The Automation Gamer Challenge [NEW THREAD]

It’s acceptable…
if it’s just a improved version of the colour you have/a minor update in design, it should be fine.

Black and red would be preferred



They say that legends never die.

For the 2013 model year, Athena Heavy Steel Industries presents the Dreadnought in the spirit of the original,

with a heart of American steel, the blood of high octane exhilaration, and wings of handcrafted sport compound rubber.

Do   not   go   gentle   into   that   good   night,

Old   age   should   burn   and   rave   at   close   of   day;

Rage,   rage   against   the   dying   of   the   light.


The AHSI Dreadnought is a name that is not forgotten, and bears an image that is forever remembered.

Like the phoenix reborn from the ashes of its previous self, the Dreadnought returns in its same form, but refurbished to modern standards and structurally optimized with computer-aided design.

Main body panels are hammered and forged by hand out of the finest steel from Damascus, while certain elements such as the bonnet, trunk, and door panels are composed of lightweight aluminum.

Though   wise   men   at   their   end   know   dark   is   right,

Because   their   words   had   forked   no   lightning   they

Do   not   go   gentle   into   that   good   night,


Don't be fooled by its classic and timeless design; the new Dreadnought is based on AHSI's proven SIGMA platform, granting it the stability, agility, rigidity, and comfortability of a modern sports machine.

Although the Dreadnought is not a light vehicle, it punches well above its weight class, outhandling other contenders of the same weight and even those lighter than itself. An aluminum sports-tuned semi space frame chassis ensures structural integrity under the harshest and most demanding driving conditions.

Fully independent suspension consisting of double wishbones at all four corners provide optimal traction and control at all times. Its consistent acrobatic handling inspires a fine confidence in its driver; after all, the Dreadnought is capable of more than just going fast in straight lines. Speaking of going fast...

Good   men,   the   last   wave   by,   crying   how   bright

Their   frail   deeds   might   have   danced   in   a   green   bay,

Rage,   rage   against   the   dying   of   the   light.


... the heart of the beast is a magnificent example of what a true muscle car should have. The fifth bloodline of AHSI's "Brimstone" family of twin overhead cam V8 powerplants makes its debut in the Dreadnought.

The engine is hewn from fire and sulphur gathered from the ancient pools of cosmic creation. Glistening white-hot steel and aluminum is hand-forged into the engine block by masterful craftsmen with eons of experience behind their fingertips. Eight cylinders, no more, no less, are bored with thunderous Mjölnir, while the tubular exhaust is hammered into shape using the snakes of Medusa as a mold.

Sitting under the foot of any soul brave enough to pilot the Dreadnought is 527 horsepower and 427 pound-feet of torque, which burns with the heat of a thousand hells and rumbles with a force so great that the skies tremble in fear.

Wild   men   who   caught   and   sang   the   sun   in   flight,

And   learn,   too   late,   they   grieved   it   on   its   way,

Do   not   go   gentle   into   that   good   night,


When the Dreadnought first stepped into the light of day in 1967, it sent bolts of fear throughout the performance car world. This time is no different.

At 12.19 seconds to the quarter mile, the Dreadnought is no slouch. But as previously established, it can go fast around corners as fast as it can go in straight lines; with its ability to sustain 1.15Gs through corners, the Dreadnought is more than capable of keeping up with lighter contenders.

So what's stopping you? Classic American style, heaps of raw 95-octane power, and an unexpected swiftness that embarasses Corvettes. Why settle for one of these when you can get them all with the 2013 AHSI Dreadnought?

Grave   men,   near   death,   who   see   with   blinding   sight

Blind   eyes   could   blaze   like   meteors   and   be   gay,

Rage,   rage   against   the   dying   of   the   light.



Curse,   bless,   me   now   with   your   fierce   tears,   I   pray.

Do   not   go   gentle   into   that   good   night,

Rage,   rage   against   the   dying   of   the   light.


