The 2022 Trafikjournalen 24h clunker challenge (FINAL RESULTS)

Team Shift Happens

The Race - 4 AM to 8 AM
Breakfast of Champions? - The Human Side of Things

Behind the Wheel, 8:00 AM

As the Bricksley’s clock rolled over to 8 AM, having been set yesterday, Rukari looked up toward the pit lane to see Kayden writing something on a chalkboard…

It took an additional lap before Rukari saw what had been written on that board. Bold as polished brass in wide, white-chalk letters, he now had his orders straight from the pit lane.

Fang it! 6500+

Rukari gave a savage grin and wrapped his hand around the automatic’s gear selector, pulling the gearbox out of drive and down a gear, letting the V8, officially, off of the leash.

In the pits, 8:05 AM

“She’ll come apart doing that,” Kaylie warned, seeing Kayden’s message board.

“If he’s tearing up the engine, he’s way less likely to tear up the car,” Kayden replied. He watched as the WRK zoomed into the pit lane for some gas, followed by hearing a loud crash as the Przenopewien and the Callahan got into a tangle, with both cars coming in for a date with the hammers.

Behind the wheel, 8:10 AM


Skadu vi! Learn to drive!” Rukari yelled as the Sandhurst hit the guardrail, causing a course-correcting Saarland to slow down along with the Regal, which slid past both cars with ease. Rukari pushed the throttle down hard in a lower gear, the unfettered V8 screaming past 6000 RPM as it shot past the Saarland, the lights and sirens announcing his presence just as intensely as the engine at this point.

Then Rukari gave a savage grin as he saw the Cambridge up ahead. Knowing the front quarters were soft, he aimed to use the nudge-bar this time, tagging the rear bumper of the Cambridge and causing it to slide.

Almost immediately after recovering, the Cambridge disappeared into the pits, but when Kayden replied to Rukari that “They just needed gas, maybe a change of shorts at the most,” Rukari just chuckled.

A savage snarling roar bellowed through the exhaust as Rukari caught up to the next group trading paint, as the Seongu slid into a skid, the WRK piled on the brakes, and the Sandhurst, already having proven to Rukari once in the last hour that they couldn’t drive, piled into the WRK. The Regal spun out in an attempt to avoid crashing into the mess, while the WRK would be leaving the race on a trailer, and the Sandhurst went into the pits for some panel beating.

“Ought to make driver of car unbend panels,” Rukari called out over the radio. “Would teach not to crash car.”

Karma had a bullet with Rukari’s name on it, as while the Seongu brushed the guardrail and the Callahan narrowly avoided it, Rukari scuffed up the passenger side of the car. He brought it into the pit lane with the smashed Sandhurst not far behind.

In the Pits, 9:30 AM

“Right, you smashed the car, Rukari, this is yours,” Malavera said, as Rukari got out of the car and grabbed up the hammer to move some of the mangled paneling out of the way of the wheels and the hood. He worked quickly while Norse had a quick breakfast, watching the chaos as Rukari straightened panels and Kivenaal juggled four fuel cans for a quick fill-up. With panels properly beaten, Rukari handed off the hammer and climbed back in, sending the engine howling to the moon down the pit lane as he rejoined the track.

Behind the Wheel, 10:00 AM

Rukari was back in his element, having passed the Cambridge and Seongu neatly, only to hear squealing tires behind him. Sure enough, the Cambridge had spun out, initiating a spin-out of the Seongu. The Regal piled on the brakes, slowing up the Saarland, which shot around the still-moving accident-in-motion, and promptly side-swiped the whole driver’s side of the car.

Skadu di! I just fixed this!” Rukari yelled into the radio, limping the car into the pit lane with the hazard lights flashing as well as the lights and siren.

Pit Lane, 10:15 AM

“Great. We can’t weld both of these shut,” Kivenaal grumbled. He grabbed a barn door latch for the front door, struck up the oxy-acetylene torch, and proceeded to “install” it between the front and rear doors. To ensure it would work, he welded the rear door shut.

Takaraya gave a disapproving look over at the Trafikjournalen team, crossing his titanium-plated arms and shaking his head until someone came over to apologize. (@Knugcab)

The welding took a while, and more importantly, carefully breaking out the driver’s side windows without filling the car with glass had proven to be necessary after the front window-winder motor had given up after the impact. With the side of the car cooled down by plenty of water, and Rukari back behind the wheel, the Bricksley left the pit lane in a flurry of wheel-spin and a big puff of black smoke out of the exhaust.

Back on Track, 10:30 AM

“Calm before storm,” Rukari said, seeing the track was relatively peaceful. He pushed the Bricksley hard, lights and sirens blaring, engine starting to protest slightly under the strain, wind howling through the cabin thanks to the latest repairs. Other than Team Septic Tank again proving their driver couldn’t drive, and the orange Przenopewien needing gas, things were quiet.

Then the orange cheese block came back out on track making a terrible racket for a lap and returning to the pits.

He witnessed the Seongu nudge the Union and shook his head. “Neyi. Police car is heavy, you not spin it out,” he said over the radio. (@AndiD)

Behind the Wheel, just before Noon

“Hey, if you’re saving anything in reserve, now’s the time to use it!” Kaylie called to Rukari over the radio.

Rukari gave a savage smile, downshifted, and buried the gas pedal. The engine surged up to speed, passing the Regal and Callahan just before the Regal nudged the guardrail. The Union disappeared from the track, returning with mere minutes to spare.

Rukari glanced down as a light came on after he crossed the finish line for the last time, ending the 24 hours. Grabbing the steering wheel on the right side with his left hand to make the left turn coming up, Rukari keyed the microphone and said, “I have oil light on.”

The tires suddenly squealed as a thundering bang sounded from up front. The rear tires, now coated in oil, caused the car to spin out. He felt the back end hit something, then the nudge-bar met the guard rail.


Skadu vi! Vie ruki!” he yelled, having just received an airbag-assisted punch in the face.

The Pit Lane, 12:02 PM

“Shit!” Kivenaal yelled, seeing Rukari spin out the car, doing a good job of maintaining control… If he had about a quarter mile more of straight road to get the car straightened up. He waited for the cars to pass where Rukari was at, then took off at a full run. When someone yelled to him, Kivenaal yelled back, “That’s my brother in there!”

Takaraya, likewise, took off running in case he was needed, grabbing Kayden on the way past into a fireman’s carry so they had a field medic. Despite Kivenaal’s head start, Takaraya got to the car first…

Just in time to see a slightly-dazed Rukari reaching out of the battered Bricksley’s window, hauling himself out of it and, with his face covered in his own blue blood, raising both fists to the sky in celebration.

The four of them walked back to the pit lane, letting the track tow-truck retrieve the battered car.

Kaylie’s first response, more from relief that he was okay and not seeming that badly injured, was, “You look like shit.”

“I would say same, but not polite,” Rukari replied, grabbing a shop towel and wiping his bleeding nose and split lip with a grimace.

Kayden looked around and motioned to Jayde and Malavera to help get all the steel items away from the military cot. “Right, we’re just going to have you lay down here. I’m making sure you’re okay.”

Neyi. Am fine. White puff-bag hit me in face with hand,” Rukari grumbled.

“Guys,” Kaylie pointed out to the two newer members of the crew, “Be careful around Rukari’s blood. It stains everything and it oxidizes metals like crazy. Also… If you get any on your hands, for the sun’s sake, don’t get it in your eyes or mouth. You’ll have a really bad time.”

“Rukari, can you stand still!? We’re trying to make containment and cleanup easy, and you’re dripping on the pit lane,” Kayden grumbled.

Jayde, on the other hand, gently grabbed both Val’s and Norse’s hands in his, then said, “If you need someone to talk to, I’ve been told I’m a good listener. And… I may know a thing or two about facing a fear, or an event that’s unpleasantly similar to the first.”


Team Oxracers, Ep. 17: Rolling (and skidding) towards the finish

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“Desert Bus?” Corazon wonders aloud in the Kando’s cockpit after a while in his stint, recalling Michael’s statement when they changed drivers during the past pitstop. “This is more like OutRun, just passing people left and right” , he mutters as he laps the Sandhurst on the left and then the WRK on the right immediately after. With a sad glance, he notices, however, that not only there is no blonde woman in the passenger seat - there is no passenger seat at all in the Kando, in fact.

He did not choose the best spot on track to let his thoughts wander, however, as he runs wide at the very next corner and has to catch the Kando before it skids into the guardrail. “Almost like OutRun”, he corrects himself.

Since OutRun does not have a rear view mirror, Corazon remains oblivious of the carnage that his little skid (skit?) caused behind him, with the WRK @Fayeding_Spray having to take evasive action, being hit by the Sandhurst @stm316 in the process, and the Regal @karhgath is somehow also in the mix.

Michael on radio duty in the pits has a prime vantage point on the ensuing chaos and he shakes his head. He presses the ‘speak’ button. “Everything alright?”

“Affirmative”, is all Corazon answers.

“You want to hand over to Lucas early?”

“Negative”, is the curt reply from Corazon. Michael wonders how much swagger one can put into a single word and he shakes his head again.

He decides to follow Corazon’s driving a bit more closely in the next minutes, but apart from one close call with the guardrail Michael has to concede that Corazon is actually doing a rather fine job out there.

A while later Michael gets distracted by the other Oxracers who are now fully awake again and cobble together some rudimentary breakfast. They try to pass the time with some banter until some curse words from Corazon in the radio receiver shift their attention back on track. Another multi-car pile-up with the Kando facing the wrong way, along with the Cambridge, and the Regal (again), Saarland and Bricksley are involved as well.

“You okay?” Mary has taken over radio duty again.

“I’m fine and the Kando is, too”, he replies angrily. “THE BLOODY PUNKS DRIVE LIKE JUNK THOUGH.” @Maverick74

The other Oxracers exchange amused glances - they rightly assume that Corazon shouted the last words through the Kando’s open driver window while happening to keep the ‘Speak’ button pressed so that they are able listen in as well.

