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The Car Shopping Round 128 - 30 Minutes or Less

2017 Kazuki Kita KZ2

A small city runaround with room for the whole family.
Fuel consumption of 55.8 mpg (US) and a reasonable used price of $18,700 means you won’t be breaking the bank any time soon.
98hp and a 0-62 time of just over 11 seconds means you won’t be stranded on a motorway.


Mixiong Winnie - Bearly a Car

On sale now for $17,400.

A collaboration between @conan and @goblin95



Efficiency is the key to greatness. Or so we’ve been told, it was something like that anyway. Drive away now in the exciting little Martos Aneto T90 with its peppy little turbocharged 3-cylinder that offers decent performance and stellar fuel consumption, packaged in a small but mighty vehicle, designed, engineered and manufactured in the great nation of Slovakia Spain now for an incredible price! Even better, the car has been updated and facelifted for 2017!

For the pizza delivery company, 4 models would be available to purchase with change to spare for these MY2017 models. Sensible, practical, efficient, spacious, reliable, stylish and inexpensive. What more could you possibly want? apart from maybe some creature comforts

lemon culos



Kuma K



2019 Adenine Asante

Premium style and equipment for the tightest of budgets.
1.2T automatic starting at $15000



2019 Rhisuki Rai

Starting at $18600, the Rhisuki Rai comes with a fuel efficient NA 1.2L I3, with an average of 59 mpg(US). For the market segment and cost, the Rai comes with a very comfortable ride and interior making it the perfect choice for a fleet car.

Edit: Now with mirrors!


the 2017 AT K-80, starting at $17500, the K-80 is powered by a 659cc inline 3 turbo making 84hp at 7100rpm.
it has a fwd drivetrain and a 5 speed automatic gearbox. it can goes from 0-100 in just 13 seconds. It also got a comfortable interior so that you can have a great ride.

It's not that fast.

49.3 horsepower. That’s all you get out of the 832.4cc, naturally-aspirated three-cylinder packed up front. Though we imagine you’re interested for other reasons. Perhaps its 81.8 MPG is ideal for saving fuel in a dense city. Perhaps its 12.6 emissions land it in a low tax bracket. Perhaps its service costs under $400 reduce stress on the rare occasion it runs into issues. Perhaps its $18,700 asking price would provide plenty of units for fleet usage.

Whatever the reason, your friends at Motorpop want your first impressions to last. That’s why we paired up with our friends at Seikatsu to refresh its design with a sharp, modern take. Well-tailored for any occasion, from interviewing at a top tech company to delivering pizza, it is a suit donned over its humble running gear. With it, no-one would expect such a premium-looking car to reach 100 km/h in 15.1 seconds.

However, given what this packs, lower speeds are all you need.


Thanks to @Tzuyu_main for designing the car!

Bold of you to assume I could design something normal.


Poland ZStronk and can into cars

PZS Impuls Cargo

2016 car, PZS’ smallest model in a delivery variant with a 1.2t I3 delivering 90 hp and 3.4 l/100km efficiency. All for 16 800 €.

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I present for consideration the Nakamoto sprIte (stylized). You should be able to afford 4 on your budget.


Thanks for submitting. Expect result soon


Makes sense.

isn’t that the name of a Kadett?

Kadett is named Swing. Also, there’s FAAL Foreia.


Not quite, because if you go look at the Kadett lineup the Sway is listed as a mid-size car.

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Ah, I’m blind then :smile:

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CSR 128 Round 1


Glass half filled Giovanni sits at his bar, typing away on his little Laptop he normally uses for business…
With a precise “Where can i buy cars?” google search, Giovanni lands on the front page of CarsAndMore.de . A large car sales platform for private and business people. Excited Giovanni clicks on the “Show 2.634.234 available cars” button.

3 pages in, Giovanni notices the filters…
44 cars. That sounds more manageable. With another sip from his glass he starts scrolling through the ads.

The newest ad on page 1 was the Metrobox GT (@captain_wumbo)

At first glance, this was okay. Great! Already found a good car. And he could even afford 4 of it. Even better!
But as soon as Giovanni hit the “Contact seller” button, the picture of the Metrobox get zoomed in and he can now see the whole car in its… roughness. Everything looks already mangled and broken. Quickly he closes the Popup. Whew… This isn’t as easy as he thought.

