The Automation Gamer Challenge [NEW THREAD]

Neon Vapor…

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Pure power and destruction:
The Nightrunner.


Considering it’s about 2 and halfish days from Deadline and only 2 submissions so far Might have to bend the rules 3

  • Don’t extend
  • Extend 3 days
  • Extend 5 days
  • Maybe postpone till UE4.24 stable

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Deja vu, I feel like I’ve done this before

And with a majority choosing to postpone.
AGC12 will be halted until UE4.24 Stable is released, or stable enough for modded gameplay.

So, how is the future looking for this challenge then?

UE4.24 is the new stable release - you may now resume the round.

AGC12 is now Resuming, with a deadline on the 1st of July. Which is a few days after the CSC31 deadline so I don’t overload myself

Do re-read the breif, and Resubmissions are allowed up to 2 times from this point.


So if I get this right, No stats or engineering whatsoever Will be judged, and if I make it look realistic with lights, grille etc. then front and rear end styling is not important?

So if I get this right

Let’s see.

No stats or engineering whatsoever Will be judged


and if I make it look realistic with lights, grille etc.

It’s a game… add some fun and cartoony bits

then front and rear end styling is not important?

I will be looking at them. but they won’t have as much of a priority. say about half to 2/3rds.

Yes, of course I understand that some artistic freedom is appreciated, I thought more about not building something too simple that is lacking turn signals, wipers etc…

And that if I build an otherwise perfect car it will probably not be binned because of a somewhat bland front end styling for example?

Bland front is workable… no front is a no no.

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Then I got it right, thanks!

Imma look what I can do here.

Fasten your seat belt, because I’m on:

Da Wae


(You said you wanted a bit cartoonish cars so I made it cartoonish and hope that it will not be classed as a meme entry)


Here’s the secound picture of Da Wae

Game Time Started

You, sir, are not like the other gamers. You’re a go-getter, a guy of action, a spring-loaded beast ready to kick ass and chew cilantro. What you need is an escape from monotony, and it’s been stolen from the toppest of secret areas. That’s right, baby. Tall points, no quills, no pillows. Look at that, it’s just two handles and a fighter jet engine. Virtually nothing to stop you from getting bucked off and faceplanting.

Though the science team was kind enough to add headlights, taillights, VTOL nozzles, RCS-tipped winglets, and a gaggle of heat-seekers while they binge-watched ProjectMelody. Then again, they still are responsible for locking you down here as part of a study on how the human brain works as it frantically searches for an escape from a seemingly-infinite group of corridors, lightning bars, and nerds…

Break their halls like this hoverbike broke online multiplayer.

The Taskmaster.

wtf bro I didn't attack you


2 submissions

  • 5 Day extension of deadline
  • 3 Day extension of deadline
  • No extension of deadline

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Since the last submission was done almost a week ago, and there has been plenty of time this far, I wonder if an extended deadline would make a difference this round at all…


lol but 5 entries were posted, ask for those who forgot to send their entries and thats it


And so is the case…

I can’t be arsed to review all of these properly…

Your Winner is

@chiefzach2018 with the Taskmaster…


I’m glad enough this wasn’t an engineering-based one so I can just judge by looking at images, and Naming conventions I’d like to say were abided…

2nd place is @b4ttl3f0x

  • some considerable amount of visual points down to the nest place

3rd is @Knugcab
4th is @Kursk
5th is @Dr_Seltsam