CSC51 - The Q Ship

CSC 51 - The Q Ship


Germany, 2022


Q-Ships were heavily armed watercraft that were disguised as unassuming civilian ships during WW2. They went on to give their name to a well renowned category of cars, known for being supremely quick and fast, with styling that is not too atention-seeking, by virtue of being based on normal premium saloons and wagons.

German car manufacturer Drachen is looking to revitalise their image for 2023, and they are in need of such a design. As part of this revamp, they are looking for a new flagship, completely replacing their previous model designations. This model range will eventually include a wagon and a saloon or liftback, though they will currently be satisfied with only one of the two body styles during this phase of the project, with the other to be developed at a later date.

This new model must follow the tenets of the modern Q-Car, with spacious, comfortable interiors, styling that reflects the sporting intentions of the vehicle while not being incredibly more agressive than the base model full-size saloon or wagon, and the capability to reach and maintain high speeds in the Autobahn. Market preferences demand a loud exhaust, but the ability to switch to a quieter note is necessary.

As stated, this model will replace the previous L60 model designation. Executives prefer that a new name be chosen, as they want to move away from prior alphanumeric designations for western markets.

Drachen logo

Which is part of the following mod pack: (Remaster) Dragon Badge Pack: Made in Germany

Previous Drachen models



  • Model/Trim and Family/Variant must be set to the year 2020

  • Sedans, liftbacks and wagons only, they must have at least four doors

  • Five full seats are required

  • Wheelbase must be longer than 2.90 metres without rounding

  • Length must be between 4.90 and 5.10 metres

  • Longitudinal front engine only

  • AWD is required

  • No semi-slicks or race parts whatsoever

  • Engines must have between six and 12 cylinders

  • Engine power must be no less than 550 hp and no more than 750 hp

  • Maximum loudness of 45

  • Bypass valves are required

  • Fuel must be unleaded and at most 98 RON

  • Top speed must be at least 300 km/h

  • Techpool is NOT allowed, all values must be set to zero

  • Maximum budget of $130,000

  • Maximum engine ET is 200

  • Maximum trim ET is 230

  • Making a detailed interior is not required, but it is encouraged

  • Submit one car, in whichever of the three body styles

  • Model name: CSC51 – [your forum name]

  • Trim name: Drachen [your model name]

  • Engine family name: CSC51 – [your forum name]

  • Engine variant name: [free]

  • 4.2 Open Beta only

Rules are open for discussion until submissions open 2022-11-05T06:00:00Z, 00:00 GMT-6
Submissions wil close 2022-11-19T06:00:00Z, 23:59 GMT-6

To submit, post an ad here and send the .car file via forum DMs, they will NOT be accepted through other means such as discord.

Previous CSC
First CSC and rules


another modern round; get ready for some funky rear lights lol

as a history buff i should add that they were also used during WW2



yes ww1 i forgor how to type correctly


I’m assuming this is two full-sized seats up front, and three such seats in the back.

Also, the presence of other judging criteria besides exterior design means that this is one of the few CSCs (and the first such round in a long time) to factor engineering into the final rankings.

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yes, exactly

should it not?

Engineering as a scoring criterion (along with exterior design, as usual) is perfectly appropriate here, given that the focus of this round has to be as fast and discreet as it is comfortable and practical.

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Length is really cramping things. I started and abandoned multiple bodies that fit the wheelbase, but can’t fit the length.

edit: I bumped the snout and made a shorter car longer, but I was hoping for a long wheelbase option, and the darn front and rear overhangs are just a touch too large. Oh well, onward.

I mean, you can have as long a wheelbase as you want, there’s no maximum

Length, however, is set within a very narrow window. I eventually found one, but it was a matter of finding a wheelbase that barely met the min, because the longer ones ended up just a bit over 5.1m long even with the shortest overhangs.

That’s just the reality of the segment, you won’t find an E Class or A6 longer than 5.05m, and those are the
Chinese LWB versions

Would it be better then, to get a larger option of car bodies, to pick a wider range of length? Some bodies can’t morph too far, and their limits are just beyond the minimum or maximum. For mine, I had to elongate the front and rear overhangs on a smaller body to meet the requirement instead of using the longer wheel base I wanted. It’s like under 8" leeway right now between the two numbers.

Wouldn’t the q-ship cars more be like the A8 or ls460l design?

But that’s an entirely different, larger and more expensive category of car. Drachen is looking to compete with the likes of the E63 and RS7, not with the S63 or the S8. The upper boundary even pushes it closer to that category, the longest among their target competitors is the M8 Gran Coupé at 5.07m.

A German flagship sports sedan is usually based in the midsize offering and not the full-size. There’s never been an RS8 or an M7, and while AMG S-classes were a thing for a long time, they were hardly ever made faster than their E-class counterpart - especially around a corner. Also, the most powerful production gasser sedans ever made - the Hellcat Chargers - are older E-classes on the mechanical side :smiley:

In addition, a Q-car is something that’s genuinely unassuming - which a manager’s car like a 5-series may well be. A full-size luxury car has way too much presence even in its poorer trims.


Submissions are now open
They will close in two weeks, 2022-11-19T06:00:00Z

No, this doesn’t fit the type of car that is being sought, it’s way too much of a crossover

I had this partway prepared as a traditional sedan already so made some finishing touches. Revising my text - new to posting.

Introducing the Drachen exeQ. Powered by a 559hp 4.9L V12, this large sleek sedan straddles the line between comfort and speed. In one hand, the exeQ rockets to 60mph in 4.3 seconds to a top speed of 222mph, while pulling 1.02g on the skidpad. In the other hand, a sumptuous hand built interior cradles you in ultimate comfort, while surprising fuel economy of 18.6mpg lets your enjoy your ride for a bit longer without stopping. Priced at $107,000.

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Drachen felt strongly that their flagship 4 door should have a variant capable of punishing asphalt. This brings up to their newest concept model, the Fairling-Q. This model poses some subtle performance visual cues that step it away from its usual luxury presence, along with a slew of performance upgrades. This model features a 750HP strait 6 turbo still sporting 17.2MPG, along with a performance tuned active suspension, 20" magnesium wheels, a 7 speed semi-manual transmission and a host of other performance upgrades. This vehicle comes at the alarmingly low price of $76,700 - Enjoy

More Photos

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