape, unseen by any Tantra before. Inside, an inhouse SCH built 3L Twin Turbo V8 was fit in place of the normal 2L Inline 4.


:jp: Takeji Matsudo - Super Formula Champion 2018 & 2019
:jp: Edo Nakajima - SuperGT Runner Up 2019
:fr: Laurent Alens - 3rd Place Formula Regional European Championship 2019

Some Extra Angles


Yeah i guess i just skimmed it. So it says no trucks, are Utes allowed?

1994 BAM Bavaria 620 BRC

  • #42
  • H2
  • Class 2 spec, as raced in BTCC


Pfeil Vogtland Breitbau "Evil Sergal"



Submissions will close at 6 PM Central Standard Time on 7/31/2020 (12 AM midnight British Summer Time).
If this still isn’t clear, here is a timer.

So far, I have submissions from (Mass ping incoming):


(Submissions received after this post)



1994 Hirochi Exatima TC-1 Estate

  • #87
  • Raced in BTCC (1994-1998)


2 Hirochis made by 2 different people…

Not complaining, just feeling a bit weird.


2008 - Tengai Fuji G8 Shōjo no yume - JGTC Replica
#77 Sensha-do Pacific Suisei Racing Team

The Sensha-do Pacific Pacific Suisei Racing Team is an independent racing team using Suisei modified cars in many racing series from WRC to 24 Hours Series. This marks their 2020 Retro replica of the 2008 JGTC Tengai Fuji. The team simplified many components and created a custom carbon fiber chassis with latest 2020 technology from Suisei itself. The team is sponsored by Suisei Automotive Racing Team, the offical racing team, supplying official credited parts. This year the car is bearing the characters from the anime series, Girls Und Panzer as they gain a sponsorship for they upcoming Part III movie Das Finale as well as the manga series, Girls & Panzer - Ribbon no Musha.


Professional Super GT Racer Ryuui Tachibana

Amateur Racer 24 Hours at Bathurst Toby Ferguson

Professional 24 of Le Man Racer Akira Takahasi



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