CSC54 - Rally King [COMPLETED]

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@KSIolajidebt & @kookie


Kings Automotive HQ, late 2020

Kings Automotive has had a very successful decade and is looking to continue that success with a new model. The board of directors has been looking back at their rally legacy during the 80’s and 90’s, most famously with the legendary Mono GSR 400R which was co-developed with Nakano Automotive. They want to bring back the spirit of the Mono GSR 400R in the form of a rally-inspired sports car for the masses, which will be previewed at the Chicago Auto Show in just a few months.

Kings Automotive is looking to partner with an outside design studio on the design of this new model, which will also need a fresh new name as Kings’ partnership with Nakano has long since ended and the Mono name is now in use with a different model.


Kings is looking for a design that fits in with the company design language, but is aggressive enough to attract its intended audience and most importantly echoes Kings' rally legacy. Although this is a concept car, it shouldn't be too futuristic - it should be ready for production with only a few tweaks. A top-line First Edition will be heavily inspired by this concept, so feel free to add rally-inspired aero to make it special, but don't go too crazy - Kings isn't looking for a WRC car.


Previous Kings/Nakano models

Current Kings models

IRL References

[NOTE: these 3 are a bit too outlandish for what we are looking for, but we like the aggressive vibes]


  • Body style: 3-door hatchback or 2-door coupe, no convertibles or targas

  • Drivetrain layout: front engined, AWD

  • Maximum wheelbase: 2.6m (rounded)

  • Number of seats: 2 full-sized seats only

  • No interior is required, but it won’t hurt to have one

  • Engineering choices don’t really matter but they should be realistic for the car you are designing

  • Advanced trim settings are allowed

  • Model and Trim years: 2020

  • Model name: CSC54 - your username here

  • Engine family name: CSC54 - your username here


Entries must be sent to BOTH @kookie and @KSIolajidebt through Discourse DMs only. Also, please post an ad with your entry in this thread. Nothing fancy required, just a couple pictures will do.

Submissions OPEN: 7/1/2023 00:00 GMT
Submissions CLOSE: 28/1/2023 23:59 GMT



As of 3h ago, submissions are now open!


Are there any restrictions on engine orientation (transverse or longitudinal)?


2021 Kings Pegaso GSR 430R

The brand new Pegaso GSR 430R represents the latest in rally-inspired design, with wide arches and bold lines. Its performance is nothing to scoff at either, sporting a clever, rear-biased AWD system, a seven-speed manual transmission and a 430 bhp twin-turbo V6, the new Pegaso will certainly excite all the senses.


So with just over 1 day left until the deadline… we so far have just one entry :smiling_face_with_tear: (thank you @the-chowi) Therefore, KSI and I have decided to extend the deadline to hopefully get more competitors.

i hope this challenge isn’t completely dead
  • 1 week extension
  • 2 weeks extension

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Well, the people have voted… there will be a 2 week extension! The OP has been updated with the new date.

NEW DEADLINE: 28/1/2023 23:59 GMT

Happy designing!
(NOTE: @the-chowi, you’re free to resubmit before the new deadline if you wanna make any changes)


2022 Kings Nero GSR 550R

Nerruci’s concept car proposal for Kings Automotives. We went very radical with the concept car as we have put our hypercar engine in it. The NV6 - 4.5LTT is a 4.5-Liter V6 Twin-Turbocharged engine that produces just under 1000 horsepower. As for the design of the car, Nerruci desides to design the car with a passive aggressive vibe. It seems like it’s sort of “Angry” but also looks elegant. We present to you the 2022 Kings Nero GSR 550R:


Reminder: 1 week left!

Glad to say the number of entries has doubled, but the more the merrier!

yeah I think this challenge is dead



Let’s wait


2023 Kings Eon GSR 300T

Equipped with a Group B inspired “FSR30” 3.0 Twin Turbo V6 with over 615hp and a 7 speed DCT, it can go absurdly quick even in the hands of the least experienced drivers

It also has all of the modern features, with an 8-inch infotainment screen and red alcantara upholstery that is a true driver-oriented experience

Reminder: Deadline ends today!

The number of entries has doubled once again, thank you to all the new entrants.

At the time of writing, we have received entries from:

@Zarrten has posted an ad but I haven’t received any .car file, so please get that in ASAP.



Round closed!

The final list of entries is:

It has been 14 hours since the deadline passed, and we still have not received any .car file from @Zarrten, so unfortunately their car will not be considered.


Any news on this? I’m really hoping I can squeak into the top three


We’re still deliberating on a winner, but rest assured - you are comfortably on the podium :wink:


@the-chowi: Kings Pegaso GSR 430R

General Styling and Detailing

The Pegaso GSR 430R is very clean and concise for a concept car; it follows the references very well and it has a quite balanced shape all around. This is well thought out for the concept car.