“Shall we put Lucas behind the wheel? Looks like we should not stretch our Luck any further for the last few hours?”

Corazon seems to need a few seconds to consider things. “Alright, one more lap and then I come in for a quick driver change.”

Mary signals Lucas to get ready for the final stint.

OOC: Feel free to have folks be angry at Corazon especially for the mess he caused earlier…


Pre Race - Trackside

Ollie: Look at this field. There’s a PrincessPeach, Singer, Shell, a Brick and something to do with sugar. Plus, that excessively pink monstrosity. I think that’s got factory backing, they’ve got a camera crew!
Andreas: Sometimes I wonder why mother didn’t drown you. It’s a cactus.
(too bad you didn’t see Ollie’s face after that one)
Ollie: A pink cactus?
Harald: Quit it, you two. We’ve got (n^4)-1 competitors, and twenty-four hours to get in front of them, which means, mathematically, if we start at the back, we’ll need to pass someone every thirty seven minutes. This is our second attempt at this, let’s try to finish.
Andreas: We know. You’ve told us three times this morning.
Ollie: I’m up, keys! puts his hand out.
Harald: I won the leaf-boat race in the gutter, so, I go first.

Part One… Noon - 4 PM

Harald was driving, thinking about existential crises, like who REALLY put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp… and who shot Lorraine? Maybe Lorraine was in fact, the deputy? By the time he’d finished the first stint, he’d moved on to the probability of those cat-people being actual cat-people. 300km of driving can do things like that to your mind. A driver change seemed like a BRILLIANT idea right now. Aside from typical pit-crew/driver chatter, it’d been relatively quiet from his perspective.


Part 2… 4PM - 8PM

Ollie: GO! Arnold, GO! (as Team Schrott flew past.)
Harald: “Arnold”? Who in the heck is “Arnold”?
Ollie: The Schwarzenburger. I’m naming them. “Dirty Harry” (points at the post-grads). I heard someone say Callahan over there. So…
Harald: Let me guess, the Schnell is now “ACHTUNG, Baby”.
Ollie: Thanks. I was stuck on that one… but, it just became U2, like the spy plane. Ooh! Here comes Andreas.
Andreas pulls in to the pits for a tank of go juice
Harald: Anything stupid happening with the car?
Andreas: That knock is still there at low throttle, and maybe check the steering fluid. But it’s behaving, for now. Some of those other drivers really should get lessons. You’d think there’d be at least a little bit of courtesy out there.

(in French accented English) One hour later…
Andreas: MOVE you, moron!
He decided the accelerator was a better pick than the brake, and… “tapped” the Régal.
Andreas: Umm, guys. I’m coming in.
Harry and Ollie on radio: What did you do?

For the rest of his stint, Andreas managed to keep out of trouble, unless you count the part where he forgot to keep off the barrier. He enjoyed watching everyone else play bumper-cars.

7:58PM - The car is in the pits for a driver change.
As Ollie straps himself in:
Andreas: Avoid the thing with the mohawk. I’m not sure they’re playing the same game as everyone else.
Harald: Three cars out in eight hours, and we’re in fourth. I work that out to be… 600 kays down, one thousand eight hundred to go, assuming we don’t lose pace.
Ollie: Enough nerding. I’ve got some driving to do. (A little clutch slip never hurt anyone, as he rolls away from the pits, royal waving at his brothers.)


Part 3… 8PM - 11:50PM
Ollie: Get out of the way, Mister Sweetchuck. Damned Vol… Saarland drivers. Let’s see what happens if I do… THIS!! (a failed attempt at passing the Saarland follows, as does a string of words in a selection of languages… he spent the morning in google translate.)
Another fuel stop at about 11:00, more steering fluid, then back out into the carnage…get it “Car”-nage. Ollie thinks he’s very funny. I happen to agree.

Andreas: Okie Dokie, artichokie. You sure you’re good to go back out? Your headache is gone?
Harald: I’m alright.
Ollie pulls in, drivers (and words) are exchanged. Mostly about Ollie’s driving.

Part 4… 12AM - 4AM
Harald was lapping the track in a very regular manner. Well controlled. Calm. Organised. Quite different to how most of the others had been. Bent panels, missing lights, spi-i-i-ining.
Harald: I know that car is the one to avoid. That little FM. That little MF. They can’t drive straight. No, they only drive straight, it’s the track that’s curved.


Harald: Round and around and around and around we go
Oh, now tell me now, tell me now, tell me now you know
When the car finished it’s pirouette, Harald figured it would be smart to focus on driving.

By the time the driver change FINALLY rolled around, Harald had managed to climb back up to 3rd. A total of over 1200Km, and this thing was still running. He was starting to think about what would break off first. Those stupid plywood wings? Or the plastic rear spats?

Harald: It’s 4AM on a clear morning, there’s a beautiful glow on the horizon, like everyday for 6 months of the year. And, I’m over driving. Final tune for the early breakfast show is Billy Ocean’s “Get outta my dreams, get into my car”.
Harald pulls into his designated pit bay, Andreas helps him out and jumps in in his stead.
Andreas: Seriously, bro. That REEKS!

Team If It's Not Punk It's Junk
Finishing off the race

Alyssa hops out of the car in the middle of the night to find the Punk Not Junk paddock deserted “Bloody hell, where is everyone?” she asks to herself “Did they go to bed or something?” she wonders about for a couple of minutes before she bumps into Iggy coming the other way “Oi, where the hell have you been all this time, Iggy? And where are the others?”
“Ah, just hangin ou’ with some of the other eams, watching the race up in the stands. Los track of time and wot not. You know how it is, yeah?” Iggy cracks his neck “Anway, the other two hooligans popped inna town to grab some grub. Said they pick ya ou’ somethin as well. Ake it’s my turn in the car, is it?”
“Yeah, I suppose so, let’s get you strapped in.”

“Buggar all! Course the youngins would give me the car all knackered,” Iggy says to himself after only travelling through a couple of turns. The Cambridge bounces about on tyres that have gone more square than round, the lights seem to be pointing every which way rather than forward from crashes, and there’s a bit of a whine coming from somewhere out back. More alarmingly, the needle on the temp gauge is starting to point towards a dangerous part of the gauge. Iggy’s only able to get one or two quick laps out of the car before he is forced to take several slow laps to keep the engine from going thermonuclear. The upshot of this at least is it stops him from getting too crazy on track, turning (mostly) clean laps throughout his four hour stint. He rumbles into the pits in the early hours of the morning to find the whole crew waiting for him

“Good to see you’ve decided to rejoin us. How was it out there, old man?” Fern asks her father once he’s out of the car “Aye, it’s not oo bad. Bit a bugger to see, need to drive to the temp gauge. Otter than that it be bangin!” Iggy ruffles Fern’s hair, much to her distaste “Ight, let’s get this ol bird back out there, aye?” With everyone having down a stint, the band draws straws for the remaining two stints. Ox and Fern draw the short straws. Ox suits back up to take the sunrise hours. Wrung out and giddy from the excitement and lack of sleep, the drummer once again turns out laps that are a bit enthusiastic. Team Roque Traders once again nearly go oily side up due to the spinning Cambridge. Contact between the Schnell and Sandhurst an hour later can be traced back to Ox’s tail-out driving style.
But despite that the car comes back into the pits more or less intact just as the sun crests the horizon. After a quick going over of the car, Fern clambers in to finish off the race

Fern sets out in high hopes, giving it her all to bring the Wyvern to the finish. Just as she is getting her bearings on the flow of the race, the police car of Shift Happens roars up and rams her from behind. “Bloody hell!” she yells as the Cambridge gets air and is thrown into a slide
“Oi!” she yells out the window at the passing Bricksley, “Who taught you to drive! A monkey cou…” she trails off as she catches sight of the driver, looking all too much like some sort of bipedal tiger demon. She shakes her head and mutters to herself, “I think the lack of sleep must be getting to me…”
Shortly after, the Cambridge begins to start stalling out. Worried that the bump may have knocked something loose, she limps the car back into the pits. The band send several minutes poking about out the hood to identify the issue before Alyssa points to the fuel gauge “I think I found the problem,” she giggles “It’s out of petrol.” Fern palms her face before heading off to grab the jerry cans next to their van. A quick topping off and she roars back out for the last three hours.

Several laps go by uneventfully before Fern spots the Bricksley coming up from behind her again. Not looking to get into another paint trading fiasco, she swings wide through the turn to get them plenty of room. Unfortunately, with her attention on team Shift Happens, it’s not on where she’s heading. Spotting the guardrail ahead of her, Fern yanks the wheel to the left, throwing the car into a 360 degree spin. Tires screech as the Team Oxracers car spins to avoid the stalled out Cambridge, followed by the crunching of metal as others get mixed up in the chaos. The driver of the Seongu shouts something Fern can’t quite hear, but by the tone it’s certainly not a greeting
“Oi! Right back at you bloody wanker!” she replies flashing two fingers out the window before leaving the scene in a burst of tyre smoke. The minutes and laps tick by as the sun crawls up to it’s zenith. Fern starts to rock back and forth, willing the battered old coupe along. Finally the checkered flag drops. She shouts out with glee. That’s it, they bloody did it! Twenty four hours of racing and they finished. Fern pats that dash of the Cambridge, overcome with emotion. Waving to all the corner workers on the cooldown lap, she brings the car back into the pits for the last time

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Part 5 4AM - 8AM

Andreas had by far the worst sint this time around. He’d had to stop for a tank, during which Ollie managed to not only bring empty cans, but forget which side the filler was on.
Andreas: (muttering to himself as Ollie fumbles the cans) It’s not hard. Just fill it up so I can go.

Several dozen laps later, the goon in the Sing-song seemed to be trying to make his life hard. He closed the gap as the car in front shed waay to much speed for the corner.
Andreas: When I say whoa, I meeean WHOA!
He made the sign of the Cross, a Crescent, and even drew a Star of David in the air. Then he watched as the little car pulled away.
Andreas: Oh, come on!

