The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven

Easiest to drive, least likely to own ehy? :slight_smile:

yup @conan you’re up. (again)

i’m biting a little bit too much to chew with my own challenge already :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome round @TheElt and big congrats to Norman Vauxhall, a well deserved win. I am also honoured to have had the Nedeira ploughed into its own dealership for the sake of some drama, a truly fitting end for a dreadful car :smiley:


Congratulations to the host @theElt, and to the winner @NormanVauxhall!

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I wonder how many times I’ve finished second now, must have been around 10. Don’t you happen to know that, given how good you are with statistics?

Also, forgot to compliment Elt for a well ran challenge and well written reviews, especially for a first time.


CSR64: Tears in Heaven.

This round is UE4!

The year is 2020.

Staring into the wall of his expensive condo seems to be the most interesting thing Martin Maddox got to do right now…

This man works hard all his life. He has achieved everything he wished to achieve. He’s a successful CEO of a multinational company Maddox Corporation. The company works as an engineering consultant for various other companies all around the world. Creating production line or giving advice on how to improve many products such as medical equipment, automobile, chemical engineering, space shuttle for NASA etc. It’s safe to say he’s one of the richest man on the planet right now.

He started off as merely an engineer for a car company, Tishillyman AG of Germany. But his ambition was always leading him to new opportunity, and with his prowess as a superb engineer and inventor, it’s not long until he realized he was way too good for a little car company.

And here we are… 40 years after he found Maddox Corp. Mr. Maddox has everything he wished for.

But why does he feel so empty?

Maybe it’s the fact that on his way to success, Mr. Maddox had to alienate a lot of people. Being 70 right now, He barely have any real friends left. As he sat here, listening to, very aptly, All By Myself by Eric Carmen.

But that’s nothing though, he had a few things in life that make it worth living for… But… He doesn’t wish to think about it too much, it still pains him today even though it happens a long time ago.

But Mr. Maddox still has hope. Maybe there’s one thing that could fix all of this… Maybe he should finally fulfill something in his life. Saying that he achieved everything he wished for in life is a bit wrong… There’s one another thing that Martin Maddox wish for…

And if it doesn’t work, maybe there’s no hope for him anymore…

Martin Maddox is a bonafide car guy and he has his wants and needs. His collection of cars is quite huge already, spanning damn nearly 200 cars in his storage space all over the country. But isn’t it obvious? There’s no point dwelling in it, it’s now or never. There’s another car that he’s looking for…

Mr. Maddox is looking for a car. A very nice, sorted car. Doesn’t have to be expensive or fast or modern or comfortable. But it must have a few characteristics he looks for in a car. He doesn’t know specifically what he needs, but he knows which car is the right one when he sees it.


  • Year: 1946-2020
  • The car top speed must be at least 140km/h.
  • No Limit on Price.
  • No limit on PU/ET.
  • The car must be road-legal at the time of it’s manufacturing.
  • Must post an advert.
  • UE4!
  • Usual naming convention. Username-carname.
  • All mods allowed.


  • I know it’s vague (but it isn’t). But if you caught on what’s going on, then you’ll be able to create something that’s perfect for the job. I am not expecting that it will be 100% perfect. Like in the real world we can’t design the car ourselves to be exactly right. So, we must improvise.
  • As Mr. Maddox is incredibly rich. There’s no limit on price or PU/ET. But like I said, there are certain characteristics that he looks for in a car. So you can create a hugely expensive car that has incredible acceleration and prestige, it ain’t going to win with just those things.
  • Make a sorted, well engineered car that is simple to fix! This car is going to places nobody is ever going to go before. Back in time.
  • You may really make whatever you think is the perfect car for the job. 4X4, Minivan, Small Little Sports Car, or little Sedan.
  • A huge requirement is that the car must be easy to mend, and works in all situation. ALL situation. No need for it to be excellent in every category, but must be at least capable of not getting the car in sticky situation. Anything you could think off. Also it will help a bit if you make the car looks frickin cool and be able to reach it’s top speed rather quickly. To explain what easy to mend means. It means that you must be able to fix the car with simple tool. And with lacking technological resources. But then again something might not be likely to break easily especially if it’s in perfect 100% restored condition.
  • If it’s not in the rule, it’s not required.
  • This again is a highly subjective round. And a highly realistic one as well. Be sensible, be VERY sensible.
  • In game stats are important, but not THAT important. As I said, this is a very subjective round. Do not go for absolute number.
  • Definitely don’t min-max. Engineering choices are very crucial to what car is good and what is bad.
  • If you think it’s too vague still. Definitely ask for more tips. I’ll answer what I can.

If you do catch on what’s going on, do not make a modified car or your own story. I will not only bin the car immediately but also ignore any mentioning of the car if any entries is clearly not supposed to be there. It’s my job to write you a compelling story, let me do my job, please. You job is to make a very nice car and market it the way that typical customer would be enticed to. A few reference here and there that is entirely in context is okay, but don’t go overboard.