Magnum Bullet

Dark and moonless night
Has never felt so right
An empty mirror only shows what's left inside
Lost in the city street
Electric tapestry
The neon becons me beyond its ghostly light
No longer I pretend
The staircase I decend
Will lead me anywhere but my unscripted end


Armor Blackhawk:

more pics

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Because there are certain individuals wishing to submit something for this but seemed to have lacked time due to a certain global pandemic;

I shall be extending the deadline for another week to 23:59 March 20th Hawaii Time.

have fun and stay safe everyone (those who have already submitted can't resubmit sorry uwu)

Centurion Thunder 376 Nightwave

Following a 43 year hiatus, Centurion brings back it’s pure American muscle car in style, upgraded with it’s 6.2 liter Nightwave V8 engine, pumping out all 620 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque straight to the rear wheels, guaranteeing the smell of burning rubber.

Although baring styling similarities to the mighty 1964 Centurion Thunder, the newest iteration is anything but the same inside. An all-aluminum chassis is aided by independent double-wishbone suspension at all four corners, making this the lightest and most agile model yet.

Under the hood, it’s no slouch either. The new 6.2 liter Nightwave V8 is forged by metals that can only be found through the depths of the underworld. The OHV N/A V8 redlines at 7900 RPM and runs on pure 95 octane.

The Centurion Thunder 376 Nightwave will lay an 11.5 on the quarter mile, an 20.25 on the full mile and will rumble its way to 209 miles per hour, provided you find a driver strong enough to wield the horns of this beast. Theres no doubt, the Centurion Thunder 376 Nightwave is the perfect ride for the devil himself.

I know it’s not over the top or anything but eh, It’s a convertible

Wagonmaker Orion - The last true Muscle Car

Progress doesn’t contradict tradition; Packing just the electronics it needs, coil live axle rear and the correct (60°) V8, the Orion is the last of the true performance cars, uncorrupted.

The Orion isn’t over the top; It’s just right. 1.7 tonnes of aluminium and steel, 674 Nm of tourque and 540 hp shoot them up to 60 mph in 4 seconds, topping out at 8 under 200 mph, easily.

And after a long day of work, literally hop in over the convertible roof and take in the whole presence of your 6.5 l SOHC ferrying you reliably into the Sunset, sincerely.


Totally intentionally out of focus

By definition, this is a Coupe, a Coupe Utility.

Big engine, Big Power, a sizeable Boot and doesn’t handle until you have sizeable Front tyres.
So it’s also Muscle

American… urh nah, it’s named after an Aussie Snake, it’s Australian in Concept, and has a Comet-Bar, which is Australian, But people liked the El-Camino right?

Also totally don’t mind to addition to the Snake eyes, some Kiba


Edelgard Wyvern GTX Blackflame


Deadline in 30 hours, 35 minutes.


One more hour till Deadline

Yeah Deadline well over.


Judgement Day, about 2 weeks after.

or at least that's what the Boss says

KOMPAK Game Studios HQ - Japan

image taken from here and yes its the same exact image shush

The top developers of KOMPAK assembled in a meeting room yet again to discuss the final plans for the game before release.
They have received the designs from the indie artists that they reached out to.
Boss stands in front, and with the snap of his fingers, the lights switch off and the Television in the middle displays a collage of all the cars they’ve recieved - six different designs from six different designers.
The boss looks at everyone, and with the “manliest” voice ever -
“Sa~a, hajimeyou!”

AHSI Dreadnought by @Tzuyu_main

A “woah” sweeped the room as the images of the first car flashes onto the screen. And one by one, the developers took careful looks at the cars and thus gave their opinions.

“I like the look of it.”
“It has an aggresive stance. I can see this being rather popular with fans.”
“It’s like it is staring into my soul!”
“I love how it just feels like something a demon would drive!”
“It’s engine is a 5.5L, I haven’t seen the others yet but that sounds fairly large!”
“We should use this one!”
“Would a car like this really match a demon like Durante? It is cool but it looks rather…?”

And with that sentence, everyone went silent.

“M-Maybe we should see the rest before deciding on this one!”

And so, came the next car.

Magnum Bullet by @Mikonp7

A “woah” swept the room yet again as the images of the second car flashed onto the screen.

