The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 49]

Think that you could do it better than I can?

What is the Crowd Sourcing Competition?
The Crowd Sourcing Competition (CSC) is very similar to the CSR, since it’s a proven formula that’s worked time and time again. However, instead of submitting lore cars as a proposition for a single consumer, the CSC focuses on creating or perfecting someone else’s lore vehicle. This is not strictly a design competition unless explicitly stated; many of these rounds will be a combination of engineering and style!

This was highly inspired by @BoostandEthanol’s Keika company along with all those who have attempted to re-create their vehicles. Think of it as a second chance to see what people do to your cars!

Here’s how the process works:

  • Every round is designed and ran by the Competition Host (or Hostess). They must present the vehicle that they would like to have created or perfected, along with any additional information that may help the player create the vehicle.
  • All entrants will enter a car and posts the relevant pictures and stats on this thread
  • The competition host can specify the duration of the round, up to seven days (and no longer unless they have special permission)
  • The winner of the challenge will be able to formulate the restrictions on the next competition. If the winner of the challenge does not respond within 48 hours, the second place winner will be chosen. They have complete freedom to ask whatever they would like.

General Rules
A failure to follow these rules may result in disqualification.

Round list

Round 1 - Revitalizing an Icon - titleguy1 → yangx2 → Mr.Computah → Xepy → Chickenbiscuit → Rk38 → ramthecowy
Round 2 - Styling a star - ramthecowy → Chickenbiscuit → TheTechnoVampire → yangx2 → Xepy → MasterDoggo
Round 3 - Keep the legend - MasterDoggo → MrChips
Round 4 - A Special Request - MrChips → Rk38
Round 5 - A Future Vision - Rk38 → MrChips → yangx2 → titleguy1 → CorsicaUnknown
Round 6 - Mid-Engined Dreams - CorsicaUnknown → Mikonp7
Round 7 - Apex Racing: Sunrise - Mikonp7 → titleguy1
Round 8 - Breaking Bad - titleguy1 → Rk38 → CorsicaUnknown → Mikonp7
Round 9 - Horsepower - Mikonp7 → Dorifto_Dorito
Round 10 - Bodybuilders - Dorifto_Dorito → MasterDoggo
Round 11 - Grab The Vehicle 6: Sins City - MasterDoggo → Mikonp7
Round 12 - Real Straya Hours - Mikonp7 → BF94387
Round 13 - Jaxer Unleashed - BF94387 → MGR_99
Round 14 - The Last of the Warriors - MGR_99 → titleguy1
Round 15 - Outta Time - titleguy1 → CorsicaUnknown → thecarlover
Round 16 - A Fleeting Moment in Diesel City - thecarlover → Rk38 → EnCR → Blocky550
Round 17 - Bringing the Past Into the future - Blocky550 → ChickenBiscuit
Round 18 - Searching for a Legend - ChickenBiscuit → Rk38 → Maxbombe
Round 19 - Fruinia, 2035 - Maxbombe → Nacho → micz233 → Rise_Comics
Round 20 - Dracula Rises - Rise_Comics → Kyuu77→ titleguy1 → Mikonp7
Round 21 - Atomic Summer - Mikonp7 → Sky-High → Maxbombe → EnCR
Round 22 - Roadster Raunt - EnCR → donutsnail
Round 23 - Electric Rush - donutsnail → Boiled_Steak → mart1n2005
Round 24 - No More Fun - mart1n2005 → yangx2
Round 25 - Wuzhou Export [五洲出口] - yangx2 → Lazar → titleguy1 → Dorifto_Dorito
Round 26 - A Blast from the Past - Dorifto_Dorito → Arvok1
Round 27 - A New Decade, a New Halo - Arvok1 → thecarlover
Round 28 - Rebirth of the Griffin - thecarlover → titleguy1 → Hshan
Round 29 - Sharks Circling All Around - Hshan → CorsicaUnknown
Round 30 - Korea Calling - CorsicaUnknown → That-S-cop
Round 31 - Mildly Quirky Citrus - That-S-cop → vogue → GetWrekt01 & Sky-High
Round 32 - Back from the Dead - GetWrekt01 & Sky-High → Maxbombe
Round 33 - The Revolution of Spander - Maxbombe → ThatCarMadGamer
Round 34 - Ground Boats - ThatCarMadGamer → Mikonp7
Round 35 - The Auto Zone - Mikonp7 → Xepy
Round 36 - Invest in the Future - Xepy → titleguy1 → Mikonp7 → Maxbombe & 66mazda
Round 37 - American Comeback - Maxbombe & 66mazda → Reizei
Round 38 - French Dreams - Reizei → Maxbombe → Mikonp7 → HybridTronny
Round 39 - Ute-fulness - HybridTronny → kookie → EnCR
Round 40 - Beginning of a new era - EnCR→ Riley → Mikonp7 → HybridTronny
Round 41 - Malaysian “Supercar” - HybridTronny


