CSC55 - Pick Me Up (RESULTS OUT)

CSC55 - Pick Me Up

Menschen Headquarters, São Paulo, 2023

Menschen’s South American branch is looking to replace the ageing Bahía coupé utility, as the current generation first came out 15 years ago, having only just been refreshed in 2019. In order to maintain a competitive position in the segment, they are seeking to develop a dual cab, SUV-based compact pick-up.

They are not looking for something too large either, as they’re not really looking to compete with vehicles like the Ford Maverick, but would rather compete with vehicles like the Renault Oroch.

While they don’t mind reusing the Bahía name, they are open to new, creative model designations.

. . .

Basic requirements:

  • All years must be set to 2020

  • Body must be SUV-based.

  • It must have four full doors, at least in terms of the design*.

  • Chassis must be either monocoque or light truck monocoque.

  • The bed must not be separated from the body, it must be continuous.

  • Length must be between 4.65 and 4.80 metres.

  • Besides that, only design will be judged, not engineering.

  • A detailed interior is not necessary as it will not be judged.

. . .


  • The truck’s design must follow Menschen’s current design language.

  • The only design feature executives are strict about is the front lightbar motif.

  • Besides that, the design can include any number of features, or combinations thereof, shown in the following drop-downs.

  • Changing or adding new design features is encouraged, so long as it doesn’t deviate too much from the basic Menschen identity.

  • Be creative

. . .

Menschen's 2023 lineup

Previous generation Bahía

Menschen's logo

It’s made up of the following two fixtures, just scale up the “M” until it fits nicely within the circle.




The next few examples are in larger categories but can still work as inspiration.

. . .

*Again, be creative! I know there’s few bodies that fit the bill, so don’t be shy about cutting up an SUV with patchwork and 3D, or adding a rear cab to a single cab using 3D fixtures like i did for ODC. As long as it looks realistic and like it has four doors, go for it!

. . .

For submission:

  • Make an ad/post here.

  • .car files are to be sent via forum DMs only.

  • Model name: CSC55 – [your forum name]

  • Trim name: Menschen + your chosen model designation

  • Engine family name: CSC55 – [your forum name]

  • Engine variant name: free

  • Rules are open for discussion until submissions open February 25, 2023 at midnight Mexico City time.

  • Submissions will close March 19, 2023 at 23:59 Mexico City time.

    Previous CSC
    First CSC


I’m not seeing much engagement but fuck it


There is no limit to how many (or how few) seats must be fitted, given that the previous Bahia was effectively a ute.

Also, Menschen is basically your equivalent of VW.


so, it must look like a 4-door, which in theory should mean 5-seater. ultimately it does not matter, especially considering it’s purely a design competition.

aint not way, really? i would’ve never guessed lol


would I be able to have a car file for one of the other Menschen cars so I can see how the headlights are done, I struggle doing Modulars but this competition basically requires it


As per Rena's request, I'm providing a .car file, so designers can take a better look at how the lights are internally constructed.|attachment (137.3 KB)


yoooooooooo thanks my dude, just for this ill 100% enter even if I dont think of anything cool
Also bieng called Rena is so Euphoric


Here is my entry - used stock lights, but I think it turned out ok. Turned into a super cute-ute based off a subcompact, in keeping with the size and entry level of the current model. Inspired by the Beetle and French subcompacts.




Let it be known that I am not a liar
This is my attempt at a spiritual successor for the Bahia, this is the Arone.
The Arone is a crossover sized pickup with a smaller bed and very much an interesting shape, however, it is still unmistakably a Menschen, with that lovely front end, mimicking the Tennis for the most part. The car also features a rear lightbar to go with the front
Continuing with its stylisation, the Arone also features a headache rack and several silver accents (Whilst the second exhaust is fake, this is practiced by many manufacturers IRL so I dont see it being a problem)
Most of all however, is the use of an interesting sounding single turbo I5, powering the rear wheels.
The new Arone: Don’t Menschen it

By the way bro your cars are really cool if you have any of thier car files I would love to play around with them


Damn even I forgor :skull: about this.
Submissions are closed.
Reviews coming tomorrow, probably.

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I worked on and off for a submission, but never was able to find something satisfactory enough to submit. But I am looking forward to seeing the reviews! Great submissions all around.

best of luck to you @crwpitman1.

Barely looks like a Menschen - there’s a lightbar but it follows a completely different shape.
Way too many outdated fixtures (like that fuel cap :face_vomiting:) and the mirrors, as well as the sidesteps, are too big.
Bedsides/sail pillars are too tall to get anything in the bed.
I don´t know what else to add, the front is decently aesthetically pleasing but could have followed the design language a bit more closely.

You’re really showing great potential as a designer, you managed to follow the design language very well in the front, though there´s room for improvement in the rear. The ratio between the length of the front and rear doors is a bit off from what I was looking for, but I get that it´s a limitation of the body you chose. It could also benefit greatly from some more styling in the sides, as it is it looks quite flat and empty. Otherwise I’m left quite satisfied with your entry.

Anyway, the winner is @IDK158


So…if im getting my facts right, does this mean I’ll be hosting the nexr CSC?

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That is correct

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I will be making a next CSC but its gonna be up on Friday or somewhere like that, definitely this week