The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven

Just gonna say it the i3 is the best sounding engine in game i am in love


what is wrong with you


a freaking i3 of all things

What they ound like 2 strokes and the v8 doesnt yet sound as awesome. Build a 2l3 with no exhuast oh oh.oh man is that good


i will say: listen to an old Laverda Jota. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Quite simply, the CSR7.
As far as I can tell, it costs less than Phale’s entry, and is less than a second slower. Oh, and it sounds wicked
ramthecowy - (27.6 KB)
I hope I meet all requirements.

@HighOctaneLove if you’re still in the mood to review, even three bullet points of concise advice would really be appreciated!

And of course, to anyone else who is willing to give feedback, please do :smile:

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too many weight saving that hurt comfort, overly stiff suspension that hurt drivability, a bit too many negative camber that probably bit uncommon for a stock vehicle and little mix and match with parts and qaulity slider. i keep trying to make it road legal as possible even with thin rubber and obviously it fit the CSR 23 rule but the stats is probably equal to a top model/trim of an crappy cheap ecobox car except its more sporty and faster.

link for both car


Uhh I thought limited production was still ok, just excluding titanium rods and race headers.

Should’ve gone for AHS chassis, also one reverse flow muffler instead of the single straight through muffler (that sound, though). Though I might’ve been less able to keep up with the top four when doing so (also counting in @abg7 ), but I guess being one of the top NA engine powered entries is something :stuck_out_tongue:

Hold on, there’s still some rice in the bowl…

Tastes like litres of unleaded 98, this sure gives the SPITFIRE Direct Injection System some literal meaning. And it still uses the same bottom end parts!

( I also thought for going with an inline 3 just for novelty! It actually wouldn’t have performed much worse than the inline 4 version I submitted, and maybe quieter :wink: )
EDIT: Shared the Inline 3 alternative here!

Congratulations, @abg7, @Rk38, @strop and @EnryGT5! What’s for dinner next round?

I posted the 2000GT in the Open Source cars thread. I didn’t expect to win against the AE88 and GTC, but it happened. I’ll try to come up with a decent setting for Round 24 soon.


Apparently my excuse worked :stuck_out_tongue: My car was poorly styled because quite simply I spent far too much time on the engine (all of 20 minutes or so) and then right after I finished just going through all the tabs and selecting things the game crashed, so I was a bit too pissed to continue then. When I came back to it, I couldn’t be bothered to style the car, so I just plonked random fixtures and generally half-assed both the styling and the trim, as I couldn’t afford to properly optimise it. So if you felt the car was unfinished, @HighOctaneLove, that’s because it indeed was.

About the GT86, I really like toyota’s thinking and admire the car a lot. I’m all for straight-forward, affordable, fun to drive coupes, the world needs more of them!


I did it :smiley:

Interestingly, by making the car less powerful, rather than more :slight_smile: (dat 43.7 mpg tho)


On the subject of affordable rear-drive coupes, Mazda hasn’t turned the current ND MX-5 into one (the RF is a semi-targa); it wouldn’t be hard to do so, and the resulting car would be a direct replacement for the NB coupe produced for the Japanese market during the early 00s. Even worse, Nissan has not replaced the S15 Silvia at all, in the mistaken belief that crossovers have replaced sports coupes on their customers’ shopping lists for the foreseeable future. This is unacceptable to many enthusiasts, and the only way to fix that IMO is to build the S16 on a shortened 370Z platform and give the resulting car a turbo four, ensuring it gets the straight-line pace it deserves. Instead of just two, we should have been able to choose from four small, affordable RWD coupes.

Damn! My entry only matches yours on the lap time and price, I’m still amazed how good your stats are all round! Typical Phale :wink:

Thankyou for clarifying that Leo. It explains everything and I totally understand your frustration at having the game crash!

I’ll check it over and post a review soon!

Bonus Round II

I’m a sucker for punishment at times but I can’t leave anyone behind, damn it!!! :persevere:

Chosen by @ramthecowy: 4:35.35

A nicely styled coupe that is really fast down Haruna but cannot match the front runners for economy or price. Unfortunately, if this car had have been part of the competition it would have failed on a number of counts.

  1. Glued aluminium for the chassis would have seen the car knocked out in round two

  2. Brake fade and a 5 speed box would have knocked this car out in round four. In particular, there was free performance and economy to be had with the switch to a 6 speed 'box!

I hope this feedback helps you Ramthecowy; keep entering CSR’s and you’ll learn a lot about building “A Grade” cars!

And now I’m done. Congrats @EnryGT5, the stage is yours! I’m off to play Civ VI :heart_eyes:


Have fun, for the mighty love of high octane! And thanks for the round :smiley:


Not just that, because the game put me off when I had time and when I realised I wouldn’t have any other time to do it, I was tired, stressed and had few minutes. Sorry for sending a not-so-good car.

Also, forgot to say before, congratulations to @EnryGT5!

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You hit the nail on the head with all your reviews this round. Fancy stuff like glued aluminum chassis or any engine part which requires a CNC shop to manufacture doesn’t really belong in the bargain-basement performance car sector without a very good reason - save them for upmarket sectors instead.

Well I do have a serious question on that point. Is it viable to produce decent but still budget cars with aluminium if that would save on tooling costs as opposed to say having both Steel and aluminium tooling? IIRC a number of companies have done this.

I am absolutely sure it can be done.

You literally just rephrased strops question to a statement.

i just got an idea. i’ll be counting

strike #2