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With the launch of Sputnik and the subsequent space race between the United States and the Soviet Union, the world is gripped by a sense of excitement and possibility.

Vidar, a US domestic automotive manufacturer, finds itself navigating the changing landscape of 1958 against the backdrop of a world captivated by the Space Race and the dawn of the Jet Age. The success of Vidar is intimately intertwined with the dynamic events shaping the world, and decision-makers in the company finds themselves infatuated by the futuristic concepts emerging in automotive design.

Business has gone well for Vidar and the company is now in the enviable position of being able to afford to take a risk and try to find their time in the spotlight. This means that they won’t settle on something staid and boring, but will want something that not only reflects the spirit of progress and innovation but also embodies that sense of style that will become iconic with the Space Age.

Design Brief:

  • Year is 1958. Place is the USA. Company is “Vidar” (a US domestic manufacturer).
  • You are a junior in the company, tasked with designing a car for evaluation by the company’s head of design.
  • Vidar’s approach to cars is usually based around: Affordability, Comfort, Performance, Practicality (in that order), but obviously depends on market segment demands.
  • The design should reflect the ‘zeitgeist’ at the time - be inspiring and optimistic, and have “space-age” and/or “jet-age” influences.
  • Your design should be based around a ‘sedan/coupe-like’ body
  • Wheelbase should be between 2.70m and 3.20m (inclusive, rounded to the nearest 0.01m)

1958 Design Rules:
I’m not from the USA and I don’t really have much familiarity with the rules back in the 50’s, but apparently 1958 was fairly liberal, so I’ll be forgiving but reserve the right to 1) penalise if unrealistic/non-functional and 2) bin for something that is completely daft.

(Details thanks to @Knugcab)

  • Needs headlights, taillights, indicators, bumpers. etc.
  • Single or twin headlights allowed - single should be ~7" circular lamps, twin should be ~5.75 circular lamps (I wont be measuring exact sizing, but keep it reasonable).
  • Headlight cover glass is allowed.
  • Hideaway headlights are allowed (but still not common in this era).
  • Parking lights allowed to be combined with turn signals (and allowed to be white).
  • Side markers not required (but obviously still allowed).
  • Rear indicators allowed to be red.
  • Combined rear indicators and brake lights allowed.

Other Rules:

  • The “Model” and “Trim” Year must be set to 1958.
  • Usage of Advanced Trim to change any wheel / tyre stats is banned.
  • Usage of Advanced Trim to change other stats - please request.
  • Interior won’t be judged, but if it exists I will comment on it.
  • Engineering is not judged, but may be commented on…
  • Only 1 entry per person.
  • IMPORTANT: Your vehicle must be able to fit this engine within its engine bay (as this is the largest engine that might be fitted by Vidar to this model):|attachment (5.9 KB)
Engine stats in case the download doesnt work:

90 degree v8
102.8mm bore
99.4mm stroke
2x2bbl carbs
Std mid intake
Cast low headers
Dual 2" exhaust

Concept Inspirations:

Production Inspirations:


The deadline of this challenge is April 17th 9am UTC/GMT

Model & Engine Family: CSC64 - Username
Trim & Engine Variant: (free)


In other words, actual price (in $ AMU) is meaningless - it’s the exterior design that counts.

1958 is as liberal as you get in the US regulations wise. It is the first year twin headlights was allowed and they could still be behind cover glass (but could only be round). Parking lights could be combined with turn signals and could still be white. Side markers not required. Rear indicators could be red and combined with turn signals and brake lights.

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Ah! good to know :slight_smile:

I’ll update with this info

I’m assuming no real issues so far?

I’ll leave for rules deliberation a little more before opening for submissions.

Say… Monday 18th 1200 UMT/GMT

Other than I dislike engineering brought into CSC, it seems the ruleset is good. Perhaps something like “must fix x size of engine” for the Vidar brands own engine to be put into the car?


Ooh, a situation where my knowledge of headlamp legislation is useful!

See, 1958 in particular is a special year for U.S. automotive design.

Since 1941, cars designed and sold Stateside were limited to one simple, effective pair of 7" circular lamps… but in 1958? Something new was afoot — now you can have not one, but TWO pairs of (5.75") circular lamps!

Reverse indicators/lamps were not yet required in 1958, but could be had as an additional safety option. (Only required in 1966)

Indicators/turn signals are definitely required by now, but amber is not a required color. In fact, front facing indicators can be white or amber, and rear ones may be red or amber, and can share the housing and/or bulb with the brakelight.

Hide-away headlamps are an option! But those aren’t very common except maybe in concept cars as of '58. Still legal, though. Covering the lamps with a fixed but clear pane was legal until 1968.

Here’s some old but still good references to look at. Perusing the relevant Wikipedia page isn’t a bad idea, either.

And of course, while it may not be specifically headlamp related…

Don’t forget the chrome!


looks like I was lucky with my random choice of 1958 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll update with some more guidance on headlamps + engine sizing

Challenge open! :slight_smile:

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Can’t seem to be able to download the engine, what size is the engine?

If I remember correctly, it’s a 6600cc 90 degree V8 with direct OHC. I forgot the specifics like intake and exhaust for the exact size, but the block details should be enough to roughly recreate it

Oh thats weird - ok I’ll update the original post :slight_smile:

If you download the engine, right-click it and ‘copy’, then go into the engine design tab, there is a button to paste from clipboard.

The Vidar Meteor is for those who have seen the future and fallen in love. The car’s attitude is pure jet-age, merging high tech with sweeping elegance. Take a good look, because the next time you see one, it’ll be hard to catch up!



Zephorus Racing Design

Vidar Corsair

These cars are not a real product of any manufacturer, any likeness or other similarities to real brands is purely coincidence. Actual model may change in final submission.

Paint it black and you have a proper batmobile

These look wild! Definitely going to have a crack at this

You still have 10 more days until closing :slight_smile:

my car with stock height is super super tall but when -8 in the suspension is the normal height i want. is that fine? thats the only advanced thing i added