'The best wishes'-thread

I know, I know… it’s still a few days (or a few nights if you are counting down your nights of sleep until unpacking your presents) but I simply just wanted to be first.
Also might be a nice idea of keeping all the good wishes in one single thread instead of cluttering the forum.

Nevertheless, I want to wish everyone a very good, enjoyable and merry christmas. Have a nice time with your family, have a nice meal and in advance, have a terrific, amazing, healthy and prosperous 2015, too! May the Automation gods be ever in our favour, as we will have an amazing year with Automation lying ahead of us. I for one, just know: ‘THIS GON’ BE GUD’.

Kind regards,
Bart “WizzyThaMan” Voorjans from The Netherlands

I’d like to echo these sentiments. This has been a great year for the community overall, and I’m wishing everybody the best over Christmas and the New Year.

This has been a wonderful year Automation-wise : platforms, modding, Steam and new engine announcements…
I’m pretty sure 2015 will be as awesome as 2014 has been !

Merry Christmas everybody, and Happy New Year !

Damn you Bart! I was just about to make a “Christmas/New Year” thread! :stuck_out_tongue:

2014 is almost at and end, and what a year it has been for Automation related things!

Becoming a beta tester was probably one of the biggest surprises of the year. I have always wanted to get “behind the scenes” and become someone valuable to the development of the game. It has been quite a lot of fun so far, if infuriating at the same time when it comes to trying to test something out but it becomes impossible simply due to the huge number of bugs you encounter along the way. It’s part of the joy of being a beta tester I suppose.

The car reviewing thing started back in May now, and although I have been a bit on-off with it, I must say it has been far more successful than I originally thought it would be (which reminds me, this small car mega test is taking longer than planned, and probably won’t be out before Christmas :frowning:). It can be a pain in the bum to review them, especially when you have to come up with umpteen different ways of saying almost exactly the same thing, but I do enjoy writing them, and I love the reaction even more.

The best things about Automation, though, is the forum. Absolutely every single one of you is awesome! The community is absolutely wonderful. The amount of challenges, 3D models, test tracks etc. just goes to show how great you all are. Thanks for being so great!

Christmas is upon us, a time of giving and sharing. A time of friendship and family. Being together is always best. I wish every single one of you a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year 2015. I hope you get all the goodies you want, I hope you make memories with whoever you will be with this holiday period, and that the forum stays just the way it is: awesome!

I was ecstatic just to find out about the existence of Automation. The fact that there’s such a vibrant community behind it all was icing on the cake.

Merry Christmas to all!

I’d never even thought I’d be spending half as much time doing Automation-related things as I do now! Otherwise I’d have chosen a more mature name then Pleb :stuck_out_tongue:

Beta tester, working for AutomationHub, 3D modelling, it’s insane!

Anyway, I wish all you guys a very merry Christmas, and here’s to another great year!

I might be new but I already seem to fit in quite nicely.

I reaaaally want to be a beta tester, but oh well. Not gonna give the job to a 13-year-old kid are ya? :wink:

Merry Christmas to everyone! Or Happy holidays. Or whatever holiday you celebrate .D.

Going off-topic here, but YAY MINIONS!

And it appears to be roughly 8 and a half hours until Christmas Day in NZ and other places under that time zone, and as I may not be on the forum in time to say hi the moment the clock ticks over: MERRY CHRISTMAS OVER THERE!

Now I should sleep

Well, I’d like to start off by saying that it’s been a wonderful year. A great, great year. Both for the game and the community behind it, Its been a terrific year. I joined almost exactly a year ago, and let me tell you that this game has progressed so far, and the community has expanded so much. I don’t think anyone could have predicted that this would be the case. Likewise, I don’t think anyone could be more happy with how far this has come, and how far it looks like it can go.

2015 is shaping up to be a big year in Automation. I don’t quite know what it will entail, but mark my words, it will be big. For now, however, let us all temporarily forget about the future, and spend this Christmas in an enjoyable way, however that is for you!

Merry Christmas,


I really appreciate you saying that. Sometimes development progress can feel pretty slow and painful from our end, so it’s great to see that the community is loving our work

Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

I’d like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. May the following year be just as good (or better, if it wasn’t good for you personally) as this one. For me, it’s been a busy year with lots of ups and downs, far too many to talk about them here. But here i am, content with what happened overall and i hope i can continue this way.
Also, great job to the devs, i still can’t believe that a team this small can make such a terrific and complex game on such a high level. I’m happy with the progress of the game, and i’m just as happy with the community. Not only because it keeps growing but also because i’ve never encountered a “bad-mannered” user, and that’s a rare thing on a forum with over 10.000 members. Sure, there have been a couple of spam bots but the threads have been deleted (and maybe the users as well) so i don’t care about them any more.


Damn, completely forgot. Just want to update my status, might not be able to to any reviews until later next year/plus. I’m sure you’ll find someone better than me to replace :stuck_out_tongue:

But I look forward to coming back and doing more reviews soon.

And of course, best wishes to everybody and a prosperous new year!