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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 46]

I’ll keep my pleb hatchback out of it then :wink:
Got a sedan more or less finished, but it’s also a bit…small, technically. I’ll see about submitting tomorrow.

2019 Tristella Ankaa Concept by LaVelle Studios

I couldn't get the FUCKING SPIKES OUT IN PHOTO MODE i gave up after 45 minutes


Just a quick note

Just for fair judging, if I export your car and there’s spikes in the fixtures, I won’t mention it in the judging.


Spander Design and Kaizen Corp. Rapace concept

from @Maxbombe and @66mazda

Kaizen Corporation and Spander Design are proud to present their collaborative design for Automobili Tristella: the Rapace Concept, a full electric SUV designed to withstand time and technology by being ahead of its time!

More pictures


Piedmont Collaberative Design Center present the 2019 Tristella Piuma concept.

This is my first CSC entry, and first competition entry on the forums. Hopefully I formatted that correctly. This is an electric SUV concept, capable of seating 5.

I am a new user to the forum so I am only allowed to embed one image. here’s a link to the imgur gallery https://imgur.com/a/MVrWA9k


Aight it go like this -
Boom, Bam, Bop. Badu bap bom, pow.

Tristella Gruccione by Zephorus

A small but powerful engine, coupled to powerful electric motors.


kekw im fucked


Tristella Gufo Concept by Carozzeria Ogna
Compact sedan, well suited as a Tristella owner’s second or third car for emission-sensitive congested intercity driving. Front badge holds charging port, functional frunk. Production partnership with original client possible.


Yeah I’m aware it’s not all that competitive, no time for new car, I’m just here for the roast

Tristella Parrocchetto designed by Velocità

I basically made a chonky Celestiale, added some triangles and gave it a cool name

0-60 in just 6 seconds, a big hole in the front, a 274hp inline 5, and b i g g t i r e s, what more could you ask for in a Sports SUV that seats 5? totally not a backup Velocità in case this flops

.car file

.car file
Tristella_Collab_-_Parrocchetto.car (138.1 KB)

GL everyone


12 Hours Remain!

I received entries from:
@Maxbombe and @66mazda

@MagikarpDrowned please send me your car on discord if you can’t send it here
@VaporScape Please PM me your car
@TheLapTopX20 I have not received your car


'19 Tristella Coturnix by RetroniX

late to the party but here we go


Submissions Closed

A few hours ago

New benchmark with style.

So a bit of bad news:

Something urgent for my work happened this past weekend and I’m dealing with the aftermath which is taking up a lot of my time right now. Meaning I don’t have time to write the reviews at this moment, so they will be delayed for a bit.



Apologies for the delays once again, work got real busy just the week I happen to judge. So these reviews may also feel slightly rushed due to the time constraints I’m now working with, as I rather get them done than to further delay it.

The Bins

Lost in the mail: (Did not follow naming convention)

Tristella Piuma concept

(Comments: It was a nice clean modern design, but also unfortunately was missing a design element and also would not have enough impact even if it weren’t binned.)

Lost in the mail: (Did not follow naming convention)

Tristella Grande Gufo Concept

(Comments: Just putting elements I had in the list on a wagon doesn’t mean it’d pass for a Tristella, even if it wasn’t binned. Heck I would bin you for submitting a wagon, even if it was an electric one. Let’s be real, they don’t sell.)

Lost in the mail: (Did not follow naming convention)

Tristella Parrocchetto

(Comments: Its… quite clearly a rebadged lifted sedan. I’m not trying to follow the path that Lancia went okay. So would have been a no even if it wasn’t binned)

The Reviews


Tristella Gruccione

(I’m using your pictures, I literally couldn’t get your car to not tear in my game)

At first glance, the Gruccione looks to be what we would like from a Tristella SUV: Its bold, aggressive and hits all the right design elements. The light designs that are especially well done on this, with the inner headlight bits just add a nice touch overall and the taillights is a nice approach of fitting the Tristella design to a taller body. The downsides to this design however, is with just a few odd choices both done and not done. First one is the side front fender vent that goes nowhere. Yes it fits as a shape, but it just looks silly once you realize doors don’t need cooling. Second is the lack of B or C pillars after the clear glass treatment, it just looks incomplete. (Honestly I think this would have been stronger without the interior treatment personally, but I’m very particular about how interiors are done.)