A not-insignificant time later

Andreas: You stupid idiot in your glorified fish-tackle box! Friggin’, shit sticking out everywhere. That’s not even your own hair!
Andreas jumped on the brakes, clutch in, and threw the car back a gear, hand still on the shift lever ready to go back up. CRUNCH
Andreas: (turns his head as if the car behind can hear him) Not even going to buy me dinner first? (yells) Ich hoffe das tut weh

By the end of his session, he’d managed to not only keep the car running, but hold their position in the race. Sitting in the top 3. Looking good.

Part 6 8AM - 12PM

Ollie was doing reasonably well. Until he slipped a bit through a turn, hitting the barrier, and snapping the wing off the right quarter-panel, watching it bounce away in the mirror.
Ollie: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! WANG! COME BACK! Now I can only turn left.

He gripped the wheel and prepared for the next turn, almost failing to notice the WRK growing in front of him. Brakes! Too late. Straight into the back of the light truck, it’s tailgate and the Sandhurst’s bonnet deciding to play origami with each other.
Ollie: (on the radio) Hey, guys! Whats the biggest hammer we’ve got? I just butt-punched a rogue.
Harald: Andreas, grab the stuff. (into the radio) It’s still running? If you can finish this lap, we’ll be ready when you get here.

Will the Sandhurst continue to not “JUST DIE, YOU PIECE OF CRAP”? Will I write something up post-finish? Will any of you care? Find out when the final reuslt are posted.


Team Mravolinski-Chitco
Race: Ye im cramming everything

Considering these might get even less relevant for racing than what Elizi would be saying (this simply because Bricksley is still running and Val and Norse belong to team behind said car) typing this as precaution

Further daily plans

-We shall discuss situation
-Ok. At the moment, we have three confirmed cars at our disposal: two Daniloski KimiKups and this Saguaro.
KimiKups would be greater option for actual speed and are newer and more reliable, but fact that we are talking about what i recall as 2+2 coupe kinda doesnt sit well with me.
-Do we have any news on Andrea, Tatitza and Pi?
-Soon to enter 180+ so they are still 80+ away from now. Therefore i cant rely on them whatsoever.
-It does happen to be weird: you heard about some stuff maybe bcos its biggest known war you heard of and now…you are in that era.
-They started fair bit earlier tbh. And…i very much doubt they really take that much attention to time.
To get back on topic, i dont think their return would really benefit our troubles.
-So, does anyone want to comment anything?
-Ok, what would you like to comment?
-I feel you are doing that on purpose to piss me off…
-We should consider what everyone would like or want or even need to have as vehicle.
Some would be willing to put up with less space or would have will and knowledge to repair at side of road, while others would not.

-It prob becomes very good question of what would you be willing to give those two oldies to travel around.
-Oh, look who had relearned to say stuff other than “Yes”.
-It became too boring to try annoying you.
So out of three they would get…
-Stay at home. KimiKups are more reliable, but happen to be tricky to use thanks to manual. They look too nice to be scuffed, or given to two oldies that will park it wherever whenever and potentially bump something or someone along the ride
-Thanks to their power, they would be relatively easy to use on highway. Lack of relative space might not be that much of issue, seeing that both are used to tight spaces and are 1.5m long each
Also not hard to pack when you dont really have any personal belongings or tools.
-Might be too much power actually. They might need tad bit more offroad prowess from car, seeing that i can totally picture them parking in mud, grass, snow etc. or ofc deciding to tackle such conditions
Byt ye, lack of useful cargo space and rear doors would be an issue: im sure they would like to use rear bench for sleeping or storing immideately needed items.
-Saguaro is out of question as well for some other different reasons?
-Will be more useful to rest of us. Also we are yet to get to know it.
Such an old car likely would hold some nasty secrets that might leave us at side of road.

At this point, Mat’s dad had decided that he slept long enough and, as such, requested that van is ridden of its current inhabitants.
This meant waking up sleeping trio, which groggily exited the vehicle.

Upon their removal, dad had jumped straight into it after grabbing few sandwitches so he has something to eat.
This journey will be longer in duration, as he did planned to make few stops along the way.
This did meant that his former passengers would stay at track, tho.
But its not like their presence would be for nothing…

Driving ed

-Come in, dont be scared
-Im not scared, just eternally worried…where are we gonna do this anyway?
-Parking lot, perhaps? Besides, we are in middle of nowhere so i guess you can go wherever you like.
-How to achieve that, tho?
-You have two pedals down there: left is brake which means it slows car down and its eventually stopping it. Other is gas, which means that car goes faster.
This is gear lever, you use it to command in which direction you want car to be moving in. Ofc there are more intricate details to it but thats as much as you could understand and as much as you would need.
This round thing in front of you is steering wheel: turning it around also turns front wheels so you can actually steer car in direction you want.

Ofc rest of world can decide to throw some shade on Americans for their strong preference of automatic transmissions but you gotta give credit where its due: rather new drivers (although of very advanced age) and blessed with no technical knowledge of any kind are that much more easier to grasp basics of driving if there is no need to handle the clutch.
Yes, Saguaro is automatic. And yes, this would prob mean whatever Loojoe and Siviko actually get for their travelling around would also be automatic. But its going to be properly difficult of teaching old dog (and cat) new tricks.

Siviko had fared little bit better, prob due to fact he is much younger.
-I guess you will drive us around, son.
-Would be tiring to do that entirely on my own. You may be worse driver but would be better than tired me. Besides, both of us have right to enjoy the journey which would be difficult if you are constantly worried about not crashing into someone.
Klimentol: Its reccomended to make stops every few hours of driving anyway. But yes, both of things Siviko said are important.

BANG (Klimentol continues)

Uhhh…good thing we werent going fast…or crashed into something that belongs to fellow competitor.
Apart from fresh dent on Gromadon’s cover, no lasting damage was done.
You need to put that lever to here as you cant push that.
-Gromadon? Havent he stayed in pits?
-He havent hauled your asses to here…i did.
-Ummm no
-Wait who am i talking to
-Loojoe Senior Mravolinski Loojoephantom
-Oh, havent recalled you being in team. Aydar Senior here…or Gromadon IV if its to go by actual name.
Klimentol: We decided Gromadon refers to dad and Aydar refers to son to avoid confusion.
-Sorry for crashing into you, then. We are learning to drive.
-Why? Rest of us would be perfectly able to drive you around if needed…or well, carrying you around in my case.
Siviko: We would rather not bother with bringing you lot along. We plan on returning to travelling around, but this time using something other than our feet as neither got any younger.
-He might even get some pussy along the way.

Apart from Siviko, everyone else was very amused by that.

What? Its not like you are literally without a kitten to your name. I did what i could to prolong your bloodline, but cant make you a child.
You are last member of that cat family.
-Ye, but bringing that up every single time might be too much.
-Besides, im raised by a dog. No offence, but that could easily mean im not exactly best cat material.
-True…but you did gained many useful skills that most other cats never did and likely never would muster. Fact your upbringer wasnt another cat brings no importance here.
You are speaking human language. Granted, as far as i heard from Klimentol, not very common one but def human nonetheless.
Serbian was its name iirc?
-Yes. Besides, you do know how to provide for family…not to mention you are at this very moment trying to muster yet another skill.
-Its almost like you would like cat cousins.
-As a matter of fact, yes: you might be adopted into our dog family, but we look at you no different than at rest of us. Same would extend to your offspring…uncle.

Eventually, bantering was ended and more practice was put. Occassionally, attention would be brought to carnage on track which would really live up to its brief description.
Fair bit of driving brought fair amount of appetite, which required indeed a stop for big breakfast.
Aydar had took reigns of teacher afterwards, also covering some other basics like turning on headlights or starting/stopping car engine
Siviko accidentally learned how to use wipers.
Loojoe REALLY liked horn sound, bit too much perhaps.

But as time went on, both students felt more comfortable with this…“yeah, can totally imagine myself now driving around” kind of comfortable.
Real test will be in order tho.

One race: more than one winner

As of the moment of this writing, leaderboard was yet to be announced, mostly bcos getting some more interactions would be more interesting than just wrapping it up for this year.
But, despite what said leaderboard may say, there likely will be fair few guaranteed winners.

Team Mravolinski-Chitco is at very bottom of leaderboard, it was first to be out of race infact.
Still, such thing might have been blessing in dusguise as said team was able to relatively easily fix their car for its new life as daily driver.
Fair few others would not be so lucky: 24h Clunkers had once again proven to be destructive event, seeing one fire and one badly bent car to name just few others that arent likely to find much purpose for their retired machinery.

Then…there are hosts.
Member of team that oversaw 39 earlier editions sadly didnt made it for 40th edition, which both did and didnt matter.
Event ran as expected, being just as much of controlled chaos as always was.
Everyone had fair bit of fun and bantering between different teams and inside teams themselves was definitely big contributor to that.
Considering Trafikjournalen sent their best IPFanatic, Mr.Slow and ImNewAtThis in this race…they def fit said dynamic quite well.
What was, however, bad and sad stood in fact that few previous years havent been kind to them.
Yes, they havent made event to win themselves and yes, its kind of given that someone would fail but they did failed to finish up until the end.
Even if they themselves wouldnt celebrate much on bringing grannymobile to finish, Mat was beyond excited.

There is part of yet another team that might see this as an absolute win. However we shall wait on that winning part to be written
Another part of said team went through regular course of race: nothing to laugh about but also nothing particularly special about result.

