The Black Mare

So this is my '92 BMW E34 530i V8


A soundclip:

Pictures not showing up


Not bad, surprised it got no visual tell tales of rust. You either don’t drive it in the snow (Good choice) , or they don’t shower the roads with salt and reagents. OR there’s no snow where you are from :slight_smile:

Well I’m from Denmark, and they do indeed spray salt on the roads, but the car has been treated in anti-corrosion(we call it Tectyl in DK)

How does that work? You strip the car of paint, de-rust, re-weld, prime, paint, and then go anti-corrosion layer? I’m going to need this in the future

you do it before the car rusts, it’s a protective layer. If you have rust already it won’t help and you then have to do what you said.

There isn’t a single pre-2000 bmw that has no rust at all, so this is exactly the way to go for people who didn’t get the car anti-cor treated when it was new :frowning: sadly