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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 21]

and here i thought that most American girls have large watermelons and that everyone would be accustomed to it, it seems that my assumptions were wrong :thinking:

There’s some searing social commentary in here somewhere, I’m sure of it.

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why cant you just make the cover look like this

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Dj NekoNyaa has lost :pensive:



I was literally thinking this too, right down to the same game, but given the nature of the challenge figured that there should only be one winner etc.

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AGC 10 Result

Because this already takes to long

Somewhere at a local GameSoup.
After many delays it finally is the day many have waited for so long.
The release of the new “6000 Rounds per Minute” game.
The front door unlocks and the first shelf is fitted with the freshly printed boxes:

The Cover

Well done @strop for providing a insane car and an even insaner character. I wanted to do some fancy cover art, but sadly it wasnt ready in time. I will post it when ready though! So stay tuned.


  1. @strop
  2. @Xepy
  3. @yangx2
  4. @Falling_Comet
  5. @variationofvariables

Again i am sorry for the many delays and the unspectacular results. Exspecially considering how much work went into every single entry. Thanks for that guys! When i get the art back i will post it here or in the Discord


Nice, I genuinely thought Xepy had more mainstream appeal and would clinch the win.

As mentioned I am away and can’t host, so will pass it on. Btw now that I’ve nearly finalised Mako’s design, would you like me to pitch in on a cover image (eventually?) She’s a lot of fun, if really hard to draw :joy: (will probably cover up a fair bit with armour down the track lol)


It was definitely a close one and I had a lot of fun with this. Also seeing the strong competition come in after posting first by a week was interesting lol… GG to strop, definitely a win worthy car and character.

That said I don’t really have a hosting idea right now for this so I will be passing this down as well.


As big of a shitpost DJ NekoNyaa was, I enjoyed making the car, the god awful unmixed unmastered unanything’d track and all the lore to accompany her.

While I do have ideas for another AGC, I am pressed for time and unfortunately will not host. Will pass this one down

Shoutout Mik though, this was a hella fun round nyaa :slight_smile:


Same goes, I am also unable to host a new challenge. So I have to pass it down!

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Chance one will need to list a more of the leaderboard.

oh shit frick what do i do

i’ve got some ideas for the next round, give me a day or so and i’ll come up with a ruleset or something i guess?


this is the first challenge I’ve ever hosted i dun knoe what im doing

AGC11 - AsA: Angel shall Agony

highly recommended you read the background owo


KOMPAK Game Studios HQ - Japan, 2012

image taken from here

Only two months away from the release of KOMPAK’s newest title.

The top developers of KOMPAK assembled in a meeting room to discuss the final plans for the game before release. Something seems to have slipped past their mind during the game’s development, and thus an urgent meeting was called.
After everyone in the meeting room has calmed down, a tall Asian man, who we shall call “Boss”, then walks into the room and activates the television on the wall and dims the lights.
The screen shows a demonstration of KOMPAK’s latest game; “AsA: Angel shall Agony”, the latest installment in the critically acclaimed Angel Shall Agony series.
The Angel Shall Agony series is a series of hack and slash games about a half-demon mercenary named Durante, who is on a quest to slay… things…
AsA: Angel shall Agony is the fifth game in the series, and is a spin-off, where the main character now features different looks and is now depicted as a Nephilim.
In an attempt to gain a interest from players of other games such as Motor Vehicle Theft V and Watchcats 2, the developers plan to include an extra “driving mode” where the main character can utilise his car in combat.
However! The developers have came to a problem…

“Despite our best efforts…”

Boss flicks the screen to a tech demonstration of the driving mode. A very crude vehicle seemed development at the last minute flashed in front of the screen.

“… our driving mode is barely finished. The fans are waiting! We’ve had the game set back for a year because of problems with Unimaginable Engine III, and yet another year because the game continued to be riddled with bugs!”

Boss slammed his hands on the table and continued.

“Our development team is full with making the car function properly, and if we were to design a car ourselves, the game would be delayed for half a year more!”

One guy then stood up.

“And Boss! If we delay this game any more, there’d be no way to keep up with their expectations! None, zero, nada!”

Another guy stood up.

“Boss what do we do?”

“Not to worry, I have an idea! We shall ask indie artists to design Durante’s car!”

And after the boss said that, everyone applauded.
Yet another guy stood up.

“What car would a man such as Durante drive?”

A “woah” was heard through the room as everyone pondered about the car.
Boss silenced everyone and flicked the television to an image of Durante.

“What do you think, everyone?”

They then spoke up, some people said he looked the type to drive a late 60s American muscle mobile, some said he looked like the type who’d drive a souped up 90s Japanese executive car, and one guy even said he’d ride a huge bike (He was later thrown out of the window).
Everyone eventually settled on one thing, and the meeting ended. With only 2 months to spare, they contacted every artist they knew of and requested them to get to work.

Now in case you didn’t read (not recommended you don’t read), you are one of the indie artists who are to design tbe main characters’s new car for the new spin-off game.
This car, according to the men in suits in the meeting room earlier, would apparently be a souped up mid/late-00s Muscle Car.

What will be judged

  • Looks

  • 0-60 time

  • Engine

Defined Ruleset

For this round, not much engineering stats will matter and thus;

  • Trim/Variant Year: 2013

  • Bodies allowed: Coupés/Convertibles

  • Banned engine types: Anything that isn’t a V8

  • Minimum engine displacement: 4.6L (283ci)

  • Drivetrain: Front Engine RWD only

  • 0-60 time required to be 6.5 seconds or less

  • Sport Interior and Premium Radio Required

  • Quality sliders limited to +3 and -1 (On both engine and trim)

  • Headlight color must be red or blacked out

  • American style muscle cars would be preferred

Inspirations (PLEASE look at these before you decide on what to make)



mad respect to whoever can pull this off

Submission naming scheme:

  • Model/Family: AGC11 - (your username)
  • Trim/Variant: whatever

Cars can only be submitted by PM’ing me here on the forum with your .car file.

Submissions open on Saturday, March 7th

Deadline is Saturday, March 14th 11:59PM Hawaii Time

I’ll be answering any questions that arise.
This is not the final ruleset, and will likely be subject to change.


Half temped for a Coupé Utility…

Wonder if they’ll appreciate a 50 year old facelift… :thinking:

Just to confirm, the main character is looking for Chevy Camaro (gen.5) or something akin, not Chevy Corvette C6 or similar? I am unsure what kinds of American sports cars are muscle cars and what aren’t.

oho, I have the perfect car. This is a bit like one of the CSC rounds, can’t remember which. It will be good though. Looking forward to this!

If it can’t turn, it’s a muscle car.


Submissions are now open!

Deadline is Saturday, March 14th 11:59PM Hawaii Time

Is it okay if my submission is a different color than the car in the advertisement?