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The Car Shopping Round 128 - 30 Minutes or Less

Oof, out in the first round! I hope I didn’t get dinged too hard for the lore (I based it on Swatch who actually started doing watches and partnered with Mercedes to make, among other cars, the Smart Roadster IRL) or name. Or panel gaps! It’s just a vanilla body! I have to admit the back is weak though, I didn’t know what to do with it.

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frick i get binned once again. Well it was at least fun.

Thats more to the fact that the car had -14 Quality in Areo


Hehehe, busted! I didn’t know you actually checked up on the engineering in this round. I partly wanted to imitate the Smart tupperware body panels. Ah well, no wonder Wiseguy went out of business. :wink:

Round 2


10am. Still at the bar.
Giovanni wakes up peeling his face of the cool wooden counter. Certainly not the best way to sleep a night.
Hungover he moves to the coffee machine and fills a normal sized cup with Espresso.

Not having died a caffeine death, Giovanni sits back at his ‘workspace’. Still only half awake he looks at his list of selected cars. 19 cars which he found interresting. He can’t testdrive them all. So it’s time to open the spreadsheet:


First on the list was the Knightwick C-Start. A perfect start to test the excel. With a look at the detailed page for the car, Giovanni quickly manages to get the most important stuff. Looking at the whole dataset the C-Start looked like a very average thing. Total costs, which were calculated out the total purchase price, service costs for each car and their fuel costs, this even came up as one of the cheapest option. The biggest problem with it, wasn’t really… it. The real problem is, looking at the list, that some other cars are just better options.


Next on the list was the Bermag Nano. The stylish little hatchback was a favorite of Giovanni. Buuuut looking at the whole list, there was a very big problem with it: Its the most expensive car to operrate of them all, even more expensive than 5 Asante’s. With that, Giovanni would need to think to only buy 3 of these, or look for a cheaper alternativ, which was probally the wiser move.


The Kuma K was one of three coupes in the list, so it already had a lot of pressure coming at it. Giovanni liked this as much as the Nano and adding to his good mood was that the Kuma somehow also manges to be better than the Nano in every way. Well, besides its cargo volume, which was with 373L the smallest on the lot. But somehow that fact didn’t stop Giovanni from liking it. The thing better be a wonder to drive or Giovanni was going to throw some hands.


Next was the Zephorus ET Cruise. Like the Kuma this was mostly put on the list for interresting Giovanni. And it didn’t stop on the outside. The car is fitted with a 5 speed Dual Clutch and runs “Active Swaybars”, of which Giovanni had no idea what it was. All that fancy tech adds up pretty quickly, becoming one of the most expensive cars to operate. And besides the giant cargo volume the ET Cruise didn’t bring much more to the table.


The Pikemen was the second coupe on Giovanni’s list and frankly he was disapointed: Expensive to buy, highest service costs of all cars and it comes with a chassis made out of untreated steel. Thats three X’s from the jury.


The Martos was basicly a slighty better C-Start, for only a fraction of the price, Meaning that getting 4 of these was the better option. And the total costs also didn’t make Giovanni’s wallet cry. Time for a test drive.


The Olsson fell victim to the Martos, being not bad, but being slighty worse. Knowing that Giovanni really didn’t had any reason to further look into this.


The Lupin was the cheapest option here, Giovanni calculated. But that had a reason, so did he discover. First this would only allow for 3 cars, and those would have been also the most thristiest of all. Furthermore the Lupin was built again on a bare steel chassis. With those factors Giovanni deleted the Lupin from his list.


Giovanni was angry. Very angry, he has been lied to. The Cince turned out be probally the worst option on the list, One of the highest service costs, bad emission ratings, worst reliablity and not only did the car take hints from the 70’s design, but also its technology. The thing was completly made out of steel, only being protected by its paint, the engine also seems to run an ancient SPI system. If Giovanni wanted something from that age he’d buy a Scagliati or something.


Next one on Giovanni’s list was the Mei Ling. And Giovanni was surprised. The panel van was cheap to buy, run and operate and looking at the details it even was better than some of the other cars. The only time Giovanni lifted an eyebrow was the 5 Speed DCT. He was sure to give this a go. Maybe he could even ask the salesman what the Fortnite was?