Do we mention Oxracers here?
Ehhhh…i guess they are winners too in one way or another, by dominating the event from very beggining
But that makes them such an obvious winners that really leaves us with not much useful stuff to say.
Their rolls had paid off big time tho



  1. Team Oxracers / #41 Seongu (@AndiD ) - Lap # 1689
  2. Team Postgraduate Psychosis / #66 Callahan (@Texaslav ) - Lap # 1550
  3. Team If it’s not punk, it’s junk / #16 Cambridge (@Maverick74 ) - Lap # 1523
  4. Team Septic tank / #404 Sandhurst (@stm316 ) - Lap # 1502
  5. Team Prognosis Negative / #8 Régal (@karhgath ) - Lap # 1476
  6. Team Trafikjournalen / #23 Saarland (@Knugcab ) - Lap # 1475
  7. Team Shift Happens / #357 Bricksley (@Madrias / @Elizipeazie ) - Lap # 1384
  8. Team Desert Scavengers / #47 Union (@TheYugo45GV ) - Lap # 1372
  9. Team Shine Quartz / #98 Przenopewien (@Vento ) - Lap # 1263
  10. Team Rogue Traders / #722 WRK (@Fayeding_Spray ) - Lap # 1226 (DNF)
  11. Team Slow / #91 Schnell (@interior ) - Lap # 1048 (DNF)
  12. Team SCS / #69 FM (@Jaimz68 ) - Lap # 963 (DNF)
  13. Team Schrott Racing / #13 Schwarzburg (@Rudzis ) - Lap # 777 (DNF)
  14. Team Bubblegum / #113 Mons (@cake_ape ) - Lap # 386 (DNF)
  15. Team Spy Kids / #42 Rosewood (@SheikhMansour ) - Lap # 365 (DNF)
  16. Team Mravolinski-Chitco / #90 Saguaro (@MrdjaNikolen ) - Lap # 123 (DNF)

why does this not suprise me

Tbf it was noted as unreliable in TMCC21, previous challenge in which this car was featured…

It was lot of fun regardless, you should join us next year

Edit: Gonna wait for some post-race RP, then i will post next (and prob last) post of team.

Obviously, not even a pink and yellow childrens pool could save it


I was planning to this year but i ran out of time and motivation and tbh skill to make the car decent

unless yall wanted a matte black el camino with a chevy 350 in the running

That would likely fit well besides varied vehicle pool we had in running.

Next post shall feature explanation for certain thing i did to other car

(But this time for real, not willing to clutter thread further)

Despite being inactive towards the end of my race, I’m satisfied with my results

Team Oxracers, Ep. 18: Rolling around at the speed of sound… no more

Previous post

In his final stint behind the wheel, Lucas had taken it safe with about 100 laps ahead of the 2nd place car - except for a slight tangle with the Union born out of his inner desire to go fast nonetheless.

In the last minutes till the end of the race, the other Oxracers gathered excitedly behind the guardrail near the (curved) start/finish line, jumping up and down in anticipation, and checking the time every half a minute.

Eventually, the last minute was up and the four started cheering wildly as Lucas crossed the finish line in a very safe first place. Jane, Mary and Michael happily yelled compliments at each other, fell into each others’ arms and started dancing an improvised jig. Corazon meanwhile instead seemed to prefer to perform his unique style of celebrations for a wider audience - oblivious of the fact that not many were actually paying attention to him.

“I FEEL MY SHOWMANSHIP SKILL LEVEL ALREADY INCREASING!”, shouted Corazon at the other Oxracers during his exuberant victory celebrations.

“It doesn’t work that way, you know that?”, noted Michael, interrupting his own cheers and dance, but he wasn’t sure whether this was just a rhetorical question, remaining unheard by Corazon who was now wildly running about.

In his celebrations, Corazon turned to the next unwitting bystander […]. “YOU HAVE TO CONGRATULATE ME NOW BECAUSE I WON…!”, he shouted towards them, raising his arms once more.

Mary broke out in uncontrollable laughter once she saw that, while Michael and Jane facepalmed in unison as they were, for some reason, reminded of a certain Hamster’s victory celebration after winning a challenge in a Bowler Nemesis…

Everyone, feel free to pick up here if you feel like one of your characters may be the unwitting bystander. Whoever posts first, becomes canon. :wink:


Shift Happens; the human side of things

RP in here, as always

With either human now having their hand held by Jayde in offering a place to vent if need be, reactions were rather mixed. Both of them freed themselves from Jayde’s grip.
“I’m good, thank you. It’s racing, after all.”, he said while watching Rukari climb out of the Bricksley.
“Uhm… yeah that”, Norse added, intently looking past Jayde to Valentin, knowing full well what happened to him even more so than Val himself did.

“You all take care of Rukari. I shall head out back and see if Robert steams.”, Valentin said, thereby excusing himself from the commotion on the track. He turned around, followed by Norse soon after.
Once there, Valentin unlocked the driver door the old fashioned way via key, after which he just stood there for a few seconds before letting himself fall into the heavily sculpted bucket seat.

Jayde nodded, looking over at Kayden and Rukari, seeing that Rukari was trying his best to get out of Kayden’s reach as Kayden did his best to clean up Rukari’s face. He wandered over and asked, “How serious is it?”

“Given the amount of fight still left in him,” Kayden grumbled, “I’d guess he’s fine. Got an airbag assisted punch in the face, so he’s got a lightly bloody nose and a split lip. Probably a sore hand, too, considering how hard-headed and stubborn he is.”

Jayde chuckled. “Yeah, knowing what I know about the Valraadii, this is normal.”

“How are Val and Norse holding up?” Kayden asked.

“Well, Val’s statement says a lot. “It’s racing, after all.” I’d say they’re doing well, all things considered. Mentioned he was steaming up Robert, though,” Jayde said.

“Wait, he brought the railcar to the track?” Kivenaal asked.

“Didn’t look like the one you described,” Takaraya said. “This one’s more square at the back, not a slope.”

For the second time that day, Kivenaal took off running, though a lot less intensely than before, slowing down as he got closer to the garage.

Kaylie and Malavera watched as Kivenaal bolted past, then sighed. “What’s going on now?” Kaylie asked.

“Val’s steaming up Robert,” Jayde replied, walking in that direction in not much of a hurry.

Kaylie and Malavera soon joined the group walking toward Val and Norse to get a look at what he’d brought.

Takaraya took a few steps in that direction before the tow-truck arrived, carrying the wrecked mess that was the Grand Warden. Kayden looked up and asked, “Sorry to rain on your parade, but, could you possibly try to get that to be roughly shipping-container sized?”

“I could, yes. Would have liked to see what Valentin was up to, but getting this car ready for shipping is the least I can do,” Takaraya replied. He took another look at the mangled front end, looked once more in the direction of the steam car, then sighed and started bashing panels with the hammer, taking his frustration out on the car to straighten it up, or at least mangle it into a suitable shape.

Kaylie, Jayde, Kivenaal, and Malavera walked through the garage to see the bright-orange brick sitting there, with Val sitting in a bucket seat set way back in the cabin.

WIthin the car, Valentin simply took a quick look around, seeing a multitude of people approach and surround the car.
“Looks like we’ve got an audience…”, Valentin mumbles as he reaches for the steering wheel which was stored somewhere on the center console.
Said steering wheel clicks into place on the incredibly long column, followed by him buckling up his harness, not because it was strictly needed now, but more out of habit.

A moment of contemplation in silence follows, after which he realizes that he cannot reach the dash-mounted laptop anymore. AS such, he unbuckles again and leans forwards to flick a switch, thus powering on the laptop. Meanwhile in the back, the boiler also came to life, fans spooling and a fire being lit automatically.
After that, more waiting followed as the boiler built up it’s pressure and the laptop booted to what was the replacement for the analog dashboard array on the Dione.

Kivenaal smiled, hearing the familiar “powerful blowtorch” roar of the boiler in operation. He crouched down and got a glance at the laptop, then gave Valentin four thumbs up. “Nice! Full digital, I like it,” Kivenaal commented, before standing back up. “Analog gauges are nice, but clunky at times. And computer control for the boiler just makes things simpler,” he added, having experienced these benefits in his own project.

“This is the 21st century, not 1887.”, Valentin replied, given that Kivenaal already provided the reasoning for why it was done this way.
A few minutes pass as Valentin is making absolutely sure that the boiler pressure is sufficient and stable, before letting it just sit there while monitoring the display. Occasionally, he cycles through what look like various data display modes, though it seems like the others available are not exactly interesting to Valentin at the moment.

“Now… still have half an hour until i have any chance of getting out there.” Valentin says, making himself reasonably comfortable in the car.
“Why start it now, then?” Norse inquired, mentally flinching at the expense in fuel by keeping it running.
“Figured i’d start it now and see if it works well at idle. Also it takes a bit longer to get going than a normal car does.” Valentin explains.
“Uh… okay then…”, Norse relented, still not understanding the reasoning behind it. Though he also didn’t dare to go deeper as it would probably have to be explained as if he was five for him to actually grasp it.

Kivenaal looked over at Norse, then mentioned, “With the boiler being computer controlled, he’s making sure that all the sensors providing data to the computer are doing what they need to do. A bit like a thermostat and a furnace, just on a much larger scale.”

Malavera looked with one head back toward the other end of the garage, hearing Takaraya swearing quite loudly mixed with heavy crashes of the hammer. “Well, as if we needed more confirmation that he’s military, I guess that is proof enough. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Army, given how frequent he’s swearing. I know sailors are notoriously foul-mouthed, but I didn’t think pilots could be worse,” Malavera grumbled.

Kaylie sighed. “I’ll go help him out. After all, there’s a car that needs to be “adjusted” back into shape enough to fit in the container, and as strong as he is, I’m not sure he’ll be able to do this on his own. Ideally, Malavera would go back to help, he’s of similar strength, but if no one else will, I will.”

Jayde looked at the distance, then held up his hands and admitted, “I’d help, but we both know out of the four of us, I have a long way to go for being strong. I’ve been trying some of Kiva’s workout techniques, but leverage, as they say, is a bitch. How he does half of what he does, being damn-near my match in height, I’ll never know.”

“A lot of hard work,” Kivenaal said to Jayde. “As for beating that car back into shape, we only brought the one big hammer. So unless you want me trying to bend panels back by using blunt-force toolbox again, probably not a good idea. Otherwise, I’m right in the line of fire for Takaraya swinging the big hammer, and if he connects with me, well… I won’t fair a third as well as the car.”