@Maxbombe and @66mazda

Spander Design and Kaizen Corp. Rapace concept


This is one of those designs that took a bit of time to settle in. It both hits the right spots as a Tristella electric SUV, but also makes you think “wow that is a big Tristella”. It does a good job of combining the aggressive design cues with the clean look electric cars have, with it being easily identifiable on it being both a Tristella and it being electric.The interior, with that color scheme, is nicely done and fits well with the electric theme. However, the rear end really looks bare, with the license plate being just… there. Also the front badge is massive.


Tristella Coturnix by RetroniX


This is definitely an interesting body shape to use but it actually works quite well. However, as per the brief, this is definitely not a SUV and doesn’t particularly look to be an electric design, aside from the lack of exhausts as the identifying feature. Another issue is that while the lights are very much a good Tristella style design, the front fascia and rear bumper are too much of a departure, with the holes in the rear bumper being a rather questionable design choice. The grille in particular, while working for the design overall, simply lacks a connection to other Tristella designs.


Tristella Ankaa Concept by LaVelle Studios

(I’m using your pictures, somehow photomode decide to not load some of your fixtures)

Now this definitely hits the mark for what a Tristella SUV would be like. While big, it keeps a rather sporty, sleek profile. The front fascia with its admittedly huge grille has an aggressive design that fits well with the rest of the lineup, with the lights flowing back nicely. The way the windows are raked forward as well makes the SUV look much lower than it actually is. The rear end is also nicely filled without being too busy, even with the taillights being so thin on such a thick rear end. Overall a very nice design.


Tristella Lagopus XS Concept by GMD


I won’t lie, this looks too low end for the markets that Tristella targets. Also electric or not, even with the required design cues, the car does not look like it fits with the brand, looking more like a SUV from another mid-end luxury brand rather than one from a sports-luxury marque. More aggression in the design is definitely needed.


Tristella Palila


Its a good looking car, but here’s the problem I have with it: Take away the badges, and nothing on it even hints at you that you’re looking at a Tristella. There’s not much more I can go into for this since its undeniably a solid design, just not the design I’m looking for.


Tristella Nightjar by Propeller


Initial look around for the Nightjar is a good impression. It certainly hits the mark for the brief, with a distinctive electric look and undeniably Tristella design. The details are also all there, with a clean take on the Tristella light design. There is also good flow from front to back with how the vents are placed, though one complaint I would have is how blocky a few of the elements are, particularly with the hood and rear bumper. Curvier or sharper elements would definitely be preferred.


Tristella Gufo Concept by Carozzeria Ogna


I’ll start with the good, the taillights are pretty nice, and definitely work well. However the rest of the car looks way too cheap for a Tristella and lacks the sharpness or feel of prestige that the brand has. That and the huge badges.


I would have done a finals, but the finals would have either been one car due to my lack of complaints on the design overall or half the entries. And that wouldn’t be a ‘finals’ really if half the entries get in.

The winner is: @titleguy1

The Ankaa definitely hit the right marks for what I had in mind for this CSC: an excellent merger of Tristella styling onto a different style of vehicle than the rest of its lineup. Even with all the issues that the body had.

Rest top 5:
2. @Mikonp7
3. @Maxbombe and @66mazda
4. @Sky-High
5. @yurimacs


thanks for hosting xepy! I will let you know if I have a round ready by tomorrow


Hey, sorry to bring bad news but I won’t have enough time to create a challenge since I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me this week. I’m passing the torch onto @Mikonp7.


I dont really have an idea for now and i aint gonna do another Eurotuner yet
@Maxbombe / @66mazda


Holy shit maybe this is an opportunity for a project I’m working on in college?


Well me and Max have got critical parts down. I’ll run this to my TA this week


Expect the next update to come within 8 days