The Kita was stitting perfectly balanced between all the other cars. But being average was not good enough for Giovanni. Especially when he noticed another Steel chassis.


The Entara was one of two Crossover on Giovanni’s list and while it was one of the few cars Giovanni only could purchase 3 of, it didn’t look that bad on paper. At least it would be a good alternative in case every other car would fall flat and he would safe a lot of money in total costs. Worth a visit he thoughed.


Ah yes the Asante. Giovanni was interrested about this one. Having 5 of these would be something he didn’t really account for. But luckly he didn’t had to. The car was made from bare steel all around and ran a Front/Back drum setup. Yeah no. Spending the extra cash on something nicer, would probally benefit everybody.


Next one was the Hakaru. The other crossover on Giovanni’s list. And while it is just slighty worse than the Entara, that was already enough to kick it of his list. Being much cheaper with only slight to no downgrades, the Entara was the better option on paper.


The Puck was diffrent and Giovanni liked that, but unlike other oddities this was very capable, with very good numbers across the board. In every category, Giovanni listed, the Anhultz was great to brillant. Giovanni was already exicted to test this one out.

@conan @goblin95

The Winnie was again one of the many microcars Giovanni bookmarked. Looking at the details, Giovanni’s eyebrow rose up. Another weird gearbox, but unlike the Mei Ling or ET Cruise, this was a 4 speed automatic.
But, the Winnie also manages to make up for that, by just being much cheaper. Worth a try Giovanni guessed.

@chiefzach2018 @Tzuyu_main

The Motorpop was another Microcar Giovanni fancied. And while this was at least as capable as the Mei Ling, Puck and Winnie, there was one big red flag. ‘49hp’. The Go didn’t really go anywhere. Looking at some of the reviews the car apperently does the 0-100 sprint in around 15 seconds. Sure Giovanni knew these weren’t going to be sportscars, but even he knew that, that was just not good enough.


Speaking of: The Meko. Sharing the Go’s horrible performance, and being medicore everywhere else, Giovanni didn’t really see the point of going further with this


The Hunt was another of the ‘3 car fleet’ vehicles. While having high hopes, these were quickly dropped hard when Giovanni saw that the Hunt had the hightes service costs of them all. Running higher in total than the Nano. Coupled with the fact that this was also just slighty to on pair with both crossovers, Giovanni made the descision to not furter look into this.

Second :wastebasket: done:

Well done to:

@conan / @goblin95

Finals tomorrow!


Well done everyone. I knew it my car was to fancy. Mimimi. Good luck everyone else! And thanks for the CSR @mikonp7 it was fun!


As soon as I saw the other submissions for CSR128, I knew that mine would be a goner. Didn’t expect it to make it to the 2nd round, though. Thanks @Mikonp7 for hosting, and good luck to those who made it to the finals!


shoulda entered with the GTLine trim, well… had fun gg for the finalists

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what’s high service costs
Honestly, some of the choices confused me. I will definately be asking for some more details or a spreadsheet at the end.
Good round as always

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Hmm, I thought I was slick but I probably would have been booted for bare steel chassis if I had got that far. It’s not modern but that’s what Campaign always taught me to do! :wink:

Campaign doesn’t yet give a flying f… about some things that real world does. And especially don’t ever trust it in building realistic cars :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually looked up if some cheap cars used DCT, and many actually do in Brazil and India I believe, lots of 5 speed DCT, its not really that weird. I was hoping the fuel economy would bring it up but apparently you’re not looking at that, or emissions. Still, good luck to the finalists

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Nah he mentioned total operating cost a lot of times. That includes fuel (as a value already shown in automation) and he mentioned emission taxes so that’s probably where emissions come into play.


Oh yes. I looked at those. But there are Cars with less fuel costs and over all cost, while still being really cheap



The next day.

Giovanni packes his stuff. In his left was his phone with all the locations he would need to drive to, and in the other some of this pizza backbag, which were filled with empty pizza boxes. If he was already seeing these cars in person, at least he could already see how well everything would fit into them.