Kaylie nodded. Kivenaal and Jayde had decent reasons to not help, with Kivenaal being less well-suited to hitting things with a giant hammer, and his unspoken interest in everything to do with steam, while Jayde had basically said he’d have to do things the hard way, thanks to being told not to do magic around the humans, and he was very ill-suited to manual labor. “Sorry, Valentin, but I’ve got to help out someone out. Kivenaal’s interest in all things steam gets him a pass here, and the last time Jayde swung a hammer, he nearly kneecapped himself with it. I’d grab Malavera, but I can’t drag his heavy ass, so there’s no point,” Kaylie admitted.

Takaraya looked up as Kaylie returned to the car. “Okay, big guy, hand me the hammer,” Kaylie said, holding her left hand out.

As he passed her the hammer, Kaylie glanced over the front of the car, which had one fender mangled inward courtesy of Takaraya’s hammering, and the other still protruding beyond the mirror line. “Damn. I didn’t think you’d gotten that much done already.”

“Soft as the body might be, this car’s a stubborn, tough old bitch,” Takaraya grumbled. “Any chance she has to fight back, she does, and it’s with a vengeance.”

“Well, I can take over for a bit, but… I need a favor from you. Bring Malavera back here so he can do this side, because I think you’ve done enough to earn a break from beating on this car,” Kaylie said.

Takaraya gave a savage grin, then nodded. “Not a problem,” he said, walking back toward the other side of the garage.

Takaraya came into view moments later, making his way straight toward Malavera. “Right. Kaylie said you’re supposed to help her out on the car, Mal, so this can go one of two ways. You go over there willingly, or I carry you,” Takaraya said.

“We weigh nearly the same. Good luck,” Malavera quipped.

Takaraya chuckled. “I’d hoped you’d challenge me like that,” he said.

Malavera gave a startled yell as Takaraya stepped up close, picking him up and throwing him over his shoulder as if he wasn’t quite that heavy. “How the hell!?” he yelled.

“We come from the same homeworld, Mal. And while I have indeed lost a lot of weight in my core, my limbs are stronger than the ones I was born with. I’ll be sore as hell on the flight home, but this is worth it,” Takaraya replied, before making his way back to Kaylie.

With Malavera dropped off for his turn at hammer duty, Takaraya returned to Kivenaal, Jayde, Norse, and Val. “Sorry about that, Val. Kaylie’s not fond of lazy teammates.” As he crouched down, careful to keep his position more-or-less easily noticed, he glanced through the window at Val’s laptop displaying all sorts of information, then said, “That screen vaguely reminds me of the control panel for… Let’s just say I’ve seen similar on ship-board power plants. Where I’m from, basically the whole world runs on steam. Not generated like this, obviously, but… Well, someone once did call nuclear power “the most complex way to boil water,” and we made good use of it.”

“The boiler largely does it’s own thing, with the ‘dashboard’ controlling everything up front. Engine, Generator, drive motors and all that. It just takes some data from the back so i can see what it’s doing and such.”, Valentin added, thus ruining the somewhat simplified explanation that Kivenaal wanted to provide.

“Right. Massive kettle makes the car go like a very sophisticated locomotive.”, Norse then answered, prompting a mild grin from Val at the obvious discrepancy in tech-savvy-ness between him and Norse.

The discussion surrounding Takaraya being relieved from extensive panel-beating was not immediately acted upon by either human present apart from both trying (and failing) to get a view of what was happening at the car.
Though once Takaraya came over to physically carry Malavera over, Norse could not stop himself from being awestruck at the supernatural strength most of the new friends seemed to have.
His amazement even has him miss the talks about them being from another world.

“You’ll get used to it…” Val blankly comments, breaking Norse out of his awestruck freeze.
“You lot sure are unusual in every metric.”, Norse mumbles as he watches Takaraya haul Malavera through the garage door and over to Kaylie.

As Takaraya returned and excused himself for having to carry Malavera over, Valentin just smiled and nodded.
“Well steam power is still what we do here on larger scales. Have a fire -or nuclear reactor- boil steam to spin a turbine to create electricity. This is a research thing on applying that on the smaller end.”, he then replied.

Kivenaal smiled as Valentin somewhat ruined his simplified explanation. “To be fair, I took a guess at how it worked based on my own experimentations. I went for full computer control, so the boiler feedwater pump, the fuel pump, and blower fan, all of that is controlled electronically. And then so is the steam engine. Making fuel injectors that are rated for 600 degrees isn’t fun, nor easy. Building an engine computer out of 1980’s technology kinda was, though. Rukari helped me out with the boiler control system, so there’s 1960’s tech in there, too. Boiler’s undersized for the engine, but I’ve got a couple of mode switches that let me optimize on the fly, for a simple steam engine. I can either fire all of the cylinders, or to optimize it, I can fire half of the cylinders, fire the active cylinders every-other-rotation like a typical 4-stroke engine, or do both,” Kivenaal said, a little proud and definitely pleased that he could talk with another steam enthusiast. “I don’t drive it much, though. It’s registered and insured, but the way people drive doesn’t make me feel all that comfortable rolling around with a giant pressure vessel in the back.”

Kivenaal looked over to Norse and grinned. “Yeah, in the simplest terms, any steam locomotive really is just a giant kettle with wheels,” he said.

Takaraya nodded. “Smaller applications for steam are tricky, but certainly doable. It’s… Probably more reasonable to use a fuel-burning boiler like this one, at least until someone figures out how to shrink a reactor around here. Even then, shielding is the biggest issue. So, on this vehicle, we’ve established it has a fuel-burning boiler, but how exactly does it work?”

Takaraya looked over his shoulder as he heard the fender-bashing start back up again, then back to Val. “One moment. I may be heavily augmented, but crouching like this is hell on my hips,” he said, before settling down on the ground instead. “There. Now I’m not straining anything mechanical, replaced, or natural. Still going to be sore later on, but that’s on me for lifting Malavera.”

Valentin’s eyes lit up in excitement as Kivenaal was the first one who obviously knew enough so as to understand the actual explanation of how Robert II actually works.

“I had to get this thing done quickly, so most of the major components are either off-the-shelf or contracted to other companies. The boiler, for example is a custom-fabricated water-tube unit without the shell around it since the rear half as a whole is the boiler barrel now. It will happily chug on anything that is liquid, flammable and about as viscous than diesel. Thinner fuels should work as well. The engine itself…” Valentin explained, reaching forward to pull the hood release with a muted plonk, “… is actually still the same three liter V6 block and head that was in the car when it still combusted fuel internally. Apart from the bottom end, the block and heads, not much of that is stock, though. Went for a reciprocating engine as a turbine would be noisy, inefficient and lacking in torque to get the 200KW generator going. The rest is the same as in a diesel locomotive. Spin a generator to drive electric motors at the rear axle and off you go.”

Having done the latter half of the exposition slumped over the extended steering column, he finally fell back into the bucket seat, checking the dashboard screen to see if anything was off, which it wasn’t.
It was obvious that most of their talks are going faaar beyond Norse’s head, though he simply let it happen to not get in the way of two people talking about things they like.

“Imma go and check out the local ceramics. Be right back.”, Norse said before heading off to take a wee.

Kivenaal carefully lifted the hood once Valentin released it, seeing the rather-densely-packed engine bay, with a V6 sitting in the middle of all the chaos, happily spinning away. He gently closed the hood, placing his hands so that he’d minimize the stress on the metalwork, then looked to Valentin.

“So it’s steam-electric, then,” Kivenaal said. “Damn, that’s cool. You made a hybrid that’s way cooler than anything out there, ironically by running way hotter out back than they do,” Kivenaal quipped. “I’m assuming the decision to use electrics was purely to make the most of the steam engine’s efficiency? Pick a stable RPM, let it sit there and puff away, and avoid the obnoxious mess that trying to gear a steam engine tends to be. I know, my Bricksley Scout is… I had to do some serious re-gearing just to make it reasonable, thanks to the engine pretty much falling on its face at 2400 RPM. Shitloads of torque, but no RPM.”

Takaraya smiled. “Reusing the base engine is an interesting, though smart concept. Engineering a design from scratch is difficult, expensive, and time consuming. Considering re-engineering a design is often considered those three things, it makes sense.”

Kivenaal gave a light nod. “I’m curious, though. Valentin, was I seeing the pipes correctly, or did I get the wrong idea because the engine is backwards in there, but is that engine running in dual-expansion mode?”

Jayde, however, had a different question, born more from a lack of general technical understanding. “You said the engine is turning a generator, and that drives the rear axle, right? Could that generator, for an example, run lights and a toaster?”

Takaraya winced. “I’d guess that’s a maybe at best, Jayde. Probably not without some serious conversion, though.”

“Going through a generator is better than hooking a mechanical CVT to it, since it would just be blown to pieces immediately. This is also why the engine is backwards. I can use the clutch plate spline to drive the generator and it’s gearbox. And yes, that thing is dual expansion. Feeding all six pots directly would require a boiler that is towed on a separate trailer. According to my calculations this turns about 100 boiler horsepower into 220 or so mechanical, before losses. And that is at 1000RPM or thereabouts, so there’s all the torque that a turbine would never even come close to generating.” Valentin explained to Kivenaal before turning his head to address Jayde.

“If you have a device that won’t blow up if fed with 400 Volts direct current, then yes. Common household items, though, not without some modification to the electrical system. I’d need to turn the 400 volts DC into 230 volts AC. though going through 400 volts three-phase might be a good intermediate step since all the motors and such are running on that already.”, he added.

“Yeah, I know that one,” Kivenaal said, chuckling. “My Scout uses the original Bricksley 427 cubic-inch V8. The boiler’s good for maybe half of that. On one hand, it’s fun as hell to whoosh past traffic, on the other hand, not as fun when said traffic catches back up because you’ve run out of puff, and it’s terrifying to know that one texting twit could create a disaster. So, I basically only drive it when there’s steam festivals. Though, I will admit that I particularly enjoyed getting revenge on a diesel truck driver who rolled coal on me. I passed him and opened the drain valve, left him mired in a cloud of steam and scalding hot water. Don’t roll coal on people who might be running on it, after all.”