“The front end looks reminiscent of a certain car…”
“Yeah! I think this car’s front end looks like a modern rendition of it!”
“The wheels don’t really match it if you ask me. It looks like what my American friend’s dad would do.”
“Aren’t we marketing this to Americans?”
“Not those Americans!”
“The exhaust placement matches the car rather well, however the rear lights might look a bit dated…”
“It’s also pretty slow… Despite having a larger engine than the first one. A whole 6 litres yet it accelerates…”
“… not very quickly?”
“M-Maybe we should move on to the next one for now…?”

With everyone agreeing, the next car flashed onto the screen.

Centurion Thunder 376 Nightwave by @LightningMcQueen

Opinions inside the meeting room were mixed for this car.

“That’s a rather long name. Can’t they just call it Durantemobile?”
“I like how aggresive the lower front fascia looks.”
“The front fascia reminds me of my fish.”
“The lights are sticking out, even the rear ones…”
“It doesn’t look very pleasing, but I think we could add some sort of power with it?”
“That sounds stupid. You’re stupid.”
“It’s got a 6.2L, and its way quicker than the previous ones too…”
“The side vents make it look more like a fish.”
“Can you shut up about fishes already?”
“Maybe we should skip this one…”

And so, the next car flashed onto the screen.

Wagonmaker Orion by @Slyo_vom_Pluto

Again, opinions inside the meeting room were mixed for this car.

"Oh, no glowing lights?
“I love the front! It reminds me very much of that one car-”
“Okay no more comparisons, please.”
“Engine is a 6.5L, yet it makes less than the previous one.”
“Acceleration times seem decent enough, there isn’t too huge a difference.”
“The sides look rather empty.”
“The body seems weirdly proportioned. It looks like my auntie’s car almost.”
“Yeah, and the wheels look like they belong on my son’s car.”
“It looks like its blushing, doesn’t it?”
“Don’t bring your sexual fantasies onto our game!”
“Y-yeah, lets move onto the other one…”

While everyone was rambling about, the next car flashed onto the screen.

Copperhead by @That-S-cop

Confusion swept the meeting room.

“Hey, didn’t we ask for coupes?”
“This is a coupe utility. So it still is a coupe.”
“We’re supposed to cater to Americans! Not Australians!”
“Durante is Italian-American, wasn’t he?”
“I’m very much confused.”
“T-that aside, we should talk about the car a bit more.”
“Its a beautiful design, everything just seems to work, doesn’t it?”
“Yeah! From the way the lights match the snake design, to the intakes sticking out of the hood!”
“It’s engine is the largest out of all we’ve recieved. A whole 7 litres!”
“It makes 1000HP as well, apparently. But its acceleration times aren’t as quick as I’d hoped.”
“We can’t keep it, sadly. Its slightly too Australian for what the game is supposed to be.”

And with that, they moved onto the final vehicle.

Edelgard Wyvern GTX Blackflame by @Xepy

As the TV screen flashed to the final vehicle, everyone calmed down.

“Hey isn’t that-”
“We’re throwing you out of the room.”
“The name is really long… Why can’t we just call them Durantemobiles?”
“Anyway, this one seems very nice looking.”
“Yes, yes! The louvres really add to the vehicle!”
“The tail lights look rather weirdly proportioned, don’t they?”
“Nah, its just you… I think?”
“Something interesting is going on with the fender flares.”
“Engine seems to be on the larger end, a 6.5L.”
“Acceleration times are as quick as the other long-name car!”
“Do we use this one? Or are there any more?”

In the midst of all their rambling, the Boss snaps his fingers, and everyone silences themselves.


There was a long pause.

“Based on your opinions and reactions to the cars, I think I’ve managed to pick exactly the car. This meeting is concluded.”

A “woah” is heard throughout the meeting room, before the lights switch on and everyone leaves.
The Boss sits back on his chair.

“Let’s see if people will enjoy it.”