That said, I reserved my right to modify the winning car in every single way that I have to. If you have problem with that maybe you have to sit this one out.

Deadline for entries is 18th February 2018 @ 17:00 GMT.


So… This is basically one giant free-for-all, and totally unprecedented in the history of CSR. However, your rule set is now so liberal, I am now very confused as to how exactly I am going to approach this round. Decisions, decisions…

As the discord been saying. I’ve added another guide that will hopefully… guide you in the right direction.

Hehehe. I got it :smiley: This is a great idea for a round!

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1983 Cossack Marron 2000 in City Night Purple

Distant successor of the Cossack 1200 TT, Cossack Marron continues the Cossack Motors’ offroader line. This particular one is fitted with a 2-liter D20U-83 engine, developing 82 horsepower and capable of getting the car to 155 kilometers per hour.


The concept sounds really interesting, but I am utterly confused about it as well, suspecting I am missing some reference. Hope there will be a hint or two before deadline, will wait for that before beginning to design the car to make something that actually suits the round.


2004 Itsa Baja in Brilliant Red.

Itsa presents, the first true offroad sports car. The Itsa Baja combines the best of both worlds. With a powerful V8 engine, 4-wheel drive, and enough offroad capability to get you out of any sticky situation, you can truly Go Anywhere. Do Anything.


This is NOT an off-road round. Although the requirement are similar to a car journey around the world, the mindset of building this car is totally different. And giving an excessive amount of off-road stat will not help because where we’re going we do have roads. Why exactly would Maddox want to get stuck in a mud? It’s far too proletariat. The place where he’s going will have roads network. The Roman have had road networks for thousands of years. What they don’t have is a welder, solder or frickin laser beam wheel alignment tool, etc.etc.

With that in mind you should focus on making your car actually good rather than be able to go anywhere as in traversing all the roughest, muddiest terrain around. It’s not an off-roading round.

Maybe having a bit of space could also a good idea. Pioneering journey usually have a lot of… obstacle. But you don’t need to go overboard or look at ingame stat. I’ll just check from the car aesthetic. But it’s not going to be of very much importance.

tl;dr make me a better Delorean.

As the rule have been changed quite drastically. It might be good to reread it again.



When you plan on travelling a long distance in a car, what are 3 things you think of?

If sitting in the same seat for hours on end you may start to get uncomfortable, whether that be from hard springs and shoddy seats, from poor build quality or sluggish engine and transmission.

Reliability and Simplicity
When driving for long stretches of time you car will most likely break down (unless it’s a Hilux), this is why it is important the engine is easy to fix along with most other parts on the car.

On a road trip you often have lots of equipment so a little sports car with a small trunk may not suit fit. A big trunk and lots of space is a must and will help if you plan on hauling tools or clothes.

So what does this mean for the 1975 LLA 412 Elite?

Well, with a simple 4.0 i6 producing around 170 Bhp, a 4 speed slushmatic and luxury interior the 412 Elite certainly is comfortable, easy to drive and rather simple to work on.
Furthermore with all round disk brakes and double wishbone suspension the 412 also handles smoothly and can corner without rolling over.
Finally with the Elite you get a wagon body allowing plenty of cargo space with a simple hatchback rear that makes loading the car simple and easy.

Well the colour had better not be shitty either, right??

Well actually kinda, The 412 Elite comes in either black, white, baby blue and best of all 70’s Turd Brown!!

Priced at $20,000 you get a lot of bang for your buck


The 2017 STRAS Marina

(I’m quite bad at Photoshop…)

Featuring a fully clad floor and an inboard propulsion system, making the Marina capable of land and sea travel

The M-843 power unit produces 350kW and propels the Marina to 100km/h in 3.4 seconds, while managing a fuel economy of 7.9 l/100km.

External storage or fuel tanks can easily be installed on the rear boot-lid

From only $75500


From $8200*

*1968 price


So, what do you consider as a “modified car”? Does a car with an old '50 body but modern '10 internals count?
And Mr. Maddox is quite the well-aged person…

That is totally okay.

Mr. Maddox:

It was brought to my attention from a mutual aquaintance that you were looking for something rather unique, and last week an object was brought to our auction house that may fulfill your needs.
The company that built the object, ABR, described it in the following fashion at the release:

“This is 1988, a time mankind should be pushing the frontiers of what is humanly possible, go boldly where no man has gone before. At ABR, we believe the rally group B should never have been banned. As an hommage to the heroes and pioneers of group B, we present to you the ABR 88 Rallye Strada Speciale, a roadgoing version of the glory that could have been. A limited run of numbered cars, 88 in total, will only be available this year.”

The object up for auction is the last unit built in the limited run. Scrutineered by our team of mechanics, the object is described as “As new” with a double A grading in all categories. Further information and access to a test drive is available at your request, should it be of interest. It has an estimated value between $150.000 - $500.000.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance.

Best regards
Thomas Walgrove
Hyde Automotive Auctions Ltd.