“He’s been experimenting with renewable biofuels,” Takaraya pointed out. “Once he discovered it’ll run on anything that’ll burn, as long as it’s a liquid no worse than the viscosity of diesel, he’s been trying things. Homemade biodiesel, waste vegetable oil after filtering, homemade ethanol, if you can name an “eco-friendly fuel alternative,” he’s probably tried it.”

Jayde nodded. “So, it would have to be converted, then, but it could be used that way?”

Takaraya chuckled. “A three-phase DC brushless motor has a lot in common with a three-phase AC motor. In theory, if you had the right circuitry, you could take 400 volts DC pulsed-three-phase and convert that to 400 volts AC three-phase. Between the legs of your three-phase system, you’ll find 230 volts. From that, a bit of clever engineering could split a 230 volt leg in half with a “common neutral” and you’d get 115. Probably not the right frequency for a lot of things, but it could be done. Whether it could be packaged small enough to fit in what is essentially a sedan, however, I’m not sure.”

Kivenaal looked over at Takaraya, then back to Val. “I have no clue where he learned this kind of stuff, but… Damn. Goes to show not all soldier stereotypes are true.”

“Before I was in our air force, I was in our army. I was, specifically, a wing-trooper. Closest equivalent your people would have are paratroopers. When I became… Disinterested in the army and was waiting on my transition to the air force, I spent a couple of months onboard a navy ship, where I learned a surprising amount about nuclear reactors, electricity, and steam turbines. I’d continue, but I don’t wish to bore anyone with the details of my past,” Takaraya said.

“Yeah there’s a reason why the boiler has no stock enclosure. The entire area behind the second row seat is the boiler barrel, right up to thus steel plate here.”, Valentin comments, reaching back to tap the steel bulkhead plate behind him.

“If the boiler goes tits up for whatever reason, the window covers act as blowout panels. Not ideal for surrounding people, but better than literally setting the occupants alight with the steam trapped in there. The generator and both motors are running on three-phase AC, set to 400 Volts because it’s a common standard for three phase mains power in the EU. I suppose i could use another inverter to generate that same 400 Volts, though i’d have to look around for just the inverter, as i am not planning on having to control a motor off of it. Though i do want to know why you are asking to begin with.” he added.

“Well…” Jayde started, looking a bit embarrassed that his curiosity had gotten him called out specifically, “Kaylie was somewhat discussing ideas with the crew regarding our plans for 2023, and we were trying to figure out a way to generate power without, well… keeping the whole camp awake with cheap diesel or gasoline generators.”

“Initial plan was to build one,” Kivenaal said, “but I’ve had no luck finding anything small enough to be considered “man portable”. Even by our standards. Well… Can’t quite say that, I did find one that Takaraya might be able to move, but, it’s big, it’s bulky, and would probably end up on a trailer anyway. And his RV has a generator, but…”

“It’s loud, obnoxious, and the person who sold the RV to me told me the generator ran the last time they used it, but usually they hook it up to shore power and it’s not an issue. I had Kivenaal take a look, and he wasn’t happy.”

“Fairly decent little generator, but that engine is shot. Supposed to have 130 PSI of compression, it has 50. Also, fuel-injector’s clogged up, so by the time we’d rip the damn thing apart and fix it up, we’re looking at a fairly decent bill. “It ran the last time we used it.” Yeah, that’s because the time after that, it didn’t run, so you found a campsite with power and ignored the problem for 5 years,” Kivenaal grumbled.

“I told you I could fix it, I just need some help taking it apart,” Jayde said.

“We’d still have to order parts, Jayde. I’m not taking the fuel injector apart so you can clean it and put it back together again. It’s seriously fiddly, tedious work,” Kivenaal replied.

“Regardless,” Takaraya said, “we do need to find a solution to that generator before it becomes an actual issue.”

“It needs a new engine, that’s what it needs,” Kivenaal said. “Just not sure where to find one that’s cheap, reliable, and air cooled.”

“Like a 1.6 liter AMP Terra?” Jayde mentioned.

Kivenaal did an epic four-handed face-palm, then groaned. “That’s liquid cooled, Jayde. That’s a huge amount of work to make that work as a gen-set engine.”

“If there’s enough airflow in there to cool an air-cooled engine, surely there’s enough to cool a small engine with a radiator,” Takaraya said."

“We’re talking going from 200cc to 1600cc worth of engine. I’m not sure that’s viable for cooling,” Kivenaal replied.

“The load is different. I’m assuming that’s an automotive engine, so it’s built for hauling, say, 2 metric tons of car around at worst. We’d be asking it to spin a few thousand watts worth of generator instead. Compared to hauling a car up a hill, it should be a lighter load. Though finding space for the radiator, hoses, routing the exhaust and intake to the outside, that could be problematic,” Takaraya said.

“About the only good thing about that plan is the generator would out-live the RV it’s in,” Kivenaal said. “That is a ton of fabrication. I mean, I’d do it, but fucking hell, that’s a lot of work.”

“So is this,” Jayde said, motioning to Robert II, “but Val managed to do this while injured.”

“Most of the work i did was done on the PC in engineering the thing with all it’s packaging and such. Had a mate at uni who wrote the control program and a slew of people actually building the thing, among which a very memorable Scottish or Irish guy. Memorable because he had absolutely no profanity filter…”, Valentin explained, pausing to think for a moment.

“For your generator thing, they also make engines smaller than that. Granted, none of them are as readily available as the Terra, so they might be pricey, but they go down as far as 900cc. If i remember correctly, the company as a whole is known for making engines fit for the apocalypse, so you might be in luck there.” he added.

Kivenaal nodded. “Knowing they’re reliable, I might go through the trouble of trying that out. At least I know it’ll run smoother and quieter than the old 200cc rattle-box,” he said, though he grimaced as Val mentioned the engines were fit for the apocalypse.

Takaraya chuckled. “Some people just don’t know when they shouldn’t swear. Or don’t care. In all fairness, I’ve been in the military, soldiers swear all the time. An old joke in my unit, back when I was a wing-trooper, was, “If they’re not swearing, there’s a problem.” Quite truthful, too. Only times people weren’t dropping an “F-this” or “F-that” or “I just stepped in shit” was when we were waiting for evacuation. Hell, even being shot at, you knew who was alive by listening for the foul language. If someone went quiet for a few minutes, you found time between outbursts of language to pray. Even those, like myself, who have no religion. It all helps in a time of war.”

“Lucky for me that i didn’t get drafted then… i wouldn’t fit in at all, both physically and mentally, i think.”, he commented.

They kept talking for quite a while until about 12:40 or so, at which point a glance at the display reveals to Valentin that the time slot for his post-race track running is nearing.
“It’s about time i see if this thing moves further than 20 meters.”, Valentin said, gently reaching over and closing the driver door, followed by him rolling the window down to still be able to talk to everyone surrounding the car.
“Don’t expect anything exciting to happen. Best case is me trundling round the track at jogging pace, worst is me not moving at all.”, he said while in the process of doing the harness back up.

Kivenaal gave Valentin four thumbs up and stepped out of the way, while Takaraya and Jayde also made space, with Jayde having the advantage of not having to stand up first.

By this time, the heavy banging of hammers in the pit lane had slowed down to just the occasional handful of heavy sounding thuds as Malavera nearly had the other fender straightened up enough to where the car would fit back in the container. Kaylie, Kayden, and Rukari, as a result, were busy gathering up tools, spare parts, bits of broken bodywork, and their military cot, stuffing them back into the interior where they’d come from, and getting creative with where to put things like the torn-off front bumper. Then it was a matter of fitting the toolboxes and the now-empty welding cart back into the car, draining the rest of the oil into a catch pan and pouring that into a used sports-drink bottle, and tossing that into the car’s trunk to minimize the mess they’d have to deal with in the container.

All of them looked up as Jayde and Kivenaal returned to the pit lane to help in the clean up. “Where’s Takaraya?” Kaylie asked.

“He volunteered to shadow Val until he makes it to the track, just in case the car doesn’t make it under its own power,” Kivenaal said. “That way, if Val can’t get the car to go, all Takaraya has to do is run back and grab the chains, then get him somewhere safer.”

It took quite a while for Valentin to be truly ready to roll out onto the track, largely due to the fact that a 5 point harness takes longer to fasten than a traditional three-point belt.
Once that was done, he looked ahead through the windshield, slowly making his way towards the track entry point, which, as customary for a rallycross track, had ample space available in and around the starting booths.

After arriving there, Valentin took a small break to once again check the ‘gauges’, mentally collect himself a bit as well as charter a path on the partially unpaved road.

Eventually, he floors it, at which point nothing happens. For the next three seconds, the car is simply sat there before taking off with a burst of acceleration that one could say rivals a (budget) sports car.
Not having expected the immense delay in throttle response, Valentin somewhat panics, stomping the brake, safely bringing the car to a stop.

A second attempt, done substantially more cautiously, repeats the immense delay, though only puts Robert into a crawl, slowly rolling along the track. The offroad sections and especially the transitions onto and off of the asphalt made for decent suspension testing, with the twisty corners providing some information about the handling characteristics.

Eventually, the steam-powered wagon picks up some pace, still not going faster than school-zone-speed at any point of the track.
At this speed, a few more laps are done, none of which can be described as ‘spirited’ or even ‘race-y’, after which Valentin pulls into the pits, missing the pit box by about three car lengths and thus ending up in front of the adjacent garage.

Eventually, the orange Brick reverses, slowly, aligning itself with the actual Shift Happens garage.


part 2

The Story Continues

As Valentin started off with a huge amount of throttle lag, it was Kivenaal who said, “That looks to me like his tuning is way off. Engine’s not running fast enough to generate power for the motor demands. It’d be less efficient, but easier to drive if it’d know it’s “in gear” for forward or reverse and raise the RPM to start with.”

“At least it’s working,” Takaraya said, joining the others and watching the orange brick traveling leisurely around the track. “Tuning is something that can be done afterward, but there’s probably a certain joy in the maiden voyage of any project vehicle.”

Malavera added, “With all of the digital equipment in there, he could fix that problem in software. It’s just knowing that the problem exists that was important.”