September 1st, 2013

Finally, after the long wait.
Video game retail stores around the world are filled with KOMPAK’s latest title.
The newest spin-off from the critically-acclaimed Angel Shall Agony series has hit the shelves.
And the cover car:

Congratulations to @That-S-cop for winning AGC11!

and i'm sorry for my poor photoshopping skills and poor hosting skills

1st Place @That-S-cop
2nd @Tzuyu_main
3rd @Xepy
4th @Mikonp7
5th @Slyo_vom_Pluto
6th @LightningMcQueen


This is the only reason I joined
I did not come to win
I think I come up with an idea sooner or later.


EYYYYYYYYYYY congrats @That-S-cop! I’ll happily take second!


I can’t unsee the fish comparison now

AGC12 - Comet through!!!
urh yeah, another round starting with "Comet", maybe one day I'l have a round that doesn't have it in the name.


September 2nd 2013, Comet-Bar Headquarters, Emu Plains

Gareth - “‘Acredited artist: Steve Patterson’,wait a second, SO THAT’S WHAT THE OTHER CAD PLANS WERE FOR, and no wonder why there happened to be plans for a Marksman Sabre in the Database”

short amount of time later

G - "STEVE!!!"
S - “Urh… yes boss?”
G - Pointing at Game Cover
S - “Oh… yeah… I urh…”
G - “Didn’t know you were a Freelance artist?”
S - “Sir, You literally hired me to do the CAD plans for new Comet-Bar Products, I have room for Creative liberties.”
G - “You do realise that is Bushman Bar right?”
S - “Oh don’t worry, I got clearance from Davo”
G - sigh “And what do you think we are going to do with the minor amount of royalties from sales of this game”
S - “Sir, you do realise that the games business is particularly lucrative right? I reckon with the size of the company, we can probably invest in a small games developer”
G - “I’ll ask Dave if you can get a promotion”
S - “I highly…”
Gareth walks off

Comet-Bar buys a 40% stake in
Chipped Stones Games Studio

September 18th 2013, Chipped Stones Games Studio, Sydney CBD

“Right… we now have the backing and funds to start developing a sequel to Comet-through
“The Company that bought out 40% of our Studio is one of the largest Off-road specialists… that happens to have part of their name be shared with our flagship game”
“Let’s not dwell… we need to start development of this game soon”
“It’s a sequel right? and not just a super HD remaster.”
“We can replace a few vehicles for more detailed models then.”
“Well we don’t have any…”
“Outsource, it’s how Comet-Bar ended up getting into the games business”
“Wait what?”
“I’ll tell you the story later”

The Brief

You, yes you!!! Have been contracted to design the primary promotion vehicle/one of the vehicular Power jumps for ‘Comet-though: 2Anarchy’, a Side Scroller obstacle dodging game for Mobile Platforms A Jetpack Joyride game, Design any car or bike that will look the part dashing through a Lab causing anarchy as our Hero Grant Cilantro rushes through gathering distance in seeming endless labs with a JetPack.

Grant… Literally Barry Steakfries… I’m not an artist…

Basically any car will work… Just as long as it seems right dashing through the halls, going too big may be an issue with jumping,



Yes… I am asking for one to use the Bike Mod if you can even design with it.


  • Try to flavour your side view
  • Don’t actually do any tuning, the cars will be judged by turning off View Chassis, to help the bike builds obviously it’s all looks.
  • Don’t affiliate a brand to your car… please, it’s a game, not a car/company advertisement.
  • Car Model and Engine Family: AGC12 - (Forum name)
  • Car Trim and Engine Variant: Whatever works
  • Trim/Variant Max Year: 2013
  • Public Build, we need the mods.
Judging Priorities
  • Looks, mainly Side Profile, but do make the whole car for other shots… like in the ads. this is a cartoony game, but does require all angles for bringing you in.
  • Any remote sense of logic

Deadline 1st July (Moved) AEST 1200/GMT 0100

Submissions open 1200 25th AEDT/0100 25th GMT


Not much I can do about this, but if somone wants to convert my entry into the correct naming format and year that would be very apprieated (since im running OB) We can call it a joint effort if you want.

Quite a lot of mods of this one, so make sure it loads correctly I don’t want to be submiting a broken “car” spoiler, it’s a bike (30.5 KB)



i’m participating



No one complained… so off to build eh?