Quickly he scrolled to the next and heeey. 2019 Knightwick C-. (@mart1n2005)


He was a bit disappointed when he saw that the price for 3 C-'s was for the “Start” trim and not the Sport one, but netherless it looked quite nice. Nice and modern enough to spark an interest and to put the C-Start with his Favorite list, to take a deeper look later on it.

Next entry on the page was the Bermag Nano (@Ryan93)

Giovanni clicked on the picture of the yellow car and was quite surprised. While small the car had enough room in the back and looked quite stunning. It looks like something quite more expensive than it actually is And being able to get 4 of these, the Nano already looked like a strong contender. With a click, it was saved to his list.

Next row was the Jollie 2Flex LDV (@s-h)

The kinda-offroader was an interesting idea to him. Maybe he needed to get to some party in the woods outside the city. Well. Actually driving there would probably take an hour or so, but at least it would be easy to get the food out the back! And being able to get 4 of these. On the other hand the car has been just fine from what he could see. Kinda reminded him at the car his Gardener drove… Maybe it would be better suited for that and with that he closes the ad.

The next listing was the polar-oppisite of the Jollie. A Kuma K (@Xepy)

Ha. A small little coupe? I mean. Why not. It seems to hit all the marks. And why not have something more recognizable. Sure, it might be a cramped in the back, but having 4 of these standing in front of the building sounded great. On the list it goes.

Next lot was the Zephorus ET Cruise (@Sky-High)

Jeez, this thing looks like the future. Somewhere between Japanese Eco-box and American Tech-Company. The ET Cruise was looking great, what wasn’t so great was that it was a) rather biggish b) on the top of the budget and c) he could only get 3 of these. But who knows, maybe the extra money makes it worth. On the list it went.

Scrolling down Giovanni was greated by the Wiseguy Roadster. (@SenseiB12)


Giovanni didn’t like getting lied to, first even he knew this wasn’t a roadster and if the guy who build it really was a watchmaker, the gears in those would probably not touch. Even from the picture the giant uneven panel gaps were visible and while the front was okay, the rear wasn’t giving him the fizz. The Kuma was already a gamble, this is already a lost bet.

Next was the Rhisuki Rai (@Repti)

Again a more, offroady kinda vehicle, but unlike the Jollie a more, street bound design. Giovanni wasn’t really impressed. Sure, it looked nicer that the Jollie, but kinda brings the same problems with it. Again he reflected in the cars he already had on his list. He would rather spend more time with those and this. But maybe his wife would like this.

Underneath a Pikemen Gravel was listed (@HybridTronny)

A neat coupe was displayed in front of Giovanni. He was wondering how a little 1L engine could power this rather big car. But other that, this might be the more “low-tech” rival of the Zephorus. It was also almost as expensive as one, so only 3 could be bought of these. Why not he guessed. On the list it went.

To the next entry. The Rossa Motors Fennec.(@Hobert)

While the thought of having a car with the same name as his mascot sounded funny, he really couldn’t get over the front. It reminded him of the time he got bit by a horse as a teen, and his finger had these deep indents from its teeth. And also the fact that he could only get 3 of these didn’t really sweeten the deal for him. Oh well, whatever.

Next one was the GMD Pixxo Type V (@george_m997)

Weirdly the ad say “22.037$”. What is even more weird that the website lists the car with a price of 26.200€.
Soooo someone has to be wrong, and Giovanni didn’t care enough to find out.

Next: The Martos Aneto 90 (@Cheeseman)

The quirky 4 door, looked promising. The separated daylight lights and round reflectors in the bumper were quite neat. And being able to afford 4 was a bonus. Maybe it was even better than the Knightwick. The color might have been a turnoff, but nothing you couldn’t put a foil over. Onto the list it goes.

Underneath was the listing for an Olsson 1100 Squall (@ACoolCrab)


Giovanni heard about Olsson, one of his neighbours had a 90’s one. The guy swore on his life that the only thing he had to change in 15 years of ownership, was the oil. So if this also can do it, it would be an easy choice. But first it would need to show if it could take on the Martos and Knightwick. Added to list.

Next ad, the Hinode Lupin (@S_U_C_C_U_L_E_N_T)

A quite cute little car. Giovanni kinda hoped it would make a “Meep Meep” sound everytime it honked.
But again the same question. Is this better than the other three cars in this segment? The cute design is a great eye catcher, but again he could only get 3 of these, while, to be fair, he would have some budget left for other things. Well, to find out if that’s viable, he would need to open an excel file… That’s something for later, added to list.