Once Valentin picked up speed to something vaguely resembling the speed limit, Kaylie gave him a thumbs up and waved as he rolled by.

Kayden and Rukari soon joined the rest of the crew as Rukari had stopped bleeding and was about as cleaned up as he could be in the moment, just watching Robert II cruising around the track on a proper Sunday drive.

As Valentin pulled into the pits, Jayde got a light startle and had to move out of the way as the Dione missed the pit box, then had to reverse. He chuckled, then said, “I think we both got surprised by that one.”

“Something is off with the engine control. The ECU is taking it’s sweet time in reacting to throttle inputs. See?”, Valentin answered after having opened the driver door just far enough to talk through, firmly applying the parking brake, stomping the brake pedal for good measure and then applying some throttle as if trying to do a burnout. The result is that the car goes into a very noticeable squat on the rear end due to the Semi-Trailing arm suspension, which it holds for about 15 seconds before returning to normal. As the suspension rebounds, the display switches screens, displaying a ‘traction motor stall’ warning. As a result, the load on the engine is lost, thus returning it to idle, especially with the right foot now being off the gas.

“I think the way throttle signals are interpreted makes for that input lag. Currently, the actual signal is only sent to the traction motors and the remainder is a daisy-chain of feedback-loops looking for load elsewhere.”, he adds. “Huzzah… time to fix someone else’s spaghetti-code without a way of test-running the software legally.”

Kivenaal nodded. “Makes sense. Throttle controls the traction motors, traction motors demand from the generator a certain amount of power, the engine has to throttle up to match that demand. It’s steam, so while it’s very powerful, it’s slow to react to begin with,” he said.

When Valentin mentioned he needed a way to test-run the software legally, Rukari spoke up. “Could use rolling road we have. Twin Hearts Racing, just behind Twin Suns Towing and Garage. Tested big flatbed truck and steam truck there. Has hot air and cold air, too.”

Kaylie chuckled. “Yeah, we’ve got a climate-controlled rolling road for testing things out. Sometimes you need to see how an engine tune will handle freezing temperatures in the middle of a Nevada summer. Sometimes you have to make sure your project car won’t overheat under highway conditions in a Nevada summer while it’s winter. Or, you just want to test cars without worrying about what happens if something breaks. Kinda hard to die doing 130 miles per hour when the brake line blows if your car is strapped down and you can just get out and let it coast to a stop.”

“Worst injury we had in a while was when Jayde accidentally stepped on the roller while we were testing a customer’s car,” Kayden admitted. “Even that was mild in comparison to an actual crash.”

“Cool, i guess, but ferrying the car to Nevada and back is not exactly efficient in both time and money… Not to mention that fitting into even business is less-than-ideal at best…”, Valentin countered, intrigued by the idea of being able to torture-test Robert properly in a semi-controlled environment. Said test room being in Nevada did present some challenges, though, making him rather skeptical.

“Understandable,” Kaylie said with a light smile. “Just remember, that invitation is always open. It’s possible you could find similar services around, but, well, we haven’t really checked. However, we’ve had people in our shop from Mexico and Canada. Someone even sent in a car with the steering wheel in the passenger side of the car a while back, needing the engine tuned up for more power.”

Jayde added in, “Perhaps something will come up that makes it an easier trip to make.”

“I know it’s hardly the most efficient use of resources,” Malavera mentioned, “but we do have the company plane. Granted, shipping the car would take longer than the hop across the pond, and we both know that. Plus, well… You’d be riding with us, and I remember how tense you were sharing cab space in the old Highwayman.”

Kayden grimaced. “Probably not a good idea to trap him in a tin can at 30,000 feet with Takaraya nearby,” he quipped.

“If my hands were softer, Kayden, I’d smack you for that,” Takaraya said. A moment later, Kivenaal whacked Kayden on the back of the head with both of his left hands, nearly knocking Kayden to the ground.

“What the fuck, Kiva!?” Kayden groaned.

“I did what Takaraya couldn’t,” Kivenaal said with a grin.

“Even if i wanted to, i cannot just head out to the US for a month with about a day worth of headway to organize things. I need to get Robert over there, i need to get myself over there, i need to figure out how temporary immigration to the US works, coordinate all that with my physician, among other things.”, he answered, still sat in the car and buckled up.

“First off i’ll head over to the container, though. Robert needs storing again. Meet you there, if your car is already ready for transit.”, he said, closing the door again and slowly rolling towards the containers stored on the parking lot. Once there, he waits for the others to catch back up.
Kaylie got into the driver’s seat, spending the extra couple of seconds to grab what was left of the expended airbag and rip it out of the steering wheel with her left hand, tossing the whole plastic center-section into the back of the car before pulling the seat forward. “Right, let’s see how badly Rukari fucked up the alignment on this thing,” Kaylie said. She looked in her mirrors to see Takaraya wrapping his huge right hand around the B-pillar on her side, and Malavera doing much the same on the passenger side, moments before the two of them started to push the car.

The wheels screeched for several long seconds as Kaylie straightened up the wheel and aimed them in the same direction Valentin had gone, before realizing she needed to take the car out of park. The horrid chirping and squealing of the rear tires, with one being spun backwards courtesy of the differential, finally ceased, and the old Grand Warden made her final journey on Swedish soil.

Before they got to the container, Kaylie got out, put the gearbox back in park, locked the doors, and then had Malavera and Takaraya push the car up over the container lip and back inside. It was secured down as best as they could, and then the container doors were swung shut.

“So, have we got an idea of which junkyard we’re sending it to?” Jayde inquired.

“Not yet, but it’s a Grand Warden. We’re going to get scrap value for it anyway, and we made way more from selling all the interior shit than we will from scrapping the car. Hell, if the nudge bar, police flashers, and light bar are in good shape, those might be worth some money, but I’m not selling them. I’m mounting them on the fucking wall,” Kaylie said. “Those are trophies for finishing this race.”

As the Bricksley was being tied down in it’s container, Valentin pondered about how he was to get the car back into the container without being stuck within the car in doing so. Eventually, his thoughts formulate a plan very similar to the method used to get the car out, but there still was a minor problem:
“I really should’ve ordered a double-door container… How am i supposed to get that car in the box now without blasting exhaust fumes onto whoever is pushing it?”, Valentin asked himself, very much loud enough for the others to hear.

“Would the steering self-center if the car’s pushed forward?” Kaylie asked. “Because if that’s the case, it isn’t much of an issue. Otherwise, well… I’m not sure.”

Takaraya took a look at the problem, then said, “Couple of ropes to the front tow points, looped through two of the tie-down loops, and routed out back. I could pull in the same direction I did to remove the car, but drag it in instead. It’s less ideal, but it’s better than someone getting blasted with hot, fume-filled air.”

“That’s an unexpected solution,” Kayden admitted.

“It’s a simple winch. I don’t have any pulleys to make it easier, but it should work. Worst case scenario, we snap the rope instead and have to resort to pushing the car,” Takaraya mentioned.

“Should work. If i let it sit idle, the power steering will actively center the steering. If not, they more or less act like shopping cart wheels. Though the Dione only has one tow-hook up front, which means that one side has to pull a bit more than the other to equalize the angle, else risk parking the thing lopsided.”, Valentin said, unbuckling the harness and getting out of the second steam-powered Dione to exist.
Once out, he left the others to it and execute their idea on getting the Brick into the container.

“Really? Only one tow point?” Kaylie said, seeming a little surprised. “Guess we’ve been working on too many modified 4x4s back home,” she added, before grabbing the ropes and tying them to the Dione’s front tow point. She then ran them through the tie down points in the container, and brought them back out for Takaraya and Malavera to pull on. “Gave Takaraya the strong side and Malavera the weak side. Should help it go straight, provided they don’t break the ropes,” Kaylie admitted.

Kaylie gave the word, causing Takaraya and Malavera to pull on the ropes, dragging the Dione toward the container. While the ropes occasionally creaked under the strain, the car did slowly roll toward the container, going over the lip with a slight bump, and another as the rear wheels passed it. “And… Stop!” Kaylie said, watching as the ropes went slack.

There, inside the shipping container, was an orange, steam-powered Dione wagon, slightly offset to one side, waiting for Valentin to give further instructions.

Valentin simply watched the remarkably coordinated effort of winching the car into the container unfold, all the way until they slackened the ropes again.

“Alright thank you very much.”, Valentin said, taking a deeeeep breath before holding it. With some oxygen stored, he briskly made his way into the container, reaching into the car via the front passenger door to shut it off. After that, he hurried back out of the container, exhaling heavily as he had to catch up on his oxygen needs.
“Yeah time to wait at least a few minutes for stuff to clear. Then we can strap it down and all that. By ‘we’, i mean Norse and i, presumably.”, he said, watching the last bits of smoke bellow out of the draft fan cutouts.

“Makes sense,” Kaylie said. “I’m the only one close to either of your sizes, and, well, I’m far more likely to damage things by accident in there. Not that I’m clumsy, far from it, but titanium doesn’t really have any give to it. With our car, I had no issues climbing over the roof because it’s destined for a junkyard. Even before the race, the only thing I was concerned about was not breaking the windows.”

Jayde chuckled. “Even if you had broken the windows, I doubt it would have mattered much,” he replied. “We’d have sealed it up with clear package tape and gone out there, broken windshield and all.”

“We’re all of the belief that breaking other people’s project stuff is a really shitty thing to do,” Kivenaal added. “It’s why we’ve been extra careful when around the Dione.”

Eventually, enough time has passed so that Valentin and Norse could secure the car within the container. It didn’t take all too long for the truck to arrive with an impressed driver sat in it, as he did not expect that the chaos-group that was Shift Happens would be able to have the container ready in time.

Since Valentin and Norse arrived with the truck that also brought both cars, they shall be using the same truck to leave again. The two humans and all the non-humans with each other farewell for the time being before the truck slowly rolls off the parking lot.

Malavera rounded up the rest of the crew and got them back into the van. With him at the wheel, Kaylie in the front passenger seat, Kayden, Jayde, and Rukari in the mid bench, and Kivenaal sharing space with Takaraya, the heavily-loaded van chased the truck out of the parking lot, with the V6 roaring loudly courtesy of a driver who really didn’t get the concept of shifting early for fuel economy.