Dumping the bags into his car, Giovanni seats himself behind the wheel and turns the key:


First was the Kuma. The dealership was already nice enough to have the car warmed up and ready to go.
After a quick, but social distanced ‘Hello’ to the salesman, he got the keys.

First task was to cramp everything in the back, which turned out to be quite the game of Tetris for Giovanni. Not that the car was already lacking the rear space, the small trunk door also made it really hard to throw them in.

Folding himself into the tiny coupe he noticed the ocean of plastic he was surounded of. Sure, what did he expect with that price, but it was kinda out of character for the car. At least the radio was a branded one.

The drive itself went pretty well. The Kuma is agile and pleasent to drive, with a very good brake feel. Also the safety features in this were pleasing Giovanni. And even the Start and Stop city traffic was totally managable. After a short drive on the Autobahn, Giovanni returned to the dealer, throwing the key into the keybox.


Next Stop: The Martos.

The test car was parked on the front parking lot and Giovanni was able to get a first look at it. The color really wasn’t his case, but that wouldn’t stop him from driving it.

After a few minutes of looking at the Martos and the other parked cars, a saleman approached Giovanni and handed him the keys.

First things first, he throwns the bags into it. And while they did fit better than the Kuma some Teris was still needed. At least the rear hatch opens far and it was easy to do so.

Sitting in the car Giovanni noticed again the plastic extravaganza which was displayed in front of him, it also felt worse than Kuma, but at least it did have an radio.

Driving the car was not was nice as the Kuma, not horrible, but he wouldn’t want to do long routes with this.
Giovanni also noticed that somehow, after a long city stroll, the car needed more and more brake input, it wasn’t much but Giovanni exspecially noticed when he went on the offramp with 130km/h.

With the car again parked up, Giovanni inspected the brakes and noticed how warm the air was around the front wheels. Not pizza oven warm, but noticeable. After transfering the bags back into his car, Giovanni returned the keys.


The Mei Ling was also already parked outside the Mei Ling Dealership.
Stepping inside the dealership had Giovanni amazed at all the other cars inside and how much bigger they were, he probally got the smallest of them outside.

Back with the keys Giovanni proceeds to fill up the Mei Ling and that was almost too easy. The big trunk door and massiv space allow for everything to be placed neatly next to each other, with a bit of wiggleroom to play with.

Sitting himself in the Mei Ling Giovanni took in the freshish plastic, still smelling of the chinese factory this was probally produced in. Well. At least it was as nice as the Kuma inside, but it also fit the vehicle better.

Drving the car was a bliss, it felt even better than his Goonie. Which was a weird thing to make sense of. And the seats were also nice. Much better than everything he drove to this point. The DCT needed a quick instruction, but Giovanni got quickly the gist of it. And when he did, it was even nicer to drive than the manual cars he drove in the city, when he needed some more control he could drop some gears by himself. Helpful for onramps. Speaking of it, the car also did the short autobahn part very well. It also somehow felt much more planted than the Mantos.

Still impressed, Giovanni parks the Mei Ling back into its parking spot, and goes in to ask about the Fortnite.


The Entara brought Giovanni to a modern glasshouse filled with diffrent cars. Inside the Entara was still parked at one of the more nicer spots. Giovanni went inside to get it.

With the car parked outside. GIovanni noticed the first new thing: The thing had a keyfob with electric locks! Neat. The dummy cargo was with ease thrown into the back.

Sitting in the drivers seats Giovanni ran his hands over the interior. This was muuuuch nicer. Everything was much more refined and better. Well, thats what you get when you spend a bit more. Sad it still comes with the same shitty soundsystem as the Mantos.

Sitting in the car and actually driving it, were two diffrent things. The crossover felt very slugish and its brakes were even worse than the Mantos’s once. And even overall the car just couldn’t compete with the feel of the other car’s he drove today. Next stop: Back to the dealer.


Turning into the Anhultz dealership, Giovanni was already greeted by the little orange Puck.
Giovanni parked infront of the brick buidling and went up the stairs to get the keys.