And now, for something completly diffrent: Arco Cince (@Portalkat42)


Going for the same kinda, cute retro modern style like the Lupin, the Cince hit a soft spot in Giovanni. And again like the Kuma, having these might be great PR! Let’s just hope his team likes to fold into one of these all day long. Added to list.

With the Popup closed Giovanni sees the ad for the MAGH Lota (@s31)

Again he is being lied to. The ad says that the car is a 2020 model, but the website states its a 2019.
But looking at the car, with its high plastic bumpers and old style headlights, Giovanni just scrolled away.

Next car: The Mei Ling QC5 82T (@yangx2)

Giovanni was confused. The Mei Ling looked like a full size van, even though… it wasn’t. And while the aggressive ad was filled with words he never heard before, he kinda found a liking to the small panel van. Maybe the space in the back would be kinda wasted, but being able to get 4 of these, that would be free real estate. Maybe he can even get that ‘Fortnite’ for the fleet. Whatever that was. Added to list.

With the first page done, Giovanni changed it to the next. First listing: The FSB C11 (@Wachu)

The C11 tired to be 3 things at once, Retro, Modern and… offroad? And while he didn’t hate the car, it also didn’t spark anything in him. Maybe in another life.

Next listing was the Forea Sway (@vouge)


Going for clean modern look, it didn’t really please Giovanni. Exspecially if he thinks about the Mei Ling or Zephorus. But in comparision to the other this was pretty much a white blob. Normally good enough, but with the other vehicles on his list? Nah. Next.

Next on the List was the Azanti… um… ‘Some sign’ 209 Pure (@titleguy1)

Besides the unpronouncable name, the car looked quite interresting. What did they call this Avantgrande? Something french and weird. And that was also Giovanni’s problem. He couldn’t really decide between “So weird its great” and “So weird, its too much”. And he didn’t really had to time, or was drunk enough, to hold a hour long monolog.

After an hour long monolog about the Azanti, Giovanni decided to move on: Kazuki Kita KZ2 (@SyberRacer)


The small, sporty hatchback was a welcoming change, between all the mircocars and asphalt-offroader.
The Kita was sleek and the ad promised a price where Giovanni could afford 4 and still a have a nice car with high mileage.
This might be something the C-Start, Aneto, Olsson, and Lupin, need to look out for. Added.

Next on: The Yonfi Cuzo (@ThatCarMadGamer)

The Cuzo is a car… which is not really enough to win Giovanni over at this point.

Next car: The Entara C3x (@Reizei)

A Crossover, just barely squeezing into the wheelbase filter Giovanni set up. Again, this is one of these cars where Giovanni really has to ring with himself. There are a lot of seemingly good smaller car options.
Reluctantly, he added the car to the list. Who knows. Maybe this is something.

After getting another glass of wine, Giovanni looked at the next listing: The Venom Lolitta Bizzline (@RAZR)

Another Panel Van Hatchback kinda deal, but this time he knew he wouldn’t bookmark this. Considering the more fancier option he has already selected the Venom falls into “It’s a car” category. Especially in considering the he could only get 3 of these.

A quater scroll down, the next listing: A Adenine Asante (@phale)


Being another case of the “Its just another car”, car, Giovanni interrested was … Wait this is only 15.000€?
He could get 5 of these if they are worth it… stroking his chin the car was added to the list.

Next: Moravia Skeble CE (@Maverick74)

The Skeble is a… if Giovanni was to get the Asante he might need to hire another guy, or he would need to drive himself. Nah he would hire someone… oh right the Skeble. Eh. Noooo

Scrolling down: The Autodelta Bantams (@Marv666)


Giovanni stares at the car and the car stares back.
After shaking himself back into the present, Giovanni decides to not look further into the eyes of this Retro refrigerator.

Quickly Giovanni went to the next lot: The GMI ZX128 (@LinkLuke)

Again a car shape he has already seen multiple times. So what the gadget of this one?
It’s way more powerful than the rest. So powerful that it’s not really suitable for this job. Yes, this is Germany and bla bla bla Autobahn but we are mostly moving through the city or on restricted parts of the Autobahn. Pass.

Onto the next ad: The Grehet Roamer (@koolkei)

Again a SUV/Offroader was displayed infront of Giovanni. Not really much to add. Is okay, just looses to everything else.

The next lot is a Franklin Marshall StreetCar (@Jaimz)

Possible the best Ad for Social Distancing, because Giovanni wants to stay as far from it away as possible.

