CSC 52 - Wagons, Ho!

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The Grit:

The FMC (Floyd Motor Co) has a desire for a new wagon for 2022. The company believes the crossover craze is just a fad (like the internet, j/k), and will not take a large RWD / AWD wagon out of the lineup.

Your job, should you choose to take it on, is to design a new beautiful shell for FMC’s full-size wagon pride, the Gannet.

Previous Gannet models

The 80’s

The (late) 90’s

The 2010’s

Typically, the Gannet trim line ranges from a standard base model, all the way to fire-breathing AWD Nurburgring monsters, with HP from 150 up to over 400. Likewise, the Gannet line sports different front and rear fascias for the more sporty models, which are the show off / halo cars for the line. Think 535xi or AMG Merc.

This competition will be purely an aesthetic one. The challenge will be to design the new 2022 Gannet, preferably a more sporting model. This will be a full-size to large midsize wagon, something comfortable for 5 (or 7, back when the 3rd row faced rearward!)

Engineering will not be judged, as long as it makes sense. No race parts, no carbon fiber tub, etc. Interior - I’d like to see them to better understand the styling intent, but I will not require it. Still, if you’re shy of making one, consider this competition an excuse to try one out. It doesn’t have to be pixel-perfect, just get the jist of your design language going.

That’s it! No techpool BS, no cost considerations, other than mild common sense. Design a smoking wagon, and let’s GO!

Since there’s no rules to deliberate over, let’s run this competition from now till 12:00EST PM, next Sunday the 11th.


wow a super quick fire competition that includes my favourite kind of cars in an era that I really need to practice with more, I didnt expect to get personally called out today

In 2020 (the latest year for any car in Automation), tech pool is meaningless, because all the items (for both engine and trim) have been unlocked by then, hence your decision not to mention the effects of tech pool allocations in the rule set.

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Well to be honest I didn’t think about that, I just didn’t want anybody to worry about the engineering side of it. Purely a cosmetic/styling competition to shake things up.

I wanted to contrast my previous “spreadsheet wars” purely objective competition and frankly see which one excited people more.

Would a three row SUV or MPV that is styled like a wagon be allowed in this challenge, or does the body type have to be a wagon

I’m assuming only actual wagons will be eligible - no SUVs, crossovers, MPVs or vans.

aren’t a few items, like high gear DCTs, basic and standard HUD and basic 20s safety unlocked by techpool?

I’m assuming they’re not present in the game at all and are therefore unavailable even with maximum tech pool in 2020.

I believe so, but this is CSC. It’s historically been a more design oriented challenge with little use for the engineering side of the game.

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around what length did you have in mind?

Wow lots of interest, awesome. OK let me try to reply:

Gotta be a wagon.

As a resident expert in the craft, I can always count on you to help w/ the details. Its a wonderful thing, thank you.

We’ll go with that. Mostly I just wanted to change the pace a bit.

Your call, but in my head, a 535xi is the ideal size. That car has a 113" / 2.87m wheelbase, and 191" / 4.85m length. So, ballpark around there.


Does Gannet has any prior models for style reference?

First post, see section called “Previous Gannet models”, click on the arrow to expand.

Zephorus Autos


FMC Gannet
Haha no not another reused car
Have a need for a fast wagon? Well here's the solution.

3.0L Inline 6 475hp
AWD 7Gear DCT 2110kgs
0-60 4.5s 193mph


Damn, shots fired!


2022 FMC Gannet S370

Floyd Motor Company presents the brand new 2022 Gannet station wagon, in its sporty S370 trim. With a twin-turbo 3.0 litre V6 making 370 bhp, AWD, great interior space and style, as well as a new, sharp exterior design, its bound to set the dwindling full-size wagon segment on fire.




We from ALLURE present to you our vision of the next FMC Gannet

Shown here in its most extraordinary flavor,

With a 3.0TT V-10 packing 517hp routed through an 8speed advanced automatic transmission going to all 4 wheels

With 0-60 arriving in a mere 4.4 seconds, pulling up to soccer practices will never be the same.

The car that moms AND dads WANT to drive.

Just dont call it a wagon.

Its the GANNET, from F M C.

Photography by @Maverick74


Welcome the FMC Gannet back for a new generation with the 2022 Gannet G6. The Gannet G6 wagon is bound to take the industry by storm with a powerful naturally aspirated 3.0 I6 with 301 horsepower, rear wheel drive, and an adept 10 speed automatic transmission. The Gannet G6 is able to achieve 26 MPG city and 31 MPG highway (manufacturer estimates). Also included is a full driver convenience and safety package on all trim levels, adding up to a total MSRP of $29,500.


This is my first CSC, so I just have to ask: I assume this wagon you’re looking for is supposed to be about the size of a modern day Dodge Charger? Because what I was thinking of designing was a Dodge Magnum-ish wagon brought to 2022

I presume something Charger-sized would be suitable