First impressions: Giovanni didn’t notice how small the Puck actually is. Its almost as “big” as the Kuma.
Giovanni had at least no problem storing everything in the back, but getting himself in was a bigger challenge than he thought. Its not quite the origami the Kuma needed, but he could imagine that his back wouldn’t do this for long. Also sitting in the car, he now noticed the same qualtiy he got from the Mantos, but here everything was a bit more cramped.

Driving the Puck was a nice. But in quicker curves Giovanni noticed how much his car would just roll. It wasn’t dangerous, but noticable, and weird to Giovanni, who rememberd how the much taller Mei Ling was just much much more planted than his low hatchback.

Giovanni also noticed how the car had a bit of a loose rear end. This was really noticeable on the Autobahn ramps. This was probally due to the rear wheel drive this car has.

Returning to the Anhultz dealer, Giovanni parks the car in front of the building. Fidgeting with the key, Giovanni thinks hard about this one.

@conan / @goblin95

Getting to the Winnie was weird. Giovanni didn’t got a real location for this one, only a container number on a local trainyard. Appernetly this just got imported into the country. Looking at the listing, Giovanni was a bit suspicious that the cargo was labeled as “Toy for kids” but the man from the WhatsApp chat says thats is okay and he shouldn’t worry about it

With the keys from the warden, Giovanni opened up the Winnie, throwing all his stuff into the back which the car took without any complains. Sitting himself inside, Giovanni found himself in a similar interior as the Puck, but only not as snug as the Puck. Giovanni took some seconds to take in the Gearbox selector in this. A Automatic with 4 gears, and it even had a sports option. Yeah very funny as if. Another weird thing was that the rev limiter went to a staggering 10.000 rpm.

Driving the car, it was Giovanni pretty clear how this combination just doesn’t work. Sure, when it was going it was okay to handel, but the noise this thing would make. The long 4 gears would mean that the engine would ride those long gears for an extended time in the higher revs. It also didn’t help that the car wasn’t really making any power in the midband. Giovanni even noticed how he car was loosing power in that range. The noticable sway of this also did not sweeten the deal.

As soon as Giovanni returned to docks, he packed his stuff and left to make his final call.


Well done @yangx2 on saving Giovanni’s pizzaria. Even though he couldn’t get his hands on a Fortnite he is very happy with this


1st @yangx2
2nd @Elizipeazie
3rd @Xepy
4th @Cheeseman
5th @Reizei
6th @conan / @goblin95

Special Thanks to @SilverRemix for making better icons for this and @Maxbombe for importing everything into the game as a mod. Couldn’t have pulled this of without ya both.


Mei Ling’s first CSR entry secures a victory! Good stuff for an eco-cheesed entry I reused from a prescription for laughs.

Thank you mikon for hosting this csr round! Simple and concise always does the trick for csr and it shows once again!

Now here’s my dilemma. Reading week is next week which means I’d have plenty of time for a csr. Problem is, with a new major update projected round the corner, it is likely this stuff would be pushed right into another busy week for me. THe other thing is, I want to take a goddamn FUCKING PUSSY FORTNITE SHIT CUM BREAK during the reading week because god fucking damnit pussy ass pussy


online college sucks major fucking ass FUCK. Today was a really bad day I’m sorry.

So, I’ll be passing this down. HOWEVER, I also have a one-off challenge in mind for the coming future where I’m not bound by the responsibilities of CSR. Stay tuned for that. It involves the 80s, war, and big guns.


And quite rightly too! Anyway, it’s a relief to see this round of CSR conclude relatively quickly after the the last few rounds took longer to complete than anticipated. Especially with a theme more relevant to these pandemic-ravaged troubled times than anything else could ever have been.

So it’s me in line for hosting?

Not sure yet… I’ll see if (and what) i can come up with.

Wil update within 24 hours.

with the update coming, there’s a need to look at the altered balancing and 3d shenanigns and all, sooo…

Entries Opening is an interesting prospect…


Have to say, for a meme car the Weenie did surprisingly well lol.



Me hosting is very likely.
Have an idea and some guidelines.

Still need to build test mules and set some basic hard limits.

Cannot guarantee it being up tomorrow…
Stay tuned!