After another glub Giovanni looks at the next ad: The PZS Impuls (@Hshan)


The Impuls is very bland. If the Cuzo was the most car-car. This is the bland option. Giovanni might not really care what he drives, but he cares about the image of the pizzaria. Also those wheels seeem veeeeery small to him.

Next lot: Helvete Citta (@Flying_Reinbeers)

“Honey i retromodded the shitbox”,Giovanni said to himself. Someone tried a Retromodern Style, maybe?, but didn’t really managed it. Change the LED Circles to old timey round lights, Boom, car is suddenly 50 years older. There are already better retromodern options on the list.

Next page, first lot: The Chambord Sytian Turbo (@Fenix4)

Another car-mccarface displaxed itself infront of Giovanni, There really isnt a lot about this. Design is fine, but having something like the Bermag Nano on the list, makes it hard for cars like this. Nah.

Time for the next one: The Cren StepUp. (@Executive)

“Didn’t he had this already? Oh no the other one was the Entara.” Considering these two are basicly the same idea, why not battle it out. Giovanni adds the StepUp to the List.

Uh this is diffrent : Anhultz Puck (@Elizipeazie)

The Puck was another Retromodern design. But diffrent. Its not trying to be a 90’s car with modern touches, its a modern design with touches from the 80’s.Giovanni liked the Looks and the promised excellent fuel ecomony also was to his liking. Added

Next ad is for the Legion Pimento (@donutsnail)

“This is bait. Looking at the first picture you would think this is a edgy sporthatch, but if you look closely you notice how giant the lights are, and how lifted it is.” Giovanni doesn’t like being lied to.

Contiuing : The Mixiong Winnie (@conan @goblin95)


A quite cute little bubble car. Looking at it Giovanni thinks about the Teddy he had when he was like 3 or so.
And the price also allows for 4. Giovanni adds the Winnie to the list while thinking about the past.

Drunk from the past and wine, Giovanni scrolls further: Motorpop Go ( @chiefzach2018 @Tzuyu_main)

The ad pictures again a small car, which looks bigger than it is. Kinda like the Mei Ling. The same might also be the best comparision to this even though this is more of a normal Hatchback. Onto the list is goes

While pouring the rest of the wine into this glass, Giovanni selects the next lot: Kyung-Yeong Meko (@Aruna)


A more subtle car, but that’s not a bad thing. Its face might be on a constant look of surprise, but that’s okay. At least it has some kind of personality. And also being able to get 4 of these slightly bigger cars might be also a good idea. Added.

Scrolling down : Alean Pican III (@alen.alic1983)

How did they get my logo on the car. That can’t be legal… Besides that. This is kinda like the Azanti, but instead of nailing it, someone tried doing the Avantgarde look. Giovanni was not convinced.

Next up : RCN Hunt (@66mazda)


This is a better Legion. Looks sleek and sharp. Sadly this is on the very top of the budget so it really needs to show Giovanni, thats its worth that. It was nice the ad shared a lot of the specs already, but half of them were in moonrunes to him which he couldn’t read. The Hunt was still added to his Favorites.

Only 3 more lots on the last page: Kessel K3T @GassTiresandOil

Giovanni looked bored at the Kessel, looked at all the cars on his list and decided to add this to the “Yes is car” list. Again a car he might have looked at if the competiors weren’t that strong.

Going with the trend: Miku Galaxy

Again Giovanni mindlessy stared at the Miku. Its a car. In purple. And for paying the max of his budget Giovanni wants something more.

Last car : The GEC GK1 (@abg7)

One last time Giovanni, takes in the car in front of him. Trying to capture the whole of the vehhhhhhh…

With that Giovanni falls asleep on this laptop.

People who survived:

@conan / @goblin95
@chiefzach2018 / @Tzuyu_main


Ahah, rushed styling killed a car decently engineered for the task. I could expect as much, the most I hoped was a look at the stats, but… oh well :stuck_out_tongue: Yes, my car really looks poor :joy:

I’d really like some light addition of the cars’ parameters, but the reviews are quite not bad anyway.


Hey, Giovanni doesn’t need to buy 5 Asantes. He can just buy 4, and keep the extra $15000 for himself, or Vito, or whatever :money_mouth_face:


That sums up my car in a nutshell. Dull on the outside, and surprisingly outclassed by others on the inside. I thought $18k and 64 US mpg was good enough, but I was way wrong on both counts.

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