The Classic Car Showcase

In this showcase i just want to see what people will submit when i ask people to create a "classic car"

Rules: Any body up to the year 1995 (because US classic status)

What i am looking for: A unique car putting emphasis on styling ( i don’t care about engineering)
attention to detail,
and good understanding of what you are trying to design. (I want to look at it and know when, where, and what for)

Questions to ask yourself:
Where is it from
When is it from
Why/how was it built
What market is it for

Opens: Tomorrow
Closes two weeks from now at the end the day in your timezone


I take that to mean: “Body unlock year must be 1995 or earlier”. But do the model and/or trim years also have to be 1995 or earlier?

nah just the body choice @abg7

The 1994 Touring V8

The Touring V8 was a small, V8 powered convertible, with a space frame chassis, and fibreglass panels.
It was built by Touring of Barnsley, a company based in an industrial unit, producing limited run vehicles.
It was built to pitch into the market dominated by TVR, and the Griffith and Chimera.

It utilised a 4.2L naturally aspirate V8, producing 265hp and 277lb-ft of torque. It was paired with a 5 speed manual gearbox, and weighed only 1.1 tonnes, less than a Ford Fiesta. A lightweight car, with a lot of power meant that the vehicle rocketed to 60mph in under 5.5 seconds, and continued on to 180mph.


The End. You win @Fletchyboy100 lol.


That was fast. Congrats @Fletchyboy100, I guess :joy:


well i said how long it was gonna be … but yes well done (honestly) i accutally like the car because he refers to cars that are exactly what someone should base a car like that off. We will gloss over the fact that its a cappuccino

Yeah… the cappuccino body with the longer wheel base was best fitting for it, as no others really fitted the lines I wanted to take with it.

but yeah i like it none the less

i guess he’s hosting the next one