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The Car Shopping Round 128 - 30 Minutes or Less

The Alaen Pican III fits perfectly in the budget. If anything, it is a bit exclusive in the miniature car world… :slight_smile:


Flipping through the morning classifieds you come across an advert, one from a car dealer trying to shift some older model GMI’s with small business owners in mind

Extra Pics


2018 Pikemen Gravel 1.0 GXi

An eco oriented coupe from Malaysia has landed in European market that is equipped with turbocharged 1.0L 3-cylinder, producing up to 79hp and 117nm of torque. Pikemen Gravel's price point is 24,500€ , affordable and perfect for small restaurant to do their deliveries!


FSB C11. Because good does not have to be expensive. It just needs to be slow… reliable, fuel efficient, stylish and practical. Now also available in Microvan variant, without rear seats and with more “budget friendly” interior.


Time to remake this :eyes:


Do you want a literal box on wheels?

Well, don't hold your breath, it doesn't get much more exciting than this.

2018 Metrobox GT, by Autoworks Frontier.

Starting at just $18500


I mean weight, not volume.

Franklin Marshall StreetCar

4 * Low mileage ex-courtesy cars
12 months old
Bulletproof reliability - comes with full 5 year warranty
Rear seats removeable to give more cargo space
Oustanding fuel economy
$18,900 each - Deals can be made for multiple purchases.


2019 MEI LING QC5 82T


New Mei Ling QC5 82T is premium design coming in gas combustion and electric model. Gas combustion model is made to be fuel efficiency like electric, with Mei Ling Type 80 5 speed transmission and good quality


Mei Ling never forgets. Mei Ling never forgets the forget. We remember sport influence of Huangdou and refelct heritage with our heritage sport heritage red heritage accents. Appearance package on all trims makes Mei Ling look fancy despite being a whopping pile of shit.



More Ling

I was also tempted to enter this other thing which would have fetched Giovanni 6 cars, at the expense of a ton of minmax


i swear it's not a crossover or a citroën

For context, the Cren is produced in the UK for both local and export markets.

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SC-Group for Business presents:

Made for the urban jungle.
The 2019 Rayback Cachorro.

  • All in financial lease or
  • Buy with 5 years of guarantee.

Lease: €198,= p/m (All inclusive insurance)
Buy from: €17,595 or 50% now and the other half in 3 years!

For more information, please contact our website.

Venom Lolitta BizzLine 1.0
More Images Venom Lolitta BizzLine 1.0 Venom Lolitta BizzLine 1.0 Venom Lolitta BizzLine 1.0 Venom Lolitta BizzLine 1.0 Venom Lolitta BizzLine 1.0 Venom Lolitta BizzLine 1.0 Venom Lolitta BizzLine 1.0

2019 Knightwick C-

Showing off here the C-Start and the C-Sport.

entered model is the C-Start with optional Contrast Colour pack


The 2017 Wiseguy Roadster. Its unusual concept of an “eco sports” car was a niche success- so niche that Wiseguy backed out of the car business and returned to making designer wrist watches two years later. Now they’re cheap on the used market, and their fuel-sipping nature means they’re occasionally used by “that guy who pays for autocross weekends by delivering for GrubHub”.


Kyung-Yeong Meko '16

One of the cheapest cars on the current market, the Kyung-Yeong Meko is an entry level city car. Small, affordable, built to last, and able to get incredible MPGs. It features a micro-sized 903cc inline 3 turbo with 71hp and 75lb-ft making it one of the slowest in class, but also with extremely low emissions and service costs.

With rather unique looks, plastic inside and out, and just overall cheap it was a best seller in many markets.


2016 Hinode Lupin

A homage to the cars from the olden days, the Lupin is the cute little hatchback that could. With its nimble 73hp 1.2l inline 4 and its modest size, the Lupin can economically zip through Berlin streets with with a fuel mileage of 5.9l/100km. Its sizeable trunk and flat-folding rear seats makes the Lupin perfect for restaurant deliveries!

Originally made for the Japanese market, the Lupin is finally released in the European market in 2016, starting at $20200 (according to Automation) for the base model, which comes with the aforementioned 1.2l inline 4 engine and 5 doors. The Lupin also comes in an assortment of colours as seen below.

2016 Hinode Lupin. It’s cute and it will deliver your pizzas on time.

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Autodelta Zentrum Berlin just got a few new cars in their used car inventory:

For sale: a set of four slightly used 2019 Autodelta Bantams (Cargo), these compact A-segment cars have been used as a vehicle for test drives at local Autodelta dealerships. After Autodelta discontinued the model for a newer generation earlier this year our dealerships had these slightly used cargo versions of the Bantam in their stock. Mileage is between 1400km and 5000km. All cars come with service history and a recent check-up. Normal occasion warranty applies.

The Bantam is one of the smallest cars currently for sale. It combines practicality with excellent fuel economy. With the sliding doors you always have enough room to get in and out of the car, even in tight parking spots. There is no better vehicle for the city! With the powerful light blue colour and the energetic front fascia this little car stand it’s ground. The lightweight compact 900cc 15v GDI engine is perfect for inner city driving, with a great fuel economy. The car is largely built from aluminium, meaning it’ll never rust and it weighs so little that it still manages to get from 0 to 100km/h in 12.2 seconds. With a top speed of 175 km/h it’ll even stand it’s ground on the Autobahn.

Note: these are the Cargo variants, meaning the vehicle has two front seats, no backseats and a cargo area in the back.

Price: $18.600 per car or $74.400 for the total lot.


Category: City Cars
Mileage: 1400-5000km
Power: 41.5 kW (56 Hp)
Fuel: Petrol
Fuel Consumption: 3.15L/100km (combined)
CO2 Emissions: ca. 73 g/km (combined)
Emission Sticker: 4 (Green)
Number of Seats: 2
Door Count: 2/3
Gearbox: DCT - 6 Speed
First Registration: 02/2019
HU: 02/2022

For more information, please inquire at the Autodelta Zentrum Berlin.

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2017 Chambord Sytian Turbo
An all-around hatchback that carries two wonders of the modern era: power and fuel efficiency.
Doing 57.3mpg or 24.4Km/L the Sytian is the car for those who have a small family, business, or just don’t wanna take the subway or train anymore and wanna arrive at your job first than anyone else.

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2015 Kessel K3T - Seven to choose from!

New trade-in arrivals! Kessel K3T fleet vehicles used by a prominent local manufacturer as company cars. Different colors to choose from. Mileage between 20k and 43k km. All service records and fuel logs retained. Asking $22,600 each. Come and get them while they’re still here!