The best of the Worst - RUST challenge [Second episode]

Do you like a challenge? I like challenge too! But what about something different?

This challenge is not about making the best looking car, nor the most economic or the more powerful.
It’s about becoming a god of time, a spirit of despair, the essence of destruction.
Now is the time for you to break, to tear, to decay, to discolor, to corrode, to RUST.

This challenge is about making the best looking picture of decrepitude, and what will be judged is the picture (Only one picture will be judged), not the .car file. The .car should be sent to avoid image alteration, as the final result must be entierly done in automation. No photoshop.

The winner of the challenge will be able to choose the theme of the next episode and judge the entries, he will be the one holding the challenge. The only rule is that it must revolve around wrecked vehicles.

[First episode] - Lost and found

To begin, I’ll hold the first one. Let’s go with something relatively broad.
The car has been found, rotting in the wild, in the middle of nowhere. This car must have been abandoned a long time ago, its story is lost to time.

  • The car should be at least 30 years old
  • The car should be normal, not a concept car or a plane. Just a very normal car.
  • The background should be as savage as possible, no building nor garage should be seen.
  • The car must be in a great state of decay, but the actual state is up to you, it could go from the abandoned beater to the irrecoverable rust bucket.

To submit, first put your picture in the thread, then DM me the .car with the following name :
Car name: [RUST] - Your name,
Trim name: name of your car,
Engine name: [RUST] - Your name,
Family name: whatever you want.

Have fun, you have until the 13 of December, 21:00 UTC+9.

Don’t hesitate to ask or comment if you have any issues with the instructions.


Time to make an even rustier version of the Espion!
An interesting challenge for sure.

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Time to get creative…

So… Engineering is irrelevant, then?

I would say it’s irrelevant because I can’t see how maxbombe could judge engineering with a picture only.

Mine has a backstory that can be validated by the engineering side of it, mine’s already done btw :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Sneaky Peaky cuz why not,
expect a full essay to read on my car when I post full pics :joy:


The Aanholt Militant was an attempt from a Dutch manufacturer to break into the Japanese market with a light truck. This particular model, the 950T, was a 950cc Turbo I3. While it was revolutionary, with it’s turbocharging technology, it was a huge flop due to high maintenance costs, and an incredibly unappealing interior. 5 years after the Militant’s arrival on Japanese shores, Aanholt pulled out of the market all together.

This example only covered 50k miles before being left to rot in a forest in 1999. It has since been the victim of a fly tipper’s dumping site and an angry hiker beating it with a pole.


Zephorus Espion Got Lost
we can ignore that it’s in different places

A rusty wreck is all that’s left of this Zephorus, somebody must of left it with the intention of picking it up again, and never did. So now, well over 70 years later the car doesn’t have much left of it.

The last picture is the one to be judged.


I feel mine’s more in a state of disrepair and mine was dumped in 1999, yours defo has better build quality!

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The paint has faded certainly, but it hasn’t rusted as much due to the quality of the paint.
not really i just didnt add alot of rust

I was once beloved by all. I turned heads, and made people happy. But one day, they took everything away from me, and cast my husk aside.

I don’t know if I can be saved, if I can one day return to the spotlight. Maybe I don’t want to go back, after all that happened. But for now, I have accepted my fate.

I am now one with nature.

1962 Platinum Panamerica, vin 5PLS2R29L13078MP

Abandoned by an undeserving rich idiot, and gradually reclaimed by nature.

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Here is a tip to make old paint : use leather material, it makes a great texture.
I also want to make it clear that only one picture is going to be judge. You can display several of them, but make it clear which one is supposed to be judged.

Hmm…very interesting.

The deadline is near.

Can I just upload a picture of my real rusty 40 year old car?

This Drachen Meyer belonged to a very rich man. one day he was heading back from work, a few black cars were waiting by the side of the road, wierd he thought to himself. moments after that the people in the black cars shot tree holes through his window killing him. his car veered of the road to where it is sat now the people in the black cars walked up to the car and stole all his money. That was 40 years ago. now it’s been vandalised beyond belief


Hum, this is embarassing. I messed up the time limit. I’m getting confused between the date reading of my computer and the courses I take. Why isn’t the date written the same way everywhere? image


Well, even though I messed up with the dates, people have been quite creative with their entry for this challenge.
The pictures are going to be rated on three things : Framing (Is the picture well taken? Is the composition good?), Choice of background (does it creates a nice atmosphere? Is it well-chosen?) and RUST work (Is the destruction appreciable?)
Here are the final scores :

@Fletchyboy100 :

Framing : 5/5 No complaints, it’s a nice dutch angle.
Choice of background : 3/5 I really like the fact that the car is surrounded by foliage, a shame there is no tall grass.
RUST work : 4/5 It’s not perfect, but a lot of attention has been put on details making a very nice job of destruction!
Final grade : 12/15


Framing : 5/5 Same as the previous one, this a well-taken picture. The contrast really put a certain emphasis on the car.
Choice of background : 5/5 Wow, it’s nearly perfect, there is a bit of foliage, trees in the background, and a lot of grass!
RUST work : 5/5 There are a lot of details, from the collapsed suspensions to the bumps on the hood, this car is a great wreck.
Final grade : 15/15


Framing : 1/5 The tilted angle of the camera gives too much of a dynamic angle of what is supposed to be a dead object, the FOV also doesn’t feel right in this context.
Choice of background : 5/5 Wow, that is a nice point of view! This car really feels alone in the middle of nowhere, left to the elements.
RUST work : 2/5 It’s not bad, but some part of the car seems to lack some RUST work, especially the rear, considering it’s really in plain sight.
Final grade : 8/15


Framing : 2/5 It’s not bad, but the position of the car in the picture doesn’t showcase it well.
Choice of background : 4/5 This background got a nice “lost in the woods” feeling, it’s a real shame it lacks some grass, there is too little of it.
RUST work : 2/5 It’s quite good, and there is the intersting and unique detail of the tape on the doors, but the plate eats the bumper, and the suspension feels too healthy as well, considering the position of the car. A bit more rust or moss could’ve been nice.
Final grade : 8/15

And the winner is : @Sky-High congratulation! You did a really good job.

You're free to make another round of this challenge if you like, but you're not required to.

Wow, I think max score is a little excessive, but thank you very much for hosting @Maxbombe

Unfortunately I will not be able to host the next round so I’ll pass it to the second place person becayse you haven’t mentioned who it is