CSC 53 - A Gentle Giant [review's out!]

Original CSC

CSC 53 - A Gentle Giant

2023, Chiyoda City Tokyo, Fukorami HQ


As Eiichiro stumbles into a conference room, with everyone there waiting for him, the glass walls of the room turn opaque and the aging Fujitsu projector starts its boot-up sequence.

People around the table start taking turns in suggesting upcoming models and boasting about the deals they've secured. Finally, after what felt like hours had gone by, Eiichiro suggests a new Sightseer.

"How do you expect to do that?", one of the design leads kept pushing, "Royale and Diamond teams are both working on the new Clarin, and God don't even get me started on the Project Sunflower team. They've been in Monterey for the last 5 months with a whole ass rented studio, and all I've received is some postcards!" He stops to take a breath.

"Suffice to say we don't have any time for a new Sightseer. Although..." silence fills the room for a brief moment. "Eiichiro! You're the intern, right? We hired you to deal with this sort of stuff. Get on the phone with some design houses."

Eiichiro again stumbles out into the hallway, muttering. "Okay asshole."

THE brief.

Your task is to create a new generation of Sightseer - the company's luxury fullsize, body-on-frame SUV. Fukorami Studios is currently tied up designing their future 100% EV fleet, and don't have enough time for a new generation of their Starcruiser competitor, despite looming CAFE requirements.

DESIGN sells.

Even though upper management doesn't see the need for a new generation of their only 4-year-old current generation Sightseer, if they're required to make a new one, it might as well look good.

The last few generations of Fukorami design have been experimental and polarizing. This is your chance to mature and refine that design language as you see fit. Despite this, it is highly important you keep the way surfaces work together easily identifiable as a Fukorami. People who buy these cars want to stand out and be noticed.

Fukorami's current design language, "Swan", embraces minimalistic, elegant and forward-looking cars. Don't be afraid to take risks.

Cars with the modern design ethos

^ a design intern's napkin sketch of a possible next-gen Sightseer from a few months ago.

Current gen Sightseer

Real life examples

Above are examples of how surface and graphics are supposed to work together in order to properly integrate a new model into the lineup.

DESIGN requirements.

• Wheelbase of between 2.8m and 3.2m

• Body must be a 5 door full-size SUV

• Try to in some way incorporate "The Beak" grille into your design

• Break free of design contraints and let the engineers deal with it later. Designs that introduce a new concept to the existing company design language (without being ugly or inappropriate) will be heavily rewarded.

• Interiors are not required and you won't be put at a disadvantage for not having one, however it would be interesting to see what you can come up with if you do choose to design one.


• Removed engineering section and eliminated engine bay requirement

• Extended deadline to 10 days

SUBMITTING your entry.

Submissions open 00:00EST 17/12/2022

Submissions close 00:00EST 27/12/2022

Naming convention: Model & Family name: CSC53-[username], Trim & Variant name: up to you

Submissions will not be accepted over any method other than forums.

2023 ©Fukorami Motor Corp. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Fukorami, Fukorami Motor Corp and the Fukorami logo are registered trademarks of Fukorami Group or its affiliates. Fukorami Motor Corp., 都道407号, Chiyoda City, Tokyo.


I’m expecting it to be mounted longitudinally, but what are its dimensions, such as bore and stroke? Also, to make it easier for entrants to determine if their would-be builds can accommodate it, I would suggest that you provide a download link for a test mule powered by that specific engine.

Engineering section has been eliminated to avoid complications and to make the challenge more design-focused. Also extended the deadline by 3 days to offer more time and (hopefully) get higher quality submissions.

Are there any references for Fukorami’s rear designs?

No, that’s the area that’s often different from car to car and where you’ll have to make it recognizable with how you choose to design the surfaces.


Submissions are open (starting 2h ago)

1 week left

if you think i am trying to restart a dead challenge you’re absolutely right

2024 Fukorami Sightseer

Fukorami is pleased to present the brand new 2024 Sightseer. With a stout body-on-frame architecture, a 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8, as well as a spacious and luxurious interior, the Sightseer is the ultimate full-size SUV. It offers the latest and greatest tech and, whether you want to hit the trails in the 4X or tear through the streets with the RS, you are sure to be impressed by its performance.



warning: you'se reached ur skill limit. introduce crispy crunchy body molding. implement 4 cylinder engine so overstressed you'd think m139 was reliable. still badge it a v8. 111 design.

2024 Fukorami Sightseer Design showcase
from TDC

The new 2024 Sightseer continues the legacy with a powerful turbocharged v8 while embracing the future by modifying the current platform to be capable of accepting full EV or hybrid drivetrains.
The new design introduces the brand’s unique signature “beak” grille.
It is designed to be coherent with Fukorami’s model lineup while being uniquely Sightseer.


2024 Fukorami Sightseer

The New Fukorami Sightseer Being the largest in its class 3.2m Wheelbase while having a 6.0L Twin-turbo V8 Making 800bhp and while having the title of the fastest SUV in the world being able to reach Speeds of 205MPH


Introducing Alira Design’s take on the all-new Fukorami Sightseer.
Because less is often more.


Fukorami Sightseer by EMAS Design

made in collaboration with @KSIolajidebt

yes ik these pics suck i’ll take better ones when i have time

Submissions are ending at the end of today, EST time. People who’ve submitted only ads please submit the .car too :bangbang::bangbang:

Imo, Cool offroad concept, but with nonfriendness design, your build allow me to conclude that he is winner in nomination (rigid, sportivness) also yet.
The design of the taillights is also great, but their narrow band, I suspect, will enhance the effect of piercing brightness so that they are noticeable.


absolutely none of these words are in the Bible


Yep but they are in the Russian to English translator he resorts to using.

Kalan these are CONCEPT vehicles, they are meant to be extreme. My design keeps turning out uglier than a vulture so I may keep my entry out of this round. So many prettier birds around this time


Wait, wasn’t 00:00 EST on 12/27 already past before this post was written? Or did you mean the end of the day (11:59 EST) on 12/27?

I’ve opted to push the deadline till the end of the day to give people from other timezones more time to submit, since I won’t be home the time the original deadline ends either way - FINAL deadline is 23:59 27/12 EST :bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:


Sounds good. Is it fine to resubmit before the end of the day if I already submitted my entry last night? I was hoping to spend a bit more time refining the rear end of my car but wanted to make sure I didn’t miss the deadline. Totally understandable if you’d rather not though.