CSC 50 - A New Start

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First CSC and rules
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Welp, after 1,677 posts and 49 rounds, I think it’s finally time to put the CSC megathread to rest, so join me for the aptly named

CSC 50: A New Start

“A short 50km hop from the city”, Australia, 2018

Aim has just announced its triumphant return from the depths of bankruptcy, and backed by the corporate might of the multinational group SCE, things are looking up. But, every model they have slated for launch is just a rebadge and minor restyle of one of SCE’s other cars, and that won’t do at all for the company originally known as Australian Independent Motors.

So what Aim’s board wants is to drive sales with a nameplate people recognise, the Shrike, one of its best selling models before it went under in the 2000’s. Only problem is, their CEO, David O’Halloran, hates “nostalgia bait” and wants the new design to be an evolution of the Aim look instead of a callback.

Aim wants a stylish and modern C-segment sedan/hatch to try re-establish themselves in the market, which pays homage to their previous design styles but doesn’t simply recreate them. It will be a concept car, but to save on design costs it should be basically ready to go for the 2021 model year. It will also only be available as an EV for everything other than the base model and the top sports trim, so the concept will represent a mid-range EV.

Aim's Previous Cars
(I didn't take many photos of the Shrikes and I'm not going to install 4.1 again just to take a few more, so have a more general look at Aim's cars instead)


Aim's badge

Just the vanilla Crown badge. Feel free to get a bit creative if you wish, but the base badge should always be this.

  • Model/Trim and Family/Variant set to 2020
  • 4/5 door sedan/liftback/hatchback bodies only. Sedan and liftback will be preferred, but hatchback will be acceptable too.
  • Wheelbase between 2.5 and 2.75 metres exactly (no rounding).
  • Interior design optional, won’t be judged outside of the overall cohesion of your design if it’s present.
  • Longitudinal front engine only, as the top trim will have a V8 (putting a V8 in isn’t required, just do whatever lets you emulate the look of a mid-range EV best).
  • Aside from that, engineering will NOT be judged.
  • Model name: CSC50 – [your forum name]
  • Trim name: Aim Shrike [if you want to give the concept a name here feel free]
  • Engine family name: CSC50 – [your forum name]
  • Engine variant name: [free]
  • 4.2 open beta only (unless 4.2 reaches stable while this is running), resubs won’t be accepted unless an update comes out that breaks something visual.

  • There are firm design language cues I want to see, however to try keep things as creative as possible I’ll leave it up to you to notice and interpret them in your own way, and I’m more than open to interesting reinterpretations.
  • As this new Shrike will be both an EV and normal explode-y environment killer, it shouldn’t be too out there in terms of being an ultra modern EV, think something along the lines of a Volvo C40/XC40 Recharge or a Polestar 2 instead of a Tesla or Lucid Air.
  • While engineering won’t be judged, keep it reasonable. I don’t want to see fat low profile tyres on what’s supposed to be a mid-range car.

Deadline & Rules discussion

Rules will be up for discussion for a couple of days, and submissions will open on the 5th of October, 00:00 GMT, and will close 2 weeks later, on the 19th of October, 23:59 GMT.


Just to clarify: this car is going to have a base ICE trim (let’s say an i4), a bunch of EV trims and a sporty V8 trim. The V8 is going to be an FR trim, obviously; would the base and EV trims be FR or FF?

(Doesn’t matter for design since I’ll be doing premium FR proportions anyway, but I had to ask).

Edit/PS: Not to tell you your business at all, but a V8 trim of a premium family car whose wheelbase is 108.2 inches (2.75m) at best (as you said, C-segment) is pretty rich. The last time something like that happened was the epic E90 M3, which had around a 109 inch wheelbase; and as for sedans with wheelbases like 98.4 inches (2.5m), V8s haven’t made an appearance in decades. Again, not telling you your business, just a bit of realism advice.

I’ll assume the entire range (including the EV version) is FR.

As abg said, whole thing’s FR. As for the V8, I get that it’s not entirely realistic, but my thinking was that the board would think that that’s the only way these days to get Australians interested in a non-SUV. Is it smart? Not really, but it’s a gimmick and you kinda need that these days.


i’m curious, which design features specifically are the ones you’ll be firm on?

I think that’s part of the brief isn’t it? You study the prior cars and try and find common theme elements to use on your design

Submissions open!

Just a reminder that the deadline is the 19th of October, 23:59 GMT.


Here’s my submission! Went for a retro design theme like recent Hyundais. Here’s the gas - the Kestrel Combust.

And here is the Kestral Electron.

A New Start - The 2021 AIM Shrike


With a more modern, angular callback to older AIM design features, such as the grille-mounted lights, the new Shrike brings AIM into the 2020s.

Shrike Elektra GL

The star of the show, the Shrike Elektra GL aims squarely at the compact electric sedan segment. A tunnel-mounted 89 kWh battery pack feeds twin electric motors, which output a combined 272 kW (370 hp) and 730 Nm to all four wheels, taking it from 0-100 in 4.1 seconds, towards a top speed of 250 km/h. A full battery will provide a range of up to 500 km, with available 350 kW fast charging.

Trim Showcase



Time extension

Apologies for the very last minute notice, but I’ve become unexpectedly busy this week, so (for my own sake more than anything) you’re getting an extra week, which means the new deadline is the 26th of October, at 23:59 GMT.

So far I’ve gotten entries from @the-chowi and @crwpitman1 (but no .car from you yet!), so if you were on the fence about joining in but didn’t have enough time please join in, the more the merrier!

Introducing the 2020 Aim Shrike ES; a sleek electric sedan with callbacks to the Aim models of yesterday like lighting accents stretching into the grille and bumper mounted front indicators. The Shrike ES is aiming to revolutionize the electric sedan segment with a low base price of $25,800 while still scoring well against gas-powered contemporaries in other fields like comfort, practicality, range, safety, and style.


Aim Shrike Electra SX

Bringing SHRIKE into the modern age
Built to last.
Built to protect.
Built to impress.
Built for the people.

The Shrike Electra SX is built to revolutionise everything you know about driving. It’s cheap, it’s comfortable, it’s fast, it’s safe. It can comfortably fit five people and still go up to 190mph. It can go 0-60 in 5 seconds whilst retaining a long range. It has a full HUD and a luxurious interior, but costs just $28,800. The Shrike is more than just a car.

It’s an expression.


One day left!

Since the last post I’ve gotten an entry from @voiddoesnotknow and I’m still waiting on a .car from @crwpitman1


Yep, working on it

Aim Shrike EV by Carrozzeria Stilistica


Aim Shrike EV 2021 - Design showcase

Designed on a modular EV/ICE skateboard platform that optimizes handling and packaging.
The new Shrike is a new direction for the brand’s design, including signature “fang” DRL headlights and hidden taillights.
A V8 has been designed to fit from the beginning and will feature a distinctive design between ICE and EV models

Aim Shrike EV

Aim Shrike V8


Submissions closed!

Since the last post I’ve gotten entries from @randomtuner and @OT_motive

Expect to see results in a day or two!

damn, foiled by time. Well, this is what I had going anyway…


Yeah it can be like that lmao, time is my eternal enemy. Very unfinished obviously but what’s there looks neat!