CSC 1 - Revitalizing an Icon


2011 - Kimura begins development on their iconic sports car, the Helruna, with expected release in mid-2015. However, there’s a bit of a dilemma; every year since conception, the Helruna has grown up. No doubt that it’s always been a more mature offering in a fairly frisky field, but the new 2015 Helruna has to make a statement. In addition, it has to improve on the previous models, with dynamic excellence at top priority. A balance of sportiness, drivability, and comfort aren’t just expected; it’s mandatory. Being the very first Helruna with a turbocharged engine as standard also provides a bit of difficulty, as you must cater to those who scream sacrilege and completely shut down power-hungry peoples.

Your task is to be a team of people; design and engineer what you believe to be the perfect version of the next sports machine.

You will be creating a mid-trim “SCt” version of the SJ18 Generation Kimura Helruna. This should include the provided 1.8 Liter Turbocharged inline-4 engine, 6-speed manual, and a limited slip differential.

I will be driving these cars in BeamNG, which will slightly affect my judging.

Naming conventions are as expected.

Model: CSC1 - [username]
Trim: Free
Engine: Keep the engine name the same.
Variant: CSC1 - [username]

Delete This Car - Kimura

Previous generations As requested by @BoostandEthanol
Kimura Helruna RJ10 -
Kimura Helruna RJ20 - LXi
Kimura Helruna SY7 - SXi

Please play on the Open Beta version of the game. The deadline for this round will be February 17th unless further stated.

Good luck, and have fun!


The Helruna is meant to be road-legal, so I’m expecting race intakes and headers to be prohibited items for this first round.

Yes, thank you. Added to the rules.

I like this idea. A lot. You should do more of these

Not going to update to open beta so I won’t compete. Looks good, though.

Could this be it? Let’s find out.


For the car and engine, do we change the model and variant years to 2015, or does the engine have to be kept with the family and variant years of the base car we download?

Edit: Some criticism about the challenge itself. I feel that it should be played similar to how the current CSR challenges are layed out, with this thread being the main discussion thread with full challenge rules, while there a separate threads for each round.

The variant year seems to have changed to 2017 accidentally by me, so please change only the variant to 2015. As for playing it out as a CSR, I think I will be continuing it like the original CSR where the rounds are put into this thread until/if it fills up.

What do I do about the body? Does that stay 2013, or do I change that to 2015?

The car isn’t meant to be kept, it’s just a way to transfer the engine to you.

The car’s model and trim should be set at 2015 regardless as stated in the rules.

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Here is my submission for this round.


Some pictures lol. It ended up looking like a mercedes so I fixed it.

More Screenshots


I think this is how it’s done, right?


My take on it


yeah i’m not even going to try to compete style wise. someone help me pls

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Will the challenge’s winner host the next session or he’ll just decide the restrictions?

The challenge’s winner will host the next round.

Quick warning post that the deadline is coming up in a few days! Testing has been adamant…