From the front, it feels very detailed, with all the lines flowing with each other. It does seem kind of tall from the side perspective, but it still works for what you’re trying to do. The engine wasn’t a requirement, but the V6 was a nice touch that fits with the design very well, and the hood vents keep that consistency. The fender vent is kind of oddly placed right where the fender and door connect; if it were to be an actual car and the base model didn’t have it, it would be very expensive to replace the door and the fender together just for the top trim. The rear taillights and diffuser could be more consistent with the angular design theme of the rest of the car and the rear fascia feels a little lacking overall, but it still fits the rest of the design and the large hatch shape you have gone for.

Overall, the design feels very consistent and full of life from front to rear, and it’s clear that this was designed by someone with attention to detail and good use of molding tools.

Design Language

With the older Kings/Nakano models, you have gone with the bulkier shapes of the Mono. From a Kings standpoint, it has a very angular shape from the references we gave and feels like it could belong as a Kings design, but although it is angular, it still lacks some aggression with the lights as its main focus in the Kings design. Kings is marketed towards Americans and Europeans, and it feels more European than American but still has a nice balance between them.

Production Readiness

The Pegaso holds the same values as the Kings modern design language, and it can fit perfectly among the rest of the modern Kings lineup with some minor tweaks. The futuristic design is definitely refreshing and will also hold up for many years, but it also isn’t too out there which is what we were looking for.

@04mmar: Kings Nero GSR 550R

General Styling and Detailing

The Nero GSR 550R is far from “very radical” as described - it looks rather outdated compared to the other competitors, not to mention the references provided. For a start, the awkward proportions - the huge wheels, stubby front end, and rear bumper that slopes steeply inwards - all create an unbalanced form. The whole car lacks depth, as if all the fixtures had been drawn on, and the flat white paint certainly doesn’t help in this regard either.

On the front, the curvy front vents are inexplicably cut by a thick, vertical line cramming one side up against the grille and another line further dividing the other side. Combined with the headlights having a very drastic angle in contrast to the rest of the fascia, the end result looks messy - like a collection of shapes added without any cohesion. Speaking of odd shapes, there’s a random black rectangle floating on top of the hood bulge (why?), flanked by a pair of race-style vent fixtures which directly clash with the body lines. The rear is similarly a mix of hard edges, curves, and angles, none of which work with each other at all. It also features a huge, ungainly rear wing, which looks out of place without any other aggressive aero features to support it (no, the tiny splitter and diffuser don’t count).

Overall, it seems like this entry was designed without much consideration as to how the individual features work with each other on the bigger picture. It’s evident that you already have the ideas to combine fixtures to create new shapes, but more can be done by layering fixtures to add complexity. A greater attention to detail would’ve also helped this design massively, as well as more exciting styling features in keeping with the design conventions expected for the setting of this challenge - it’s always highly recommended to use the provided references in any challenge, after all the hosts didn’t spend the time to compile them just for decoration!

Design Language

It’s hard to find anything relating to the old Mono rally cars here. The high ride height may be inspired by the rally cars’ stance, but here it looks done without any purpose. Apart from the “KINGS” script on the rear, it’s also hard to find any features that match the Kings design language - not that there are many features to begin with.

Production Readiness

As previously mentioned, this design is far too outdated for a concept that debuts in 2021 and will be expected to hold up for at least 5 years in production form. In our brief, we also specifically warned against overly aggressive aero devices such as the rear wing which looks lifted straight from a race car. Besides, it is also inappropriate for a rally car, which would feature a different style of aero (again, check the references).

@mart1n2005: Kings Argo GSR330

General Styling and Detailing

As a concept car, the Argo GSR330 follows the references quite well and has a very well conceived shape throughout.

On the front, it has a very aggressive look and all around flows pretty nicely. However, it could have some slight changes such as having more emphasis on the upper fascia. The use of molding on the rear bumper is well done and taillights have some nice details in them, although it could be better to use a more transparent glass material to show it off. The front and rear designs feel quite consistent with each other but unfortunately the side has a jarring lack of detail. The tall, crossover-like profile of the Argo is also especially apparent here, despite the use of black wheelarch cladding and the blacked-out roof and A-pillars.

Overall, it’s definitely a well put together design, but the bulky crossover shape and its EV origins hinder it in terms of outright aggression.

Design Language

Compared to the references we gave, it looks like you have gone for the larger shape of Mono. It also keeps the angry headlights from the previous Kings models and it flows with each other quite nicely. The rear feels quite European compared to the American front but still works well with the idea. Overall, it’s on the milder side but it looks like it can hold its ground with the current Kings lineup.

Production Readiness

The Argo is the most production-ready of the three, with many of the required features being considered in the design. Although it may lack some aggression, it can have a place among the rest of the Kings lineup and stand the test of time.


:1st_place_medal: @the-chowi
:2nd_place_medal: @mart1n2005
:3rd_place_medal: @04mmar

Congrats to @the-chowi on the deserving win! Although there were only a few entries for this round, we enjoyed the variety and hoped that everyone enjoyed it too. And congrats to all for being podium finalists!

eeeeh nice!
congrats to everybody else in the podium (hehehe) and a thank you to the hosts for hosting!


I’ll take the plunge and run two challenges at once, I’ll start on the next round to have it up soon.


Thanks for the feedback, first modern car I’ve done in quite some time. So I’m glad the design wasn’t completely awful

Well done to the other podium finishers