The best of the Worst - RUST challenge [Second episode]

Judging from the score, @Fletchyboy100 is he second place winner

I can’t host either due to technical issues with automation, it won’t import or export cars.

I’ll take on duties now everything is fixed, new round will be up soon.

[Second Episode] - Workhorse No More
This once loved family car has come to the end of the line, high mileage and has given up the ghost.
Sold to the scrap dealer years ago, the car remains sat in the corner of the yard, and you capture it’s final day before the crusher.
. The car must be a typical family car.
. The car must be Pre-1994.
. The background should represent a scrapyard, whether photoshopped in or created in Automation.

To submit, first put your picture in the thread, then DM me the .car with the following name :
Car name: [RUST] - Your name,
Trim name: name of your car,
Engine name: [RUST] - Your name,
Family name: whatever you want.

Get creative!
The deadline is 4th January 2020,
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


If anyone needs some rusty cars for the background, I can share some old rusty Spanders. DM if interested.
I might try to participate to that challenge, it seems quite intersting.


The deadline has passed and no one has entered. I would call this challenge now abandoned.