Team Mravolinski-Chitco

To one that is tagged, part of interest is first one

Pair of bangs and hooray

There is hopefully not going to be great need to explain sources of bangs and hooray.
In case you do seem puzzled, you havent checked out second-to-last post by @BricksleyFan and last post by @MaraEnjoyer, something you should do as those posts carry quite a bit of nice details

Sudar Happens would be finishing the race tad bit barely and with quite the bang too.
Sudar (pronounced Soo-the-r) is term we Serbs use to describe certain stuff…including what happened to Bricksley and Rukari; english term is Crash
(Which might have been fitting too, but doesnt start with S)

Rest of that team wasnt only concerned ones for sure, but Rukari had shown enough stubborness to give impression of someone who is fine.
Even though blue liquid would not usually be recognised as blood, context really left no other option but that.
Then again, Rukari doesnt seem fazed by bleeding…maybe Valraadi also experience adrenaline effects just like us mere Earthlings?

Either way, it was assumed we could resume regular preparation of stuff back into car.
Klimentol had kinda menacing grin as much as his dog face would allow.
He had forged a plan and now was kinda going to realise it.
Lets just say that it will be explained in greater detail in second part of the post.

Omega had decided to familiarize herself with local ceramics but was intercepted by Corazon from Oxracers.
His winning glee required no particular explanation, as it was clear who won and oh boy was that quite the difference.
It stands as little bit of irony that one to congratulate winning driver belongs to team that first went out of said race.
As Omega’s brain relocatted itself just above her crotch, she just produced some unintelligble sound and continued race for dry pants.
She won that one.
Quint that closely accompanied her quickly realized this unique irony expressed above, immensely helped by fact he wasnt thinking about fullness of his bladder.
"Congrats…i guess. We could have seen that coming from very beggining of race. Now if you excuse me…i have lady in distress to help to.

And we also have certain @AndiD to inform about all of this

Some more banging could be heard and quickly becomes apparent what was source.
If this is best he can do then sorry, but Takaraya isnt very likely to make it very far as musician.
Tbf his instrument is little bit heavy to handle and he is banging some hard metal there, but opinion stays true.

His beating of car was not very readily explainable, mainly bcos our team was more concerned about source of noise then worry of other team fitting it back into container.

Bangs stopped

Then they continued, but with not quite as much force behind them.
Kaylie is by no means slouch, but she is unlikely to rival Takaraya in physical strength.
Takaraya was gentleman enough to provide her with company in this bashing, so it will not stop until they are done…

Now, bashing cant last forever, so Steam Happens had eventually stopped being source of loud and unpleasant noises.
New vehicle had attracted quite a bit of attention, due to it being something we werent really familiar with.
Aydar took a hint of kinda-familiar noises from it:
“Sounds that Val is at it again…not sure why tho this time…”

As Dione started upping its pace and lapping track, Aydar was able to confirm this car certainly isnt regularly-powered car.
“I wonder if we will meet Val in next Shitbox Rally.”

Best answer to that is: PROBABLY.

We are coming home; should be good training

Stuff was now packed up (or atleast everyone thinks its packed up) into Saguaro, with clear intention to drive it to Gromadon and his platform.
Bcos Omega was noted as lightest, she drove the car, everyone else following on foot.
And there is where Klimentol revealed his master plan, one above all…
-Three of us will go with car: me, Loojoe and Siviko. Think about it, its perfect opportunity for them to train some more…

Everyone but him went pale.
-Are you sure thats good idea? Its very risky throwing them on highway without much prior practice.
-It is about as good idea as sending two very old fellas out exploring, knowing full well they are likely to return in coffin…which is rather generous providing there would be some kind soul that would send them our way in first place.
And it is risky indeed, but then again, they would need to encounter that situation anyway.
-But this quickly? Have you forgotten just how long it took me to properly learn Serbian instead of butchering it with some Russian?
-You were hilarious, granpa.
-Very funny.
-Wouldnt we potentially have even crazier idea of sending it with big guy, just to see how fast he can push it.
Proposition of fair few tons moving at incredibly high speed would also happen to be risky and technically, not a good idea.

Gromadon felt called out, which he was.
-My reflexes are at incredible level. Hauling fair bit of cargo and going kinda fast would both happen and DID happened before.
I will leave your funny struggling little car so far that dust would settle before you arrive.
Im much younger than those two.
-Admitedly, two of us never controlled anything worthy of motorway speeds.
Hell, we dont really have prior experience in what you would call driving.
-There was certain guy called Jayde in Shitbox Rally that joined host team of that event. He is also here, happens to have prosthetic leg and fair share of scars.
-He also uses staff to walk around? Bcos i think i saw someone using staff thats relatively unusual.
-Yes, that guy. Guess how he called our cars when he saw them?
-More like “horseless carriages”. He was totally new to this whole concept of something that doesnt require some animal to pull it in order to move.
And yet, he did drove their truck few times. I include some practice runs i saw him doing.
Im pretty sure you two would quickly be much more confident drivers than he might happen to be atm.
-Or would happen to crash and die instead…very nice proposition. But we arent going to lie, we do feel strong desire to just explore like in good old days.
Car will allow us greater comfort in doing so.
-Cmon it will be fuun. Also its not like you would do much: just follow some vehicle in front of you and you are golden
Maaybe overtake if you do think you could do it.
-Eh worth a try. I would only regret the fact he dies maidenless.

Everyone laughted, as Siviko again got called out on lack of kittens.
Either way, it became clear that car is not going to be loaded onto platform.
Bcos for some reason hurling as fast as Gromadon could go wasnt seeming that exciting, Quint and Omega decided to join car group, leaving Aydar to return with his father.
Mat was absolutely broken on fact his beloved journalists and him are going to part their ways, but was very pleased to see their car still running…as is the spirit of this challenge
Packing went unremarkable, as Gromadon had emptied both swimming pools so they were ready for storage.
Fair bit of stuff will remain in car, as was felt some food and drinks would be useful on this drive.
Bottle of Vana Tallinn will await in cooler on car group, as liquor will be transported by platform trio.

Klimentol was codriver, while Quint and Omega surrounded cat on rear bench. First part was Loojoe’s to take.
Well, after Gromadon rightfully blasted off the parking with acceleration that is not expected of such tall structure, with him still hidden from prying eyes.

Loojoe had started rather conservatively, fitting, knowing that long journey is ahead.
There was occassional offroading and few close calls with car that happened to be in front, but so far car was in no worse condition than it would be in hands of any other driver.
Fact that this was open road and not parking lot greatly fit Loojoe, as he wasnt concerned in bumping into that Moover van out here
Besides, now drive had actual meaning behind it.
Wasnt smooth journey by no means as time moved on. One moment sees absolute excitement as road is empty which results in more applied throttle.
Corners still result in equally enthusiastic application of brake and car from opposite direction means hugging right line
At one point, there was intersection after one of these hugging sessions.
That Swede kiddo, waiting to join on road from right side, was about as terrified of crash as was Loojoe. One made enthusiastic reverse and other attempted to get back into his lane and then some, stopped from “then some” part by Klimentol’s intervention on wheel.

Most of time there was some following of vehicle in front and few overtakes, sometimes done right and sometimes being glorius spin as Loojoe catches fair bit of dirt on other side of road.

After about two hours, Siviko took the wheel.
He had advantage of seeing mistakes first hand so he was mostly not repeating them.
His greatest fail for some time was screaming “MOOOOOOOVVEEEE” at moose hanging near the road, most likely not heard by animal bcos of closed windows…which was partially rectified by opening windows and then screaming.
Klimentol was really reluctant on introducing horn bcos he felt they might use it tad bit too often.
After about half an hour hearing long beeps every time Siviko wanted to overtake, he had explained that indicators are enough.

Overall, you get impression that many things are considered limitless and one of those happens to be patience of drivers they encountered.
Bcos both oldies deemed this practice enough, Klimentol took wheel himself, obviously not pleased that he needed to do so.
This instructor job was incredibly amusing activity.
Hence, he was one that drove towards and into Stockholm, finishing this journey on this side.

Gromadon made much faster trip, relying on different way of inducing adrenaline…until Mat decided to fall asleep out of excitement.
Gromadon howled everytime there was someone in front, producing weird echoing noises as he was still inside metal box.
Traversing through Stockholm wasnt easy, but it was done with minimum damage-some very protective dog gangs were going nuts at presence of two unfamiliar big dogs in their hood
Many noise complaints were taken this day…

Liquor given by some other team was now mostly taken care of.
And in few days, they will take even longer journey towards more permanent base.

Mat took what remained of liquor and thanked the rest for unforgettable experience. They will keep in touch bcos it might be useful in future.
Mat also took opportunity to say goodbye to car he had recalled for his entire life and was rather emotional while doing so, to his surprize.
Agreement was reached on him keeping original crayon-decorated documents bcos new owners didnt really cared that much
Also not many of them know Swedish language, so they would be mostly useless anyway.

Time of longer journey came up and car followed by strange platform started.
Once again, two newbie drivers took opportunity to refine their driving under watchful eye of either Klimentol or Aydar, but this time lot more care was put into it, resulting in less mishaps.
Other one was with Gromadon, making sure all cargo is in proper order and would be checking on what cameras are showing but Gromadon failed to notice.

Pauses were most eventful part, as weird group attracted attention at any stop.
But (un)fortunately, nothing particularly worth noting happened and so we would be bound on really wrapping this up.

Klimentol was already convinced enough to go through his plan, but decided to train some more.
In the end, oldies WILL get car in which they could travel around and it was some 2005 futuristic looking machine.
Blessed with raised suspension, thick layer of rustproof coating and bullbar to act as effective bumper, it was deemed as perfect vehicle for two of them: very drivable, reliable, fuel efficient and compact, it really was great choice in all and every measure.
You shall ofc judge for yourself, as basic specs are below.

We shall just hope